Slacker and Steve - New Rule for New Couples 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd


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And ever so there's a new study out and I feel like Steve wrote it because I want. Our way of being effective non relationship commitments on the other hand I don't think you could survive I could do what you could any relations more often times you hit the so there's there's EU we your New Year's resolutions you're trying to get into a relationship this year to go on. There are saying if you get into a new relationship does psychiatrist named Scott Carroll the best thing you can do is see each other only twice a week acts. The most an idol or just what's his thought process behind us hi says when you spend too much time to get the person you develop feelings too serious too quickly low cut so you need. Mom. Time away to evaluate what you have a situation here is go to dinner. Now you need a few days to examine the crap to happen if you have a dinner the dual couple weird things the next day direction kind of cool you have time to also end the just take you up delight. See it. Give yourself a little time scene again. Give yourself a little touch screen that all the time you don't see the little things awarding the ride your brain starts developing feelings. Late because you're you're you're immersed in it that makes sense I don't like it. Because mom and my resolution is to have played more time with your you'll just have more. Or finishing of relations OK I I wanna have a bingo every day OK I look at so it's a dog show but she loves that resolution no she's not into it some looking for other. A snow Rosie O'Donnell and I'm a farm in that I. Yeah. I mean I guess sometimes if I go to Dubai myself and I should keep him far relied. Just think tonight our run this resolution passed my. So I need to be in like what three different relationships and yeah I can only see each won two times a week to. He saluted unabom going for daily you have award my wife and their one day and the while couples may find it agents and every night together in the very beginning you need to work it's not a formula. Now will result in long term success in dismay I might discuss this actually makes perfect sense everyone back slowly rolled back off so if your eye on the cusp of dating Steve he starts throwing out a scientific study is for why you can't see each other well he's actually telling the true well.