Slacker and Steve - Dream for Your Job 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd


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And this has a decent chance of failing miserably I'll put it in my heart I want this to work I think it will we will work so I was talking. Let me let me. Let me say everybody what are you talking about and then. If you have one of these we need to on the folder or FaceBook or whatever right away. Is Aaron dream. Associated with your job and I don't mean my son is a dream job right yes I don't mean like if you're in radio your dream is to get to LA. I mean like wherever you work. These are some things that everyone who works there if you've ever sat down in this region last night and everybody you work goes. Treat two super teams kind of to you work. Jerry yeah yeah. Your data each profession I guess we're wondering does each profession have a specific nightmarish dream. Because here's the deal I don't think image and you we perfectly clear. Do you believe this until I happen to me and radio and recently it was don't know one of my friends she's a police officer dead. And she Clooney and there's common dream that they have and I'm like. Oh my god. I wonder it's dent tests pads were teachers are your kids and in radio how do I need some sort of song to play. Yeah all especially right when you get into radio through new. Associate her on air yet here we are alone scared and Smith or. This claim it's. And hearing Europe during the. And this yeah. June needs to this. This is entry it is song hint. There's not. In the place where you put in the next song. In my dream it's not even a football field sometimes it is but it's. Hundreds of yards away. For first of all but that's silence you hear in radio. That is death that is money evaporate and that is that is the last saying it is our industry that you ever want to happen this is for Ed. Error unforgivable sin. So the song is over now we have unforgivable sin and you've got to get to the big question. The ocean you're making right now I swear to god Stephen I never discussed before we started talking about the dream like yet the dreamers like it airs at. Please try to and it's like. She returned jello know us or molasses you yeah yeah yeah. XR. And. There tonight and when you're living your dream just you shrug league's all off clock doesn't matter. If you're a new jock. In it Gillette Wyoming or you're working in Kansas City for that we all. That's sick we have that same dream and tell them the first time you see Dario Internet dreamers it to. How is it possible that we'll have the exact. Same I know we're doing the job the same. But to have that sing I'm anxious filled with jewelry yes so I the reason it started getting stuck in my head this way why is. Friend of mine's a police officer. And she's been active active like oh he's bringing people's faces open kind of police he's he's doing the hardest police stuff there is to do yeah. He's towards the end of his career and he's moved on to the easier job the right or like securities he's at the airport via. And his friends were like. There's one downside you're gonna start having some weird drinks. Is that what. And they're like give it two weeks of you not being in the marketing mark where you're not throwing people. In the back your squad car into which we're now you're just doing. The stuff and let us know. And he's like two weeks of the day from me starts having these Drew Brees in a conflict draws is his firearm and he's shooting. And the bullets he Jean Louis bleach see them falling out of the in his desk yeah. It. So dozing guy so much I had an Emmy last night with my guy like both just on the ground right. They all predicted that they all. It prior all right why does he write all cops have that specifically how is not just like all of us and radio how this disease or should. She had an individual doing this job like we should have a dream we feel ineffective Weiss. That's not possible right and so that we were talking about that we will see who's been radio for years before that he used to work in so George subway subway asks these terrorists subway journey is so there there was for me and and I talked to some other people and they did have its units like. It's when a busload of kids shows up like a high school football team that's at 9:48. PM click and you're the only one minute. And so you have to do everything that everyone who wants it comes to every one of one of the most difficult. Or do you have a this year and every single one of them from start to finish from cutting the bread and then you gotta go all the way down the line and video yeah. Body hair no nothing he's just you just you know many got to take the gloves off and do their whole money transaction that's when I gotta go put new gloves on the start the next guy it was a it was a nightmare. I'm curious it's. Any other subway person listening if you had that exact yeah night. It's got to be saying words the anxiety that we feel are humans manifests itself in the same exact. I'm telling you this doesn't feel it as a guy would like them probabilities that the probability that a person like me. NM not making judgments on me or you and I personally do you Steve we have the exact same dream merely because we do the same job that makes no sick doesn't. What might buy the physical but the image in my dream should be just different like talk tailored to meet so it's not just the single. We have the exact same dream now. But that's a two week total what do we do hear you we cull out like some professions. IC so there are problem that I wanna hear what he wanted to I want to hear what his zoo keeper dreams about. What you're nightmare that the doors won't block hour though I gets out his endlessly chasing you in this. So there's a zoo keeper Louis and we want that I'm I'm serious dent just because hears it from me I don't know pretty Dennis are listening. That's one of those things where you could be different types of Dennis. And I wonder if there's still some sort of commonality where is like or you working on somebody all of their TON or conflict what. What would be the generous sick is it seems like what we dream. Is worst case scenario them for little these worst case scenario yeah. A school bus load when you've only got twelve minutes to close true what is the worst Q yeah and your mind because a worst case for this scenario for radio is dead hair care. I don't know why we're always so far from the board and it's so funny like you couldn't see because we're on the radio but Steve is doing his arms to slicked up. Both players homeowners trying to do the deal here and no matter. How all of your. You're gonna get you're not and you know your fired you know you're fired. Use our. Actually borrow say well the general. Trump up cultural. Our intern was a cook. And he said they're dare dream ends. Like the receipts so when your when your cook. I don't read the book blue. The prince outlets follow Tony court has ordered chicken darn this chip order and how much like to receive she's going Brooke. There receipt she's coming up common common outcome really just happen to nobody a maligned know a serial. Oh my god do we have a subway or do you wait in all the talk of course we want but we're waiting. Dennis who do you want yep cop already you. Arms priest maybe. The reason I don't what what do we know little part of me because I know priest listen to the book could have gotten a little. Embryonic. I don't use a quick person I should be yet but I'd rather well okay did you have the same dreams do. It like to a healing. Now I don't predates my coworker told me that about give it a month at most you had that strain. And like three weeks and started having a dream that every every week I would like credit. It really is school muscle. Hit it like typically. School lunch from polls show up. And play as you can feel the dragging your dream an illiquid that will be novel at. You can't. It because of I agree yeah. OK let's take you for confronting three also got confirmation and as we want Dennis we want zoo keeper priest's priest. Tiring and really all we're took a wrong but to those early air traffic control. All you brilliant blaze than it. It's got to be sure I'm one crashes I wonder which way it is who is an overwhelming amount of planes or you lose one wall on the C teacher. Oh boy W. Well when I like naked. Oh okay NATO member of the class that's good that's good is trying to cover program when you hear your screw I don't know or maybe your lesson plans remains like heal your some there's some sort of but if it's your. What are your profession is if you talk to all. Whatever your profession is is there a dream associated with us with it we want to confirm if this happens to everybody Sarah. Yeah I got on so you had to zoo keeper green dream do you have you confirmed with other zookeepers there had to do. Yes and my doctor that loudly that we used to mean I didn't get Scott this Saturday night like the Ohio dark. What's your. So it mind their apps for hours on ED I can have stature while but every so regret I'll ask. On their Obama queens wasn't about to start and who are you to go to UNP. The next one is empty and and yes he's every one I look at animals and yet. Gone Brazil Britain and there's no sign he's. You concerns for safety or your job or what's going through your brain and I'm like yeah I'm pretty data might we how many are you learn. A guy. Do you perjury on are so we're right it's like a worst case scenario this it's faster route you're never usually don't bear. Are you are you ever chased him or they're just gone and you're looking for a. Oh dear dear we just gone which you feel like they're like right behind the hole I mean Egypt ever items due history can now. And I. Awesome day sealed it and she confirmed it with her other employees I'm Derek. Yes there yet god so what what's your profession what's the weird dream yeah. I am I UPS driver yeah and I feel have a dream that I get close to the end of what struck. If not I'll go back you don't report. Whole hog farm. And. Every every time try to get it empty it did you read that. Other drivers and answer seems. Or I have talked a guitar that's Adrian Britain but ward also a number pop tart it. Well we rehearse we actually had my good every text in a couple minutes ago he said the exact same things I. The exact same thing they do because they're there now how does this what I I'm so rain scientist Tom because it's impossible for us. There should be variance is you guys Immersion. Ellen. Ellen yeah night what's your dream was your profession what's your dream. I'm not I didn't. I'm retired nurse and had not. I can firm that's another nurse who spoke my recurrent dream is I'm working someplace no I don't understand the root numbering system so I can't trying my patience. Coming up ownership change and I have to either admit I have received my education at all today. Already. Planned. This whole time even more news from Warner ran you can find anybody. Exactly. It's every man never ask anyone to help me. It's very government cannot climb additional. I don't think you're alone on that now I gotta you have your worst case scenario now they give you can't just I don't you never die. I think is a nurse you wouldn't let your mind don't like they're just all I mean he's just fine you can do I don't see him that day I get fired yes yeah. You literally done nothing music. Toilet Johnson into twelfth nor did Amazon do well so in other words they're not concerned about the patients and is concerned about the okay. Many we don't support you grieve I'm ready and as you a lot of people can enjoy that the saudis including the Sarah. You guys what's your job and what's the jury. I where I. Can we ask this. You alluded child. All you fine wine like you got forty students but there's one missing. There's one nothing and no matter what we go to in many different. Well we're gonna. It's easy it is hitting your dream a specific kid lets you view it's little Timmy that you hate anyway or. Is it in on your. It didn't look at them or how. And ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha well I see that makes and I Xena can you talk to other teachers like in the lounge. And you'll get. Everybody would be worse is when you're looking for that one must child and then another one next mistakes and I look yeah. It's. I give her call Sarah. I am so fascinated by this I don't know what to do meg and yeah I would you do if. I'm so I've had a few possessions I like the PG AQ and a lot stream is exactly right. I'm and then also any other ever been awaited I don't delegates or ten years and I still have dreamed that I'm needed. I make everybody that had ever been a wager there's server has some sort like given no lean cable you can get salon everyone mad EL. Trying to play like you had your cable section and then you turn around and an alternative table sitting there and and they look mad like even their pearls I guess I don't. And it just running around like it's gonna get it up like I'd been done that ten years and I still although we still have dreams do something else you have heard all. I think just like that aimed mighty. That's true or you're not alone habits a lot of servers ass amazing thank you call we can do this forever Eric's. I I blitzer what do you do for living. I'm an aerospace engineer and teach you don't know why but hey why are you listening to harness Smart true. Tell you yeah I always know on what's your dream. OK so the job they do I contract without the use small scale rocket everything that we do. Very very tedious work. I mean we're socket plugs or might like to reach out and dominated on art that but that in my dream. I'm stretching on mourning a large and I swear they're like carpenter. Banging on Iraq it without ever so much. Yeah.