Bj & Jamie: Powerball and a very expensive recliner. 1/3

Wednesday, January 3rd

No winner for MM and Bj is paying Jamie a payment on the $5 she paid for him for last night’s drawing she wants the whole $5!  The Powerball is at  $440 million for tonight’s drawing. Bj says if he wins he will still come to work because he has not friends and that’s why he works.  Jamie’s sister has a $10,000 recliner.                         


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Vijay and Xiamen I wanted to step a year yeah about the Mega Millions last night nobody wants yeah. So it's up to 400 and something on million dollars where the numbers up. But I think it was like one in 77 to force of the I don't know I don't remember exactly but it doesn't matter nobody want. But here and to give you a down payment. Powerful piece. You know he comes by this the office pool yeah and five dollars a head writing an office full for the powerball tonight. Which 444 million. And you keep five dollars from eight. Correct I did it I technically. Don't pay you before the drawing and we win rank then you know. Right till wet ideally have a payment. Well only have a don't know not so beautiful art you know you've got hit shows no I quit as you need to hit it. I know he's a good thing. All you have to pay a little bit maybe and if I can now. Dollars. It needs sixty. Absolute zero dollars and that is not. Look forward might not a dollar it's gathered paid in full all because I could see I can't keep me elevator this morning I was thinking to myself you know if I don't paging me today. Other hello going. And that's what's so Latin. Might look as you're gonna. I know it's it's like what what a ridiculous 440 part social let's just say after taxes or whatever let's do it even 200. And having people apply and. I teach you only hear of like a handful of sellers list yesterday not enough he just started collecting and at the ego like twelve people. Why do or die I would read it until we get into the match her right. I was between tell you the person I know you have so do you think a million to be ten and it's no no you don't you know per person you would give I'd get twenty. You get ready that you would give forty if you consisting court because also you're. And I didn't you know what did you just say I can. The judge will say there's no contract that I am the money and but a judge will also hear this audio that we're doing right now because of mistakes and finish in the last I did it as a joke to give the five it was really my five. Powerball tonight hit it. I feel like that you can't have you can't Muster up five dollars. It and as we haven't in my years scam but she skimming it. It hit all right you're check. Have to thank goodness that. Tiger right he would check and check out what is skimming is is this people he knows an acutely dollar in the two Robbie on the. Ike and does little when you know right and then he located the rest are foreknowledge exactly Ina. The amnesty but slept by yep well so my one dollar gives me a five chances exactly I think it's cool with that at. Good luck to die. Or am I I. Thought about it driving in this morning I guess I don't know why have this summer mine but I think everybody does that if you play the powerball the lottery when he gets really big you think what would you do and if you want them. Don't allow people I don't know if it's a New Year's thing but it seems like Sean is really a confident that day and thinks he's gonna win like. It's weird around there yeah I think you're right I guess something to do with the brand New Year's Day and a new star and you this is something that that it happened flash of lightning. You know in I hit. And boom there it is. My G. And I don't think I'd quit. See I don't I love you guys are too much. His lonely but if you correct the news that the public be electric picnic a 200 million dollars. Cup we did Stiller does he gets decent human beings yeah its. Guinea and 200 million dollars I mean only you you'd what you would do. My god I have the best thing that you have to buy what's that it's amazing my sister has this 101000 dollar chair yeah. Thousand dollar chair yeah. Yes it's. Sony Pictures. And as it does have a week does it drive thanks. Could play that woman sent because I have my Sutton is really. And the amount art. But I had my son looked up the price yeah. Does he saw the name on it on the chair on the cheek or should I think he does he have really mom really once when these chairs like Mary Joseph has that's my sister. And like lumps it was bottom line is anger and 101000 and I know what to do so well. Let up a pop up. So it leans back OK if you went so's mine down and that beat him up and then combined to have 48 dollars. Has different kinds of massage is like shiatsu Hernandez and as punching like in a punch you so hard in that dad what's a Scott cabs in the back. It actually is painfully up to put a pillow and it attacks U. They'll tell you arrogant or roll out of the the and then you put your arms and he sleeps on what I. And it includes at and what does that do mid massage there has rollers and then has heat. It's crazy. I'd never leave home and then I. Their legs compress and decompress and compress Mika it shouldn't get a little while you feel like you're gonna be trapped in it forever. Yeah because it's pushing you. And passing year it didn't I wonder though lol yeah did you try to pull quality out because I don't. We feel like we leave you to feel good ever out not only all the that was sub my trips up to Colfax. That it weird that was set up the money you might be worth it for me yeah him too much of there this went weird but it right now it's the most amazing. In the chair of the planet while and everybody fights over when they come over like my niece and nephew. And even my certain he would he'd say I'm an set my alarm to wake up parolees and on the chair I know I. Areas. He has to set an alarm to get his place in live from the chair yet because it goes. A local jail for her to because that's what ya you secure your blood clot and whom snuggled gel. Had he had just he had a horrible carts and so yeah that's what a bit he has had replaces the just gotten all the stuff until uncle Joseph get the first. But you hate it when that door opens and there's uncle Joseph you're like. She she simple one of those machines were you get dead you know when you go to DMV needed number he's no super machine there's so that you know people get their turn in jail and get it and trying to find pleasure thousand dollars chair well. My sons are eager to their systems loaded using G. Idea while the path that would be what she's got her husband is being as she did well here's Jerry got a picture on it. You wait to see this chair. OK this might be the chair and and in the chair all marred gosh. That he looks like supply and it left or right to that looks like something you would see unlike. Deep even the clash of virgin airlines again like easily and I like Dubai Dubai analog you're right it's all leather and it looks like a hospital bed in NY LO OK it's picked up. That is crazy as that not you would never get out at all or I didn't. Or having our sport if we win the lottery gold and that's what we're talking about just in a circle around. If we win the lottery we can have these chair. The budget watch. I'd like to have put your studio you know V imagine the microphone late that can. It just kick back chair doing the broadcast I have to type of person felt really old that I loved so much you know I was like. Really this alleged come to regulate how back Jack. But team an eleven year old wants to set the alarm you know it's gonna you have that that makes it because they're trendy direct hit hit if you have any girls are tripping so so that is in the amazing sheer wonder. Is the anchor chair that is amazing chair never seen anything like it it's a thousand dollars infinity. As adds what my select about the bottom there and that would be like. Right it definitely catch your neighbor's kids study that you say that because my sister bought it from my brother La yeah. And she doesn't have any money and my brother in law's CPA and keeps on that type links. She is making paint she's making payments on each page here a change. She lives actually and he won't pay an option but. I thought he ended already walks. I tell it like that. Don't understating gambling via the like they would never do it live yeah it makes no sense to them they never played the power ball to logo on average they wouldn't buy into that because it's too Smart their brain is different I. They think that they take away their CPA. Paperwork in the yeah stupid or just like. No idea what was it they're caught doing that if they were in line at 7-Eleven buying a lottery ticket and somebody snapped the picture you lose your license yeah and he was actually really out of my sister when she bought it does eating give a mileage than that on that does he use it. Uncle Dick. Out payments were picked Billy so maybe someday it we win the lottery we can all have. She forcing him and had 101000 dollar change how many commitment right now if we win this thing tonight yes I'm buying it damn campaign that. The candy and I thought what the human screen that you give an and sometimes that the pounding and everything is so hard daily to work with her. Yeah if you put on the one got a massage like but at the court and cool issue that Biggio hit a picnic a rough few people who didn't like everybody needs. It worked out and house which are these men with that prepared. And I can tell it's not clear creek banks. Pretty he's not pretty obvious it to scrape the bottom you are right in the immortal on Alex I.