BJ & Jamie: Where is Amber from the Bachelor? 1/3

Wednesday, January 3rd

Where is Amber from the new season of the Bachelor? Sean may need a mental health week off because of his mom. She is making him crazy.             


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PGA NG game and it got to get an update we haven't been told yet. Where's amber. Yeah it. Excellent where's our right here in Denver Colorado kicked off the show first started shots close you get on the case you doubt around FaceBook is. And I sent her message. To come on the shell and gotten no response. Did you read. A don't know if she read Dahlia. Yeah until some red you didn't check did you enter another 1 this morning and yet you. But I can't tillage. Content. Usually as a dot buy or rent. A lot of have a dot or read and I have sent her to messages yesterday morning and again this morning and I had not heard anything back for good taste. Sorry he's in perhaps that it. You know she's only gonna be relevant for small time on little limited window of opportunity we want Kelly we usually have the audio her crown. That it at it from yesterday. We can cry you know of her crying it was she got kicked out right it's an actual. Traumatized that the ideas from for a next week shout yeah shouldn't cry that actually her tears stagnant. All the other women that are last year I. Adding machines yeah I know did. We should have I'm sorry you know we shouldn't add to clean up her playing. Yup I'm leaving yeah because that was that was a sad are you work you don't. This the clip and he's not actually leave him alone this week he's. Hello in all of them to ask you we want amber on the show and I know she's depressed right now and probably not answer your email alerts or FaceBook bug and she's what she was sad because. The deal is her mom on a hole like watching grouped together and did we know. After we mentioned this yesterday and he brought it to light not many. And did we get several checks of people saying that the personal friends at first yes we did didn't do we call the or would you stop. Now idolize. I have owned I got a great reporter. There my answer is hard to it was a statement on to school with her I am I and a I would have texted and a but this time it's a good. I tell you something soon I need you to take a few personal things could yeah and I think that we are. It Della in the near okay I'm sorry no no listen I'm sorry the rough uneasy patently not known us right now and Asia on. That's what they did this take some time off show you should take a couple of days off keep your head on straight because. You got your mom and how's your son of the late in the hospital again you know and that's not particular you know. Yeah so I spent most of the well yet when he takes days old buddy. Like you being content could be I can't because they get hit it I. See you can't in my entire act this eye and cheek thing body with. A pal but keep up decent crowds today three group I'm hitting it with empathy with him. I'm being real you're dealing app do that are out shot. I really. Don't pack it in a bit. Yeah let's talk about your mental health right OK I feel like it's the and I feel like your entire brain is in the game is that correct. I do a lot in my brain so I would say yeah. Yeah and then spread out a lot on your plate a lot on my plate right OK it's no. And eating eating the best thing for every it. How. Cook homes in the now. And it's maybe just you know. And I could we we get mental health yeah I think he'd give me that he feel like you need it. I I do but see the problem with that is that it puts me at home with the issue the posit me a mental problem. Policy towards all being here with that it gives me that little. This game I'll problem you are and I know that and mentally issue that I am having via witness your mother brought here that compounds the problem making. So this idea so this kindly your escape. We are here room. Yeah really years is what a genius saying I sent that he'll likely you're thinking about you know the things that are going off I don't know what I tell you yeah I don't like I am ultimately. Yeah it is it is it is and your anyway. I had a sixty is like any numbers like sixty days is when my mother is supposed to move. I think it's the end of the day. Arnold the Cuba should he have that same lesson Smith you are at it I'm. That's not a John Smoltz that I know and love. At all if it if it at its anchor buddy she gave me sixty day and she's movement out what it is. Can I. Mean are you bummed because she's gonna go through dollar money. Now I don't care you know at this point clear and Togo. To art. Am very little simply get a camera from the bestseller from right here in Denver simply admit we've had a lot of luck with the load bachelor bachelorette shows people from Denver they come of their shell I don't know why she wouldn't yeah. I think listen the way it yesterday I heard that David would ever watch a bachelor. She was mortified if I don't think she wants then talked about it. She does literally sobbing saying. And make them you know and it was ugly tock the. She lives in the mom to. I I'm a pop up and not I got a question it hit an analyst Bob I don't know I don't amount was having a viewing party and she. There it's embarrassing that is when you put together viewing party name on your daughter's kick on animals indoors. But look the audio all right well we can see if we can track her down here if you know her if you know amber here in town contact us let us know what's going on. If by. The downforce or if you it takes on mom for a couple weeks here either way he knew that the thought of importance on now. I.