First (Worst) Podcast Ever

Saturday, January 6th


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You reject what's the cruising Carsten talk. I don't so you're doing a podcast what is first of all to Carson. And crews. Podcast but you know the apostles like hey you guys should do this okay yeah. Yeah exactly mimic except of some retreat or something and they were like real you guys all do apologize. It's all stick. You can go figure let's try that's good binary with taught that it's relaxing drinking all the must quickly tonight that. So here's here's what I think it is in my mind and in you know obviously when they say that they want your way at Dallas 1059. To come up with a podcast Carson and I were like dogs don't brain hemorrhage when the bus rollover that we really know let me yeah relied you know we can't curse on the strike. We know we can't know we can county don't do it it's. I probably got out right shouted at the right read I guess we deters that we can't because we're different in a boot really numbers. On the radio you're your mind doesn't right you do it. The all the Mike Castle the time on both sought to watch on sailor. Well I try not suit that's a that's a good topic right there and is worse near you know oh. I think I'm worse all of the air when we're in the studio right guys his tour and right off the remote planning a Mike blank that he blanket and if but the debt relief holding you know what when you go on a little liver ranch he had you don't know when I get worked out that's an account yet. And we needed a little scared yeah. Yeah hold on do it should write that so it's cruising Carson it's the podcast I had. Our guest joining yeah. This still learning you're Verizon I couldn't tell you thank you all you guys for so joining us in the studio you know got its site you're gonna you get no sleep right ugly parts about us. Everything up until this is an ugly underbelly and I truly carcinogenic. You know show after the show that's exactly right and the bottom line is when we do our show when you guys listen to us for us we play like a lot more music yeah right and some nets on our style as. That's not really our style and we keep the music role in his stuff and that was the kind of the agreement we have and our boss. When we team over the show was that we we talk a little less although recent us talk a little law. Most public attention which is okay which is fine but our boss easily Kyrgyz and we do know cringe you right and so we have disagreement where we would sort of keep it short and plus you know it's what the listener is it's what you're willing to tolerate rank as yet and we didn't think you guys would tolerate us talking in real it's really weird is that we're talking right now. And my natural clock is like freaking out so well because you have it with a bun yeah. Normally do what you want to do I know I'm sure we're on the air I'm sitting here going I'm not used to us not haven't o'clock and we could kind of just keep talking forever right all we can talk Europe we can just sit here and sounds for thirty minutes yet and we we discovered by seven topics from the time we started do and our podcasts in now right okay what you're saying right about cursing you don't know what you are saying once upon just means you so British so that's a great okay thank you so much I think this for us this is like there's things that I would never bore you to death with. Yeah when they meet on the radio life has really boring if you are talking into the mr. I don't blame aside downed every weekend and what nonsense and I got to go home because my cap and it's again until our. I'm curious just homeowners up to. This is this course not with me on her body could relate to what I'm doing I'm a single dad or not single have a girlfriend but I mean I don't know married. And little loan you're wild bachelor you watch so thank you live a life my girlfriend and I watched the bachelor like she's long distance in fact and that we elect people talk and text. Wallets open title she listens your line is she she will I guarantee it she'll definitely lives and she's big fan of us. And she lives in another city and we see each other every other month or so ports we try to do once a month. But I think you understand and I. Yeah I guess my boring life exactly but I feel like this is the kind of thing that you're gonna get to hear us talk about we we've never go this long. I would be cringing out of my underpants right now on the air we were doing this long of a break on the radio. Think anyone is still listening yeah. Oh my god what is listener right now. No way that some. Yeah I really think you for being here we love our opinions we love you guys out there right do we do because of you because you follows piano like a CBS's newest yeah but this is just an extension of you getting to know us yes another layer of state of us that I think we we never had the opportunity or time to do. On the radio so this is it this is where get to do it and on filtered and yet here we go on sale like. And style. You know I mean sorry. Yes you are correct but we can't we can't we just have to leave it out that's three curses and again and that right Corbett are yet to be checked everybody okay yet. And that's it pretty much in that's all we had us on that same amount. She just kind of yes kind of and to.