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Tuesday, March 8th


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Vijay and Jamie it's Richard Murphy with conspiracy corner and seated because I will give you my. Prediction. This is strictly my opinion. I know what potentially could happen for the presidential race subtly coming up at the end of this broadcast. Here's something to chew on though while you wait apparently Romney and Ryan has filed an intention to run for the presidency. As what third party candidates pull on a Ross Perot. Apple apparently Thursday night march 3 from about 8:10 PM over Colorado City and rye Colorado. Was quite they show to go to the Steve Quayle page and click on the top right hand corner where it says alerts. On March 6 person reported. What's he and his parents another location up there of what he can only describe as a battle between alien aircraft and fighter jets. Story says that there are lots of jets flying in the sky near green horn mountain air space was crawling the military jets it looked like. This guy was completely movie. But at least one ATF's. And other objects he says folks who have a two story place salutes the little ways away saw the same thing as well and they were the ones that called him. To let him know was going on this all happening around the San Isabel national forest. It would be very interesting to see if there is a lot of military activity on the ground there now. There's a report in the Daily Mail that says that aliens are controlling the sun you have hunter you Ethel hunters say that they have spotted strange ships near the solar surface. The latest bizarre claim apparently Russian scientists have claimed to have seen the same event six to seven years ago. And related story Ed ex NASA agent claims the agency used the code words Santa Claus for three US folks. There were spotted. On the moon's surface during the Nasser during NASA's lunar landings. According to the former NASA contractor. On the web site Donnie news steel and I news. Don best international news agency. They're reporting that the United States is doing a number of military exercises not only in Europe but also in the Pacific. I'm military exercises are happening out in Norway. And which had three strategic bombers B fifty twos are going to I'd be doing some practicing there also initial strength. A large squadron of fighter jets and bombers made a dry run at North Korea. Especially because of the fact that North Korea's been threatening nuclear attack to South Korea. And you have military exercises and a carrier task force group in the South China Sea playing chicken with China. But the artificial islands that China is making in the China sea which if you look at the aerial photos their fair share military bases it's not like they're trying to make it a new all inclusive club meant there. You're wondering how the migrant crisis is circling over in Europe. Not so well Daily Mail reports that there's currently a gag order about reporting attacks by migrants on the locals that they see the Swedish conspiracy to hide the truth about the refugee influx is at an all time high. And a tragic event Alexandra. Mets are 22 from Sweden was murdered at a home for under age micro boys. Near the country's second city of Gothenburg apparently she was stabbed to death by a migrant. Until our country does say a good job of setting Shelley. For those he naysayers about ten trails. If you go to the website dissension with earth dot com there's a story from march 4. It says that I in five. Let me just tell you just the photographs alone of the aircraft. Really have to make you ask them why are they do. I mean it is pretty amazing how these things are outfit. Now whether it is for. Nefarious reasons or actually noble reasons. That. A lot of effort is going into making these things spray some material in the air and there's photographs of that actually happening. Some of the aircraft looked civilian others look. Military. They're definitely pumping something out into the sky that's Fisher. If you're wondering how things are going over at Fukushima Japan. Five years after the tsunami dead. Crippled that nuclear power plant the former prime minister admits Fukushima is almost completely destroyed. The finance story on info wars I believe it's still dumping tons and tons of toxic water into the Pacific Ocean. The solar eclipse happening today in Indonesia. And on the web site. Fourth tell disclosing the end from the beginning march 9 looked up the hold your heavenly wedding bands. As well witness the unique astronomical closure of events of the Hebrew year the great. Pathetic significance. So the eighth slash the ninth depending on where you are in the globe there is a solar eclipse it's going to be happening. Tactically on the ninth in Indonesia. And ironically enough. That is so so they closure of the Hebrew year. The full solar eclipse will be vision. We'll be visible only in India Indonesia they expect about 101000 foreign visitors and a 100000 Indonesian tourists are expected to view the spectacle. If he'd like to today is the eight for us if you go to use slew as LO OH. On YouTube deal actually streamed. That solar eclipse live on YouTube so you can watch a real time if you're listening to this after I'm sure it'll be lots of views and photographs and videos so you can. Watch him. As well. Provided the rise of the antichrist in the apocalypse and Gaza cats living together world coming to an end. As we know it doesn't happen first in which case you probably would you be listening to this right now. On the all news pipeline conspiracy theories across America have been vindicated is sneaking average dropped a massive truth bomb about Donald Trump. Singing to them and not least downer so Newt Gingrich stated. That Donald Trump is an outsider. He's not one of them he's not part of the club he's uncontrollable he hasn't been through the initiation rites it's not part of the secret society. Wow there's a very interesting read all right so here's my opinion about what I think could potentially. Happen especially when you have Mitt Romney. And Paul Ryan filing an intention to run for the presidency. First off I want to make this day explicitly. Clear this is my opinion only but I feel there's going to be an assassination attempt on Donald Trump. Whether or not he's killed or not I don't know but he has eliminated from running in the race I believe that Ted Cruz. It's gonna be offered to the Anthony's Juli is a Supreme Court justice position because he is such constitutional list. And it will take him out of the race that ultimate. Marco Rubio as the lame duck Republican nominee who go up against Hillary Clinton who. Pointed stealing all the delegates from Bernie in some shape or form that Hillary Clinton winning the president's. Against Marco Rubio. The only thing that may change that. Is if charges are brought against Hillary Clinton for server gate but I believe that Teflon mom. Will not have those charges come against her if she does and Bernie goes up they'll still be a democratic whip. I hope I'm wrong I hope everybody laughs at me and makes fun of me because of it does happen. It will be an interesting time for this country. I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner remember. Always have a bug out bag with you and more on Alex I.