Slacker and Steve - Craiglist Craziness 1/31

Wednesday, January 31st


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Slacker and Steve on the day. Those are the top did well which would which ones in Craig's list sorry Craig. Yeah early. If you Craigslist story. We I we always wanna talk to about it what happened what's your Craig's list craziness because he Texas woman. Was just arrested she created a fake Craigslist ad. For some woman. Her husband's cabinet hare move so she creates a Craig's us ads for the woman. That is having an affair with a husband who bombed. She posted the victim's age her physical features yourself the number he'll vote no that's not new and said hey all married men contact mean. If you wanna have some relations. I hope she got arrested. The victim herself got a hundred messages and calls plus several unwanted. Naked photos of men's. He's begging her for relations. Weis told police her husband and the other woman we're having an affair and she wanted them to admit it but she was charged with online Hopson nation good. Crazy but that's what Christmas is poor who crazy people critics this is more. People who saw somebody in the grocery store ever gone amiss encounters. I used to have when I was younger I know I've never read there you have to go to it there's a weird. 86 the site really detailed are too powerful tool for I was walking wounded have been absolutely oh. And some don't try to get all poetic as yes. The person who you walks Biden made the exact same connection easier dead. And is also such a colossal failure lies that they ran directly armor when it didn't go. I find is resilient I'd hoped. All those basic bulletin board site from my city. Mr. Otis you wrote this. It's tough talk an AT and she's Criss on its. But I swear to god dude do you read them you EU us and Ed do do is too big hook up new people respond hello my. Honestly never seen. The end result I feel like you just goes out there in the BE tiger and insights but it's one of those it's one of those delicious things can only. Happened. On Christmas I mean do stories of Craigslist craziness is and it I Craig's list. Half the ads on Craig's list or revenge adds somebody was mad at somebody like they moved out of the house or something and and they put an Adams like. I did everything most don't just left the front door opened here's the address. Always other people that are moving him that I haven't got a yes so that their neighbors or whatever but when this person I timbers a story like a juror so ago. His neighbor and their neighbor were obviously having a fight he knew his neighbor went on vacation post one of those moon estate sale everything must go. Just take it. When the people about their vacation house was. To each yet Powell talking. It's we can doozy retribution to the people would you trust you can figure out who posted yet but I'm sure it's pretty if you're Smart. When you post to Craig's is that like when I posting casual encounters so cutesy bit men seeking women soared you can consult. MWY. Eight. What is so I don't know if it's. Tom. You you would dole you wouldn't get a dummy email account you first sign up I. You jump on one of the crappy email services like Hotmail OK so I just I mean how many are now claiming that's why I call it feels. How hard you know and then you would have a dummy account to be like if you're Smart that doesn't do it. I wouldn't put up my slacker at. And sure com. An email address is takes about three seconds ago. Just casual Darren wants don't open abroad and start your grocery store arms. Just to. If you're just. Are so here's something this woman advertise for a man to get herself pregnant. A pulled off a it's a Smart she's a thirty some woman named Jessica she wanted to get pregnant and she had a series of failed relationships she decided to post something on Craig's list. Home she set on and that's thirties have given up. On meet mr. right. It's one baby. To put not found some dude size foot nine under forty kind of blah blah. Will be taken STV test long story longer. There and not give it I know it's and it's why it's that's what Christmas is for love this war why do you love didn't she does. And errors or the tramp sleeping when your husband's spent finding creepy people that do stuff by the cantaloupe senior grocery store are. Or to find a baby daddy says it works is if you've done something crazy or seen something crazy on Craig's list. We want to hear your story. Neil. Quiet well now I'm sorry now not real hurry try this morning. What happened sunlight might get you third birthday my daughters sorry shouldn't get mr. Burr. She got then and now they're Mary an only child. We saw a moment pretty good. She got a strip for your birthday and she slept with them. Yes Larry my bullying on them. Our moral. Who pitched for you you saw I'm naked don't you yeah after you yeah yeah yeah that it. But your daughter's. Shoes she's the only. Nagin who put a ball you'd like to talk to you won't pull her. Of all. As well let me know where and when it slacker needs people to fit the you can pull in and sorely weirder way and what I. And I didn't you wearing our usual you are everywhere fall and she's pregnant right now with Swiss Craigslist jeopardize baby. Opel is he's still busy still advertise to Stephen I get him to come out here little show all our group I hope that maybe it. Yes a different job now though right he does sometimes less. The full pardon gotten this infection at any rate. You know a little but. Okay Tom all right wolf we'll take you now I called menial. When I say cease. Craig's well yes palace since. You guy Craig's list. Our excel is in the same torrid vulnerability to our legal trouble. Eighteen years old my sister and I are aware aren't great but they aren't you are more broadly I can make an ad in the personal action we chat. My and natural you know staff speech yet here are my number if they call. And my sister and sixteen at the time that's what's your strategy that's an argument about. Science. Or so all of that and start sending clerks unique mixed. Parents are not there illegal when you're no man sitting at sixteen you're out. Yeah you out there say silicon. It. Personal hour you got in trouble because you'll mend we're gonna you enjoy now doing it's somebody had to come forward and say we started this. Yes especially showed up our house. Any particular story about baiting rents are so pleased to offer that I had just turned eighteen and asked so afraid of being charged that the well and cute though the. You know you're video room near Cuba around and when she took the offer me she never even told my parents are and you hear that. And cheeks though she did. Thirty years our programs learn. Like I'm Bernard aren't aren't and haven't it will feature rich like a bunch. Of the shepherd she. She's a good sister to you plow. That is some that is Craig's list this yes that's Katie. Yeah I yeah Craig's list. So I mean and that. Brand new word for your country like her you can emerge as the mile creep up early to thank. And northern actually Harding another member Colgate yeah. He likes what he. Commercial you to look like a little late don't clears up panic I don't. Yeah look I'm literally I'm there would. She was looking for men on Craig's list and he's like I bloke who writes is this he'll want those juices with the digestive Intel. I don't work for us I.