BJ & Jamie: New Monopoly for cheaters version. 2/1

Thursday, February 1st

Monopoly has a cheating version.  The makers have revamped the game and now you are encouraged to cheat and try to catch cheaters. The one fun aspect of the new version of the game is there really is a pair of hand cuffs attached to the jail you must wear.  


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Vijay and Jamie monopoly is coming out of new version of the game is called cheaters of version. Not cheaters as in like on your spouse or intakes that he gets the game. Cheaters version that monopoly according to be able isn't that Hasbro and except believes a monopoly is coming out of the cheaters version here's why. They say in their research and all the people who are low monopoly and play monopoly. 50% of the people the plane cheat. Yeah they're tired of. You and I just realize as you said this. When I was eleven I played monopoly of my sister all the time and she cheated and she put the five that she was always being there and she put the 500 dollar bills under the board likening grab the mouse slowly and I never knew that. All mine is she is the reason this games out. My son is eleven and has no clue how to play monopoly now and then every you don't play board games. None of them we diddley was literally platelets shoots in ladders and New Orleans new team and guiding you more distance and he gets electronics in the united Arab peace and I. Some people still play I used to love to play monopoly because it felt like you know I was always broke so a pelican that money played games. But now it's so hard play by yourself I. He'll important book because nobody's paying I. Play checkers by myself it's I was saddened to own guy I've played the bad actors around and play the black lycra and as my sister do you have friends Madden amity and a new monopoly. Cheaters edition it's a game with a new spin on it the additions. To the game is to identify the thief and then punish that person. As did the ability to secretly short change your fellow players so you're not only catch him cheating and they get you know punish sport money go to jail what ever. You also try to cheat it's easy to British gave. How well this idea I'm telling you still the best way if you guys all get together and played card gives undefeated or not. But like a lot of church people live near my sister and her husband and their altered the Korea and they'll play cards on Sunday night. Put the draw for from uno in the freezer and say you're gonna go make nice TI. I thought. Obama yeah and and not a lot of head back and really had a dad is when my brother and not a big Egypt have and the strong floor over and over there like she's so lucky. That Monday it. Witten devices Ian and she noticed. It was freezing. Dropped for a smaller pro cards so locals but major gambling policies he's busted it act. Actually the cheaters addiction dish a mop a monopoly bodily monopoly here's the best part of it. Becomes an immediate cuts for go to jail. Early in the he would cubs are attached to the sports that we you go to jail he put on the aka. For different it is. Plain and racism isn't. Forever and it seems all the pieces and yes ma'am. I'm not even sure I know well. I know you've got property in the new charge you want the railroads. In the you want a monopoly to get hotels on and amber is now park place I think in broad. What was the expensive Broadway and park he had the most expensive he wanted those properties are. Pricey. Yes Charles I still remember that read yes I do remember is it's coming back to us we should. By a monopoly. It took hours and our Cleveland born out for the whole week and game of life. Again. You put your family man you know driving around bridges got a game. Remember when I was like shocking at a dad to keep people in the front. It's a thing bride. Cutting it into if you look at it as yes no doubt most of them now actually yeah actually has to be a thing now. Yeah choice act as a it. And more on Alex.