Slacker and Steve - GMD: Football Fan Tattoo 2/1

Thursday, February 1st


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Selector and Steve. These. Dates it's time we had to get this one in China last minute emergency great need to date because I think it has something to do list. The big game. You sit there and I see super bowl of food. No no big game OK I need people who. So it's carrying and Dana and I believe that Aron is going first. Aron. Hey he's follow what's going on what brings an agreement to make. All right what are Italy and the other it's all students are pretty good dancer. But go to Europe. Diner and a net. I'm reversed. Your thought. I've been illegal since since that. Monster year wouldn't Jaworski when they went to the Super Bowl and seeking the raiders in the regular season they lost the bolt told me do I lose you was there would have been given a gorgeous and it would do like 111 regular season they they were steamrolled couldn't be stopped this Hanks and ever since then. I I made our eye of the what the last time they went suitable. I made a bet with a friend of mine. If we win this Eagles wouldn't Super Bowl I am getting the winning quarterbacks. Mean. Our priests and the Super Bowl a year to. Would wager didn't. He pulls his face where would you put this where we think oh my god where we all this. I don't know my battle and it's big but like all my bass these moments 6200. And what. Kickass. Okay yeah I'm an angle so you want to do is chase and it's the bond hey dude winning super quarterback OK itinerary. I am just saying that your love lean adoring wife would have a problem. I was staring at another dude on your back to Wonder Woman or do any. And just jump straight inner side Dana. Yet at the hard now. Oh. Yeah and yeah. You know what what do what do you what are we gonna yield on the Ed go on vacation and he's gonna have. On noon on bass and everybody erring in not for the right reasons. And. Aunt up north now commute is just didn't need to be your hot nobody can be looking at me. I just a pet you know since you got together that he's an eagle Sanong. I mean. Court. Okay yeah I. I don't I don't care I would buy. IE as much fear is he wants for the game he can how Molitor and over I will clean up afterwards we need to have no problem doing it forums. I'd now. It's a sorry you know on the on the chassis somebody applied by the beer and clean up. And then isn't he yes. He did not all a monster. You really want this guy earn your back for the rest of your light leg. How long hundred you can yeah I've been leaning media I've been Wiki. You. Aaron. We're really get a jury in here but let's let's did some qualifiers and let's get some compromises on the table and just talk about stuff. Is there anyway we could shrink to attack she does have to be sold them so little clavicle the club would never know what's on your Mac to your shoulder blades and yet you're totally clueless billionaire dissident to me that or could be smaller on your task or yeah Haiti so no one or mean or do you logo and some of the skies cease or somebody who's. He can't. Act or are you on all Eagles Tatis Dana. I mean I really wouldn't preferred. Well no legal pad used you I you know I I mean it's it it it it said game. Yeah yeah some perspective here sitting well my knowledge Donna and you know what I am not neighbor like you'd heard and but. Now. I all those years they separate what goes Betsy and Tony c'mon you know to watch reader who gave you die I die it. It might look really wanted OK our talk about not the back. But what would you would you like to look cap or something. How slackers you just know how it might be she doesn't want it. It's still big dude stay somewhere visible when you go to a beach so I I did her hard no one nest but I guess the question. They want me look at some other guy c'mon now. I got me baby. Than the way I would have to ask is Dana is I don't know if you've ever heard. On this argument posed when it comes to other issues but. It's his body paid a so easy race you do I'm. Cole who is seriously not allowed chew makes decisions regarding his body. On his who. On what huh huh. Africa Bono so if he wants to go get a Mohawk or something he'd have to reaching out to console you if he wants a radically change anything about his body. He hasn't she'd have to run past you. And I would prefer that but elite among hard will grow Mac like once you get mad at cute that's it man. Unknowns and. And if you have any regrets about it that is going to be. Yeah a lot more expensive to grow back then hair yeah. Religious that you Super Bowl I do not think so since it's a funny about that it's not cute look at the talks one. Yeah this is your younger sometimes. I mean the end encumbered personally use of the word about the beach or deploy my capital sit on the beach and sit down that we don't see it. Yup com and why it should. There are solid argument OK here's the bottom line is this what we're gonna try to. We're gonna try to figure out an answer for you guys so hang tight Malone. Well we'll get to where US he's I like TOQ are you hey it's his body. But what why is it that when she says it's her body we showed up but when we say it's our bodies she's just like no. It's called the double standard Bob that's it but we can't really complain because 90% of the double standards fall in our favor oh okay so we need maybe not. I don't. This is by. I just thinks if he does appeared briefly. Just does it knowing her doesn't want you these are gonna have a have a mirror that's not ideal here I just all stupid because of teachers are gonna wipe the floor with hopes that looks so cool if Saddam we don't have to worry about this but I. I ice bottom line is. Is it his for me is easier permissions. As you get married is attaching something you have to disgust I mean my wife came to mean. And sent on to hear about employees inning motel across my back slowly and I was likes. Down down with that. I don't know what she would have done if I said now be to what that means you probably would have done it is that your body right here so. But I mean she just beat a good wife and seen bro like do I sleep I pixels is stays on your back. At first I thought she was making about her I don't wanna see that but that I think she's trying to steer him where a lot of wives do her husband quietly kind of subtly steer him to where he needs to do you are making a huge mistake right eye you're no load them you know. But you know it's a dude on your stick polls. It's just a little. Little tiny champion but don't bombarded Tracy lower right here in the logo really are you guys decide this Erin did it. Or does Dana get a say in what goes on his body lets go get some other people here and you guys can find out whether he gets paint or not. Eric. Yeah I got. Well my most hurt Aron. Technology put it that way I ordered a similar situation alimony get Peyton Manning trade summit but I'm gonna get it got to block restrictor when they won their third Super Bowl. My wife and I compromised on three dimple mark Jovi on my cap with a nice bomb goes emblem. Our she loves him now she wasn't happy about it or about where it came early night. Armed so kind almost. Not aaron's each leg of the traits that make I like the old probably isn't going to be an eagle my experience. Is the old. Compromise that she can your desire to what you get then she should get up and everywhere. Like what. Car or. Maybe. Tom Brady's face and I think there are a little bit Erin and I mean we're we get a bunch of votes here it is there any part of you that understands what we're seeing a gimmick I don't. So I get I again and again that I get a load I get like negotiating a new scarlet. Wrote the patient and you work down this path with a trophy and a number okay. I. Those seed Jennifer. All eyes. I don't CNET I am credit tacky if they can mad about it a you know. Aren't you don't know what's gonna happen and 120 exit it without. And share it somebody out that at the 1980 dark I'd be happy that. You. Let. X or that it should not think that outlook dead and yeah. Good to. I wanna be friends sort of there was somebody who's got to know god we got there you go I. Help kind of bad choices didn't make in your life according to about his whenever do you should have supported. But I see on this. Point expensive out there called Jennifer yeah there's other words he talked about this before but I. My children are my life seen. Right no all my arm I would write me on my arm when I see somebody get there that BB photo it's like you've. Tut tour. Babies sees someone who looks like every other BB on the planet there's no say just any cease on your body or another interface. You're so he should be on your head. But not make fools is based on your gas OK okay let's keep going here Taylor. Guys. So I actually undermine his dad Tim Tebow I don't and our audit eggs are just being all various stories. Practice. Since our half man half horse. Yeah as I said anterior symbol but it's Tebow though it's a good or whereabouts and his volumes for better result. I thought it didn't and professional but and being funny and you get to remember that I am a lot about being an eighty. OK you're on the good and creepy last well would you have told you that I now we get their act and Taylor with Mary snow now. C a cargo yeah. What are we combined knicks bulls with tomatoes contrast that against paying the well. He's based on an eagle on you oh my god this is going to be good I we're gonna do more than we tell you don't get our girls are crazy kind of carried into the oh more here or maybe. They get anesthesia. Yes yes a knife. Yeah I know I just thinking that. She didn't make it come out I'll I mean legally bound by our agenda not by. I'm just thinking if they ever decided on these these bags she you know. Bought them the green lit by it she come out with a not so hot out there where she. Did she do they eat it pain they now. You not look so good he might change up or me or she now entitled to her Canadian club action I'm being. I am I kinda how I see I'm I'm only I'm content and try it a 120 per say you should go do whatever makes and they'll get. Beirut a human cost his body his leg. I don't know if you bomb you didn't abide Dana but he spoke was his body although at his word and so are the phones it was it was close so low you. But rules. He had no I know where it's been outlined and no word how he did since team. So. Yeah. But but but I I love I love my wife I gotta get it I want promised baby Alex Gil accountable increase in the back it's. But I do believe. It'll be something to make me have really would go to cast like amateur on the instead of liquid that won't go to the Super Bowl trophy and like that the number. The Super Bowl number under Lloyd I bomb I think I'm cool would that would legal blow going. Could you handle that. Dana. Term. Don't get over a little bread and at Enron there is sex life season that's so we'll see we can do some. They've got so many other women in this we talk. I'm all about I'm all about that baby step toward compromise that I think we think about that didn't even better one right but you appear bared down the line. Parents and good luck to ya good news Erin you don't accept compromised is you won so you can tell or pound sand later did you home. Offer not just teachers are gonna win gold but. If you wanna still sound off maybe even tattoo ideas hit us up on the soccer and Steve sees the page.