Slacker and Steve - Drunk or Kid 2/2

Friday, February 2nd


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Steve tons. It's weird you know you could. Her. And. I my short term long term memory is so bad at this point I don't remember who won must about 90% positive Steve may an epic comeback and he got the last one need him like four points for UB by one point that's exactly go out via so in reality I won and he got to pay 81 in reality he won but technically he won a technical LT technical reality that you. I'd bet you will. I'm sort game we call. Drug or Ted. Or is it something stupid happening isms you did you did you leave the details out that would give their way in we guess if you were drawn. Or kids grab should date Gordon won on the roof he wrote it off yet. It as a kid and I was drunk but that's our example. Little DE. Will help you get your details out of your story it's and then in the end Stephen I will be doing the degenerate gamblers in Austria which one of us can glean details from you. Little he has scoured the interwebs for a bunch of stories that he will now tell in the first person as though they happened to him. And they actually happen to someone who was drunk. Or child so I was at a restaurant with the a couple close acquaintances. And had to go to the bathroom and you know every good restaurant has about it but I decided that places I'm too good to that pledge to Anita lock that far when I can do it right here. The number in the middle of the restaurant whipped off my hands and started peeing everywhere had to gaffe. I'll go first okay will be doing the thing that he sometimes is known to do work but it's so it screams. Kid. This is it because it's at its attempting to do with your pants off and Peter exactly. Arm so I don't know which way I'm going to there was an inning degree infamous stories honestly no it was actually operating go and see you always say there is when there's nothing not so I'm gonna go drunk on this one. Your right eye is drawn to tell you why because they are guys that log 'cause I had a would just pull their pants down in you would have said. Pull my pants down and went everywhere. But it really say will cost my pants that sell to me I can still live off no kids like when he kidneys if he'd just written data showed now some shut down their ankles but they don't like with the loss yeah. Apple when you're drawn to its more dramatic so you've just drawn to your bright and I'm back to Europe this is none of these points matter. Indeed free season of drunk or kid. There's going to be no harm no foul but I just want you to know. You're right you you sell asked back. All the skills and I have in the world what can you are meaningless gaffe against my a year just intuition the Israelis. And I would always yeah go ahead. That's a good drunk guy in Ontario. Who got burned and it. I thought Capriati traction I guess no all right so I had some Friday night I was looking for something to do. You sit there and I realize that late eight. My neighbors got some pretty cool stuff so went over my neighbor's house and a broken at their house them but I stole bunch of stuff when things that I stole was the car. And it took that car and drove it down the street to the middle school baseball field food and started doing some doughnuts on the middle school's baseball. Right then I busted out my sawed off shotgun bottle. Craig Duff a couple of shots and then the police showed up cash. Today he's Dylan sang again in this one so it's like it's Friday I'm broke and drove a car I got a sawed off shotgun it's strong drunk drunk drunk. Go into the middle school is the only place worry may have screwed up moose who knows a middle school just that place at the end of the block the drunk couldn't get anywhere else. Or is it did was it the destination for this middle school first and know what to do what with what they knew right here I. Using reason and why you have the only reason an outing so all of your notice the second he had done though don't know you have to go well. Joseph for all of that could use your resume logic at all. In this case it's a kid. Beat the middle school was a destination he wanted to go and do donuts and and then next tiny came to school he's with everybody's like she actually. Should edit. We see these doughnuts and barring not me that's right I only go to our didn't know until we're. Yeah so used it. Bob I think moved he's doing the reverse reverser. Australia so I'm gonna go what would you say woo oh you don't always although I did you nurture you know who accuse I. Nice are you sure you know you are you would measure but hey I was like who you are. And I said it accurately and I'm right you were going through your reasoning process. I kind of judge is Carolina is necessary for diaries and I don't guess those are on the news was a drunk yeah Osama. Okay I'm drunk because it on a teenaged kid yup told you to. The but likely go points for these that's why I really tried very hard ground is on it's there's no way is okay oh. Hey if you're listening tuning into Steve we'll start trying soon outs and very soon Steve's gonna put an effort to I lost their transition I'll just tell us closer to wander a little bit on. Us and world. Didn't mean no way to be on the ice it's your turn if you got a story from substance you've been after nearly. We will guests little we will help you I will pay attention. I don't as well swoop in and win the DS was a sitting opposite a need the unfortunate thing is every other time yes go for sneezes accumulate. Don't miss drunk the I couldn't come at any you'll probably win and that will make me morning. Mom I. So you tell us a story what you did we guess if you were drunk or attention that it. Yeah. Yeah yeah I. Don't include. So I don't want and a husband and make spaghetti. I. I hate you when you really angry I'd never use the notebook are. I need Maggette and it's Maggette actually went well currently I'm gonna make garlic bread. And I am worker in the house there. Oh hole Steve I have to go first. Well I'm focusing on the part where you never use the oven before it or so before somebody screams kid once you give little do you likes to kind of you know set these callers downstairs I wish you don't worry about it re no scaring everybody you know you just know the great and I do remember right at somebody but to make it look like you know I want all this. This is our parent yes I. How all of this is where you get paid by the work. We say Rihanna obviously this happened to you when you were drunk. Yeah yeah and then yup you're don't think they're with us. She got nervous and you tell she was supposed say that this was not won a little these bruises and this was a mistake moving Sheen who was a kid okay. Rihanna and what we're used. And you are yeah yeah and was stopped so so bummed out the soccer to get the point oh yeah who so I. Why do you think I only majors you've got the point but I don't really helped me never used an oven before you. It would actually never credit them how do you keep good. We. Hot should see through that though I did see through it. Do you still what you know you know how late to make it interesting so we know we look deep and we let linked. Diddley little underdog in a couple points isn't a talent show and the nice dice and come didn't. The patriots did in last year's Super Bowl oh eroded you know they put all Ellis five to 45 points with the thank you Rihanna and an update you owe you we did go untreated act one nothing analysts. Yeah are you. Excited no drugs there. Plug a lot out of the bachelor one time and I really really really don't know. I didn't let it go right there in the hallway on big huge bed mate ever do you speak they're terrible. He's. It's our first on this new Texas loans is here's a think it is easy one in a lion OK it's easy for me. Then you go again this is super who have not easy always call. I'm about a six I. Oh I bridge OK I don't mean explain why because kids' urine is not tense now. So now it's for weeks it wasn't it's not like he's got legs he's got Biden tonight and asparagus fields at Mellon. The problem dropping or call why are locked shut. It and smells like death so she was hammered he was complete. He dropped okay Ellison C Eusebio locked out of a bathroom cool there's there's there's something locked out of the that's what you focusing on. I would think a drug kid would be able you know arms into would you say I. Again you're not listening I was clearly choosing the opposite and I just what I do. Drug to drug drug simply wrong Ellis you're kid out Dallas L'Oreal. I really true world. At a. We blew a lot of they gave you a better receivers. Who is peace now I was dead giveaway I know I should know he Alice. Oh. Started out not didn't so you'd be tired and I saw them this is it what we're already Donald while I'm tired are you okay. Bill when he retired everywhere I go again. Well other times you go. Natalie. Guy. Jokes are kids longer did I know the answer to tell you Stewart took us this story. Your first on this guy okay. Asking him instantly into my thought it would be a grand idea to IR IQ. Irons scooter in hacker Clinton on the black and embolden mighty carrying. I'm added nineteen and shoot a little fashion speak out the Illinois a couple of progressed I mean. All world brand new movie that I would ever have a good care distant drone. When you look at all the criteria has really taken drunk on this one. What is the correct her siblings sure kids it screams kids taught me sure of course furor over. I think tourists to unruly kids saying it so it's obviously Kim has to be drug. You're really do what is you've decided to just like to lay down and let me have the dog a minute witness. I want you to say out loud do you honestly believe that she wouldn't she was drunk does that now this is out Natalie was drunk at that time so did. Sure when I choose kid and I'm right token don't need to go. I know that you when he does yours right now you're not hundred to read this one I'm not doing this this one is just a hundred C you are choosing I am shoes yeah. That's. Up until I was does New Mexico and I hate saying I am choosing your old Natalie you're definitely but where you know who she was. There are choosing absolutely. I am choosing the correct answer which is drugs you're gonna copy me these kids and let me tell you I don't is beyond logic I've done both humor delighted with the it does widowed siblings and dog in the scooter spoons all that. There's one thing nine now though little DC control. Exactly does play in the little DA control freak you the first two calls were dropped. Ready no moral would you ever juice three in a row of the same thing I'll give you that never do that he would never knew that I think for some reason this is the first time you did don't. Welcome to being wrong Natalie what were you. You rob I only can you derive the following its last cup now earlier Ryder Cup clearly if you Barack how. Couple.