BJ & Jamie: Riots in Philly and kid in stands with Justin Timberlake. 2/5

Monday, February 5th

There are news stories out this morning from Philadelphia is that the whole town rioted and people were climbing no roofs and pulling down light poles. One guy even eats horse poop in celebration of the win and others were burning a Christmas tree in the middle of the street shouting F Brady!  And Who was that Kid in the stands that was on his phone while Justin Timberlake was singing to him? Was he trying to snap chat?             


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Vijay and Jamie as some of these recordings from the media police scanners. In Philadelphia are being released this morning. And these people that go out and celebrate get all crazy and they're all that wacky well I gotta admit. But it is that these shouldn't be funny but when I read through them I I actually chuckled because you do not believe what these port police officers have to call and there's sitting there on the streets of Philadelphia and what they're watching it is rigged. So if you're the dispatcher. Back at the end station command center in Houston and here it is called school coming and got me thinking real they're doing what. He adds that Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia downtown Tokyo you know how they have made ballet on aim you know what I guess it makes lined up on the awning collapsed down. House heard. Do you have to date to not realize an audit. Yeah sticking up from a building is not a collapse would you put twenty people aren't exactly and that's what I thought. How drunk the F today these are pretty funny that well getting a little indication the rest can't really understand but here here's one of the. And that people like that and you'll look. Yeah. And don't. Looking guru look a little late bold. That the police here are radios are going nuts last night and actually you guys that Greece and the light poles so people can climb them. But Skinner says we have they have all of the light pulls repeat. They pulled. The light poles. And then another as they just light pole through a window and they storm the like pulled from Philadelphia I don't know I knew what was happening to Greece on him and Bruno and what are the am you know what I can do with a squirrel and bird feeder. Or whatever the adult web sites. That came forward over the weekend went and offered lubrication. You they would put their logo on the on the outpost was nice that they would come they would provide all the lubrication for all the polls that talent so that they couldn't live don't. What kind rewind and it was it's of this story somebody also lit the Christmas tree on fire through the streets. They said that Britney at Christmas tree in the middle of bribe street chanting have to not break it off. But he's already lost guy is studied some slack. Also in this sad I guess that I was out there with his four year old daughter. Your four year old kid out there and it lost her Eagles fans. Eagles fans they could later she did not well or whatever he did not they've on the counter when he got drunk and lost that that's what happened she didn't take off. Let's hear would last two windows at the Macy's we have a plea and parked in front of Macy's now projecting it there's a large. Nancy there's a large mob throwing bottles models and she can't in the same thing and you know paint it's. I am old navy is being looted. An outlets as to have been stolen. Potent opponent dome. O'Neill a police officer is just run over by an ATV. News item. Another man is eating species. We have them. We actually have that ended this essentially if he can't get hit OK you've got to horses that because the police are used in the horses in their walking up and down the street. Billion dollar what courses do what they are right they poke they dope. So some guy is so drop in so happy that the Eagles has won the world championship. That he's dared by his buddies. To get out into each stall horse Booth in celebration. Okay. Okay. This morning he's waking up sober and I am oh my god it went higher all I know I'm a guy hey yeah. And yet I wish and well. If that's what it takes to go viral Sean. But the guy had some harsh but this big this big screening of the fifty shape. Aren't good enough force put challenge at 58 begin ass is grass mad at. Yeah I can't believe it's I mean Errol how drunk are you eating the extra. In years to get heart didn't commit the art that duke it's is audio and Kevin Hartman. And our Kevin cars did. Each right delivered pigs is what we're seeing in the sport he tried to get on stage for the trophy presentation going in the against new. But it dirty boy right because he's so record up it. Second volley doesn't blog on state. Gut Eddie ain't right yeah this end he believes. That area and goes over to the NFL broadcast vote by the NFL network lives while survived. Steals a microphone and my own ego. The great thing we have done. What will be. All Ali and you see this big bouncer guy cubs into the screen grabs Kevin you just gotta. I get an hour letter I gathered you look here people get so drunk at these things you don't doesn't so long. And your team wins for the first time ever in history. That's a pretty beat Monica it's a pretty big note that you tie that it would they'd been drinking for twelve lopped the app is lottery game and oh yeah yeah. So you've been going for twelve hours and now you're just soul wasted but I don't understand the destruction stuff because I've never gotten drunk scene got very destructive. I asked. And they don't. Didn't you don't need be they have to the city war. I got torn about boyfriends whatever is important this you know now. And on nothing from members and I I don't get this don't you ever had I got dead and yeah glad I hate your face and I just. Pulled off an upbeat and I've known person who got flickered up and took baseball bat or golf club or something into a brand new car here because she was meant to do it mom. Quit and went to think about that Carrie Underwood song. At the very beginning gas burning carefully and I thought it was like champion or what I did understand it. I did but I didn't I shoes in her shoes are fantastic and the fact that they match like the parts on her arm and address I get. I think that I because she took that keeps in his track and remember yes yeah see Natalie she destroyed yet estimates that Miami beat it like it either the champions don't know but I do have the shoes. Yeah yes it's a fantastic. What about the kid to where we're seeing him on The Today Show what about him the self did you see that. I did that I couldn't figure out because there's something going viral I didn't read it he was doing something wrong. Just internally donated to the stands and on the the kids up there with a solved the kid obviously is more concerned about getting a picture of posting the media's. The moment. He's having would Justin Timberlake just it almost has to try to get his attention on a couple of occasions Jessica. Yes we're missing something because something was going on this phone that we don't know. And and it went viral and I don't know what land he was trying to post. I was. Taking a picture with Justin Timberlake can he was tried to post a picture and ignoring what was going off. That's what I'm reading that that he the reason people his plan lag did you older that jewel game I think is playing a game or something no I I think he was trying to post that picture in the moment okay isn't it it's like OK did you can post a picture later he got the picture. I'll because it's like they couldn't get the picture. And then they finally did at the end there at that are missing some in the kids. Well I was pretty cool low for him to have that picture is yeah. He's RD entitled. He's got great seats and got you know all the design and and you know he's there at that who had a great seat right immigrants fifty yard line immigrants alike. Did get a picture Justin Timberlake yeah. Burst your privilege in that area you got a great nearly dead that's so great that he's there but then here comes Justin Timberlake he runs right up to Liu. Audited fifteen million people get to see your mother and I know as a prep a little tired of in. More on Alex I.