BJ & Jamie: Bud Lite making good on bet to Eagles fans. 2/6

Tuesday, February 6th

BUD LITE is going to make good on the free beer bet for the city of Philadelphia. The beer company said if the Eagles go all the way they will take care of the party and a free beer for everyone. At the time they made the bet the odds of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl was 50 to 1 shot. IT seems they are getting off easy, they are giving the beers away a one special tavern.  


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Vijay and Jaime out remember that story we have about two Super Bowl where but light says that Philadelphia wins ago about here for everybody in town the ants are kind of like cheating on their promise I'll have you know I like bud lite they're good people nothing wrong with that but. Here's what bud lights decided that they are gonna buy the free beer for people of Philadelphia right. But. They've put out a time at a location you have to be lucky to get your free skier what is it like 4 AM. Yeah like at tavern one of the players is gonna show up to guys named started all this lane Johnson. In lanes gonna make an appearance at a place I don't it's called the tavern or fix just you know and a tavern somewhere. But he's going to be at a certain location at a certain time can be free beer there never gonna get everybody at. Who's coated drive across town for one beer. And now inhabit and Maine you're not endemic because there's going to be alike to me that player. I feel like this sheet. Yes I don't know how you give out of free beer to everybody that wants one that's what when your soul I don't know how you do what this is Annette this Michael should be able to go to a liquor store. Show your ID. Eight kids skiing and that he got your free beer in get a free beer no matter where it's at least half. That's like that's a logistical nightmare. I feel like they were dug it out certain you know I am big it's not always perfect it's not they're gonna win and you know and that lastly they like. And the top but but but but that's good light headed to pit and their route taken the right right it. Again I don't know how they're gonna do that at the time Bud Light made the problems the Eagles were fifty to one shot to win on Super Bowl hope. My. Furniture store that did that. Yeah and it was if it rained or something applicable mattress store something wasn't it in and put about a business. They went out of business yet. They they had predicted that I think it was Houston. If the Houston Astros win the World Series. They would sell like every fate for like half ball. Usually what they do you know gimmicks like this again and insurance for up. To make sure the odds are impossible but I guess and that just didn't get the insurance Yan. That's what she mean by saying that for every person in town. Will give hundred dollars if we ever win a Marconi award could. Look at it we're not doing that good we know it would never happen. What it did. Politely but we're just getting we're getting yes I'm getting a a gimmick but that's the chances that what we're talking about here he throw it out there and knowing there's no way it's getting him. Didn't I think Clinton patients have been really stupid I said. If I win the lottery win it was mega mega mega man I'm Mike I'll give everybody a hundred dollars and that as Atlanta loves like. Who might god if I give everybody Colorado hundred dollars up legal money you wouldn't lose everything. And then the people that didn't get their hundred dollars they'd soon be that guy lawyer fees on top of I was like. Give it careful what you say that correctly picked up. One of her and her. I've that I Bud Light getting out easy on this I don't that you can just say one bar at a certain time come get you'd be here and you think they're gonna have some. Riots adding that the problem. Yet don't make Eagles fans. Oh did you hear did you hear the the chant for those Eagles they have written the street and they were saying AE AG. They were chanting. They misspelled Eagles. A they let the last be Al's. It's the audience felt that it goes short CP but this audio EA GL EAG. They hate GL. Yes the wells any 88. As. I. Big business. With them and guide. Us idiots that commitment that it it that us. You guys. What you're cheered he got a spelling again right and then John you know that's spelling big ghosts I figured I had this right. Yeah the if but he but he put it but. It's important on Alex.