BJ & Jamie: Lady Doritos and other Lady focused porducts. 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th

Doritos are getting some back-lash for the lady Chip. BJ wants to know what other things they make just for woman that bother other woman. So woman callers do not like the pink guns and another hates Lady Condoms.           


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Each and Jamie I think it afloat it's benefited yeah food vote boy oh boy oh boy. Did to read those blow it would durden eighty Doritos or why. Yeah lady you read us first not sound like a vagina or something. This man needed to read around here. It sounds like in dirty part of nearby well ladies and Rita. And they do what you thought ma I did think it was being a little low over the top. Yeah it was ridiculous so Vijay if you missed it. I guess the CEO of PepsiCo are said that he came out he's right and can the new region for women because they don't lack torn dollar paint and they also don't like to crouched around others and it needs to fit your first so we're make it light buried. Boy oh boy dead yet backfire and do this through Rita is facing backlash after announcing the idea. Lady dear reader you see you in everything. It is the CEO of Pepsi now who is a woman says. They're working on chips that don't crunch as loudly and lessen its labor involved robot she says they're trying to solve women's. But at least favorite things a number of people think this idea is sex it's. Christie. This evening I'm voting now on lady chips three is now backtracking on his CEOs that idea and held up. Would this response we already have to read just from women they're called. Three outs and their loved by millions. Well yeah. So it was a weird. Idea that women everywhere. Came forward yesterday in just basically young social media just blasted to read o's and PepsiCo. About you know we don't need we don't need these Gypsies different chipped to it we can handle the chip he put out. And it's OK guys quit we never really matter where the age thing. Hewlett involved you know when we brought this up yesterday because as of yesterday it was a eight day and then it went south flat. Stupid but viewing even set didn't I remember distinctly there was still things that you said about the ship's history. What is. And among the crouch I don't know about this current state you didn't like but the stuff. If you like obviously he did it that they needed you not have a need for them to fit your purse. You've ever had that that you said to OK so two out of three that your life I don't know what we need to do this it was just the crap that gets on you need. The only thing that ever is designed for women as cars like up Fiat and the Miata. Women only yeah right there are there is actually disapproved. That's less. Wheeler ladies all right good point. Hello. Who am I missing something here are lesbians so Lahey right that was it I wouldn't like doubled doubled dissecting Carson. I'd just say I was at west to dignity that Indians not write your Clinton and many of corner where technology that segregating out. Segregating I'd like yes I was okay well at but cars you do it. Cars are you getting it built to fit the lifestyle of Webb didn't read verses admit his head in agreement that some ancient Indians and panic r.'s yeah. I was I agree with them but I agree with my dad bought. Like a Volkswagen bug yeah. When I was sorely. Lasagna with over flower in the middle yet you access to grow car that's a girl cause I'm the odd that you named Miata Miata is a girl. Outcome I would say even a Cuba. But not. We pay ankle Sam on oh all right Jack that yeah so. Hardly even say you look great that you it's very man you look there. I don't like that they did as far as where and putting sex is done and it like that they make pink tools and think man as soon. It because I feel I with a dual Walton of the key that I. I can do more than you can get a guys handiwork I know I can do more than you can got to port you remodeled held after you have self. You have a point I noticed I know you can't ladies at Friel 322 Ellis 3032225423. Is there anything that's bait for a woman. Differently than what they make you for a mid may and that really gets under your skin. Okay 30322. Alice 3032225423. What do they make just specifically for women like. We don't really eat it didn't go their for us. I. I mean to us I think failure to do it better than I have my yellow one ultimate blue Machida. If I gave Jamie let's say go to Home Depot today. And I go buy her a level. An page that it takes he's got little flowers on it may be like no beads or something where do you don't worry little it is. You know for the leveling I'll write the article it sparkles and there are kind. It's backed up for women and I'm gonna last year she would implement it. She would hit me over the head would it because it would be insulting to her because she figures she can use that level better that I. But can keep. It right yeah I think yes. I know armed veteran as a handing me. Arguing that you've major port you're. OK you are right away that I also bugs me people that say we should be handy person. Finally in the man let you change all the words either drives you crazy it's all they did you see kids get a million car he had DP got a I hope people can it's like a consultant. I've pilot mankind and the payment handyman I don't need to be and a woman. Aren't Victoria. First heard what first of all would garrido house today it prettier day in. I mean and it kinda I don't really care I mean how many read it anyway. So the fact that they've made the amount condoms and it kinda weird but I and it didn't really at all. When there was talk about during statements Abu. This condoms give him here is apparently what has happened and what will. Gloria. Talk about your real chips chips. Added to condoms. About you. Well my comment on them so well Trojan a recently really hate condom called the act so act Oakmont at. That is that typically marketed toward the women. Out there not being like purple. Age you know you don't have to be afraid to buy condoms now BK. They're hurt women like. Problem buying them or are late. Okay you're telling me because I didn't know this scene tell me I go to the drugstore I get some female condoms Obama BJ in his purple Wiener. Exactly what it. Oh. I don't understand what she got a problem with. Would. It to right Victoria and I think we've made an impact but thank you Victoria yeah. Wonderful let okay. Yeah. Yeah. As. If. Whose idea was to take calls out of the Melissa I anyway. Right JGB. Hello. I mean. We get ahead. I'm not it not being pink and purple at her burglary and learn it. Well it's stupid and you know look you know kids and you know markets it is. So if you have a limited time now is that you know the paint guns yes he gunned down my girlfriend Brenda my girlfriend she has a pink gun in his. And thankfully her kids are grown but I'd be a little kids they let me like he's done. Right. Oh yeah oh yes so old they could easily think it's toll adds barbie's done and they re known Iranian. Period. It went very well I mean I very important to a very good mode and you don't need it. This human eyes lit. Liberalism I'm so sorry I still in my head I'm still a purple when. I'm so sorry I could not be part of the conversation. Espionage. And what more. Take Mac that it. Well that's this is viti consumer's guide dad because I said to bruiser or lesbians. Because secondly I wanna get you in the secondary is when younger but I'll blow up via. Mob which problem Bob. They are on target all of your vote. But but it did you needed to lose tomorrow rubble left. And don't let. Then party reminder I just Subaru. And she's not a lesbian and so you you know it's not just lesbians to drive through versions street daughters amoled Easter. And what all. What's your wife stays. It is not mother oh give me. These are not yards per boy got he started about Obama. You alleged cardiac laugh at no legs no arms in the ocean bush Bob. We just lost it. I eighty I science route that I Jane it's I don't know the reason although we believe the phone number out there for this amazing segment I think it was. Something I don't read OC will with the ladies to Reno and that made everybody mad the women team out of the woodwork. Getting after the pep PepsiCo people. And I ask you is there anything up to this specifically made for women differ from men that really irritate. We. Boxed our men and they get hold of them seriously I have to buy in and talk if I want. Women Sox are your issue of Tim. I think feet tall. And though I am eleven and brought. The eleventh like. I. Alluded. I don't. Oh you do what you do is you should go out when it's a little muddy and walk around invented and she'll be convinced that big that would. Call. It a little bit. VI he had I'll tell Matt yeah you do. I tell this. We know. That. I'm I'm too I don't even want to do to give yeah. It could be here or you. Curve equipment here. I think what elect slippers defeat the I do to give the port deal I didn't think. Women like. Men's socks minced T shirts. Yes different things of that nature that are Mason nightmare. Sweat shirts I think there's a lot of clothing that within like. That made for a mid may and that just feels great right in my eyes on more Sean loves broad idea and that. It. Yeah absolutely yeah. It let's just wrap this week or like are under. What is your feet ED I love every note this is right here JB it puts a black. And that's ED leaving it. Really well opt out. A few media. And then Lebanon. I can drag them. But. In the importance on Alex I.