BJ & Jamie:BJ & Jamie: Lady upset about Jamie talking about womens big feet. 2/6

Wednesday, February 7th

Jamie made a lady mad and a girl cry Because Jamie made fun of a lady with big feet and the lady’s daughter has big feet too and Jamie is mean but She did make fun of Sean’s boobs and he is sad but it will be ok.


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Vijay in June well with the way. You what happens this radio radio oh yeah. Let's do this terrible attack apple let me just killed music and welcome back tabloid trash health bar that sucker and you can't get. Our let's just address this issue. Yes let's do. Okay how not eating right eating a big feet yes eating as she adds size eleven feet and I got all. Like that rat which have been known to do it right of the big feet. Those are big thing was she called to talk about a big state ranked exactly permits which called called us about. That's your we talk to AD didn't. And not do not drag me into this I think I was very very politically correct. I'm not a body chamber not gotten to I've never said anything about her feet I know around her the other. That's eating walking away and it's. Bloodless Libyans you when you just said that eating well wait no let me let me vent. So some woman right she said she starts cooling off on me on taxis like. Mean. She. And Larry did you look at her and caller Weber. Even know I. I just only. So then she goes are I said oh my god just laugh because eating aft right. Find it hard to laugh a little. It is big states she did then she took another step further the tax net rent. But I thirteen year old just related to school crying because her favorite personality. Me. We made fun of big give seat no longer though. It personnel that. Here's me. I can't believe now this woman is saying I mean are thirteen year old cried the jazz. Because eighty like how. This god made. You. I don't remember me do anything. About the way this is radio so which really hard to prove who would listen to the studio actually doing. That bacteria kept apart and down up. Well I think you were very tentative and this poor little girl now is all excited that morning outrageous and you act that was sometimes. It started to learn who has the real Smart on the show. You all there are. No you sit at your feet were out this year as in did he slip. Glade RP clippers. That. Is not me they get Sergio backed idly by and I made a thirteen year old crap you you said flipper and my favorite show made fun of a more eyes get nice and you have glasses. Every that it. Yeah. Sherri Soledad. Eleven probably not gonna cry I think I assume people are sensitive him. Girl here little girl Jamie rhetoric I only interest me but. I don't think that's elevens all that big Tucker. I've dated twelve watts. Yeah. Uses vulgar but. Doctor no lottery don't treat water yeah they Calder. I don't think that sometimes when you could say body shaving about. Eighties big fee income on Iraq or Roland this word around like nobody's business lately with a nice it's nice and yet it's damn week. And I gotta be honest and I'm Brooke I'd love that you listen to show our love that your daughter listens to the show but. Some of them that might be just like in correct inside your house. Between you and your daughter is if you daughter's crying over the comment that was made here on this radio station that's what the stupid show that we do it it's doll it's a good dog shot. Okay if your daughter hasn't. Comprehended that this is really a dumb she'll pay no attention to those guys then. There's something you explain something to correct. You guys just to the way I see if this is kind of a thing between you when your daughter. Us and god may I not taken responsibility where you can drag over big feet I. That take responsibility for our arrow flippers who engine. But it's the person you know shot. And I don't shot this woman is go off let me tell me I made a thirteen year old cried could shed Big Three and currently. Well I have big boobs so I know how she feels I. Aren't smooth look yeah. Okay I think I cried a little bit. And they guy. He yeah you do don't you get that you get your feelings hurt easily. Well now. Very sensitive you are players since there. Aren't you know the way I've tried it really has taken away I try to overcome. He's what he's as good signal will be talking about why we can't really talk about it talk about it but he's having a medical thing done. You're ahead of breast reduction yeah. Newton. You do a breast reduction boo boo me. The bullet yes it's called Google I. Normally don't prove a way that got. Andy signed up for it to status for buddy. I wish you the best of luck and there was you know the expert at the movies. I miss out. I get a major then I am not I know but I am I did yeah. Yeah. As well we wish you the best are here to support you in your book. You know at least tablet dubbed gone away when you departed into it so there you go look. Being insensitive. I'm trying to be very very cordial and and not sympathetic to show our 'cause he just said that he's getting blue reduction surgery. I am. And I try to help about did indeed they're supportive continue to make it right going away party just slipped. Well I'm gonna miss him meaning highlight the way he is then takes data lady was absolutely right about you I made children crying. I don't get. What I'm sorry buddy I'm sorry to Webb get I know I went. I'm so I'm not sorry I love his food the way they are he knows. Tournament even a little he doesn't tell them to decide to little little little little little little little yeah on. Pierce goes again. Paraphrase program is. I need to get. Let's students took the. Aaron can. Did Jamie dollars fourteen years old lessening do you she has sagged eleven feet. So loud because guess that. Some. As the people just raise their kids different ball right you know they're like laughter yourself where you can crack. I I would yield I think that obviously if they have filed a parent and my child takes it that seriously what what we said yeah. Then that require England in the school that I don't know I think it's time to sit down with my daughters say look look for those two are goof ball is that they don't know. Utterly false and no matter matters it. Picture slash big picture it's just who can hear. You have big years big feet big and there's. You can't say the would feel most. Prevail what I Arctic. On its cargo plane and her stupid jokes I'm not gonna do it. Well what sharks that allow where actually via the. Your media laden. Speech in the importance on Alex I.