BJ & Jamie: Elon Musk sends his car to space. 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th

 Elon Musk has sent his own car into space it is his personal Red Roadster with a dummy behind the wheel with David Bowie’s song Space Oddity.


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BJ endgame and this is the Elon Musk guy this guy is in charge of Tesla right yes or easy older correctly is. So he put all this together in he. Want to be like cut us colonize Mars base as what it was to the county buses are sending people up there if people of their yesterday he'd launch the most powerful rocket ever. Amos is dean's campaign for her account. We were unions and expect it and dying on me so this it's six. We'll. Big. Too. In the payload in this rocket is a court know what was cool. What was really cold GB if you watch the video. The booster rockets on the spaceship. They go off to decide. After they launch in did they find their way back down and lay and where the rocket took off drop shot yeah became Brett likeable around. It was just talk of re lucky draw. A numbering at. Stop but never seen it before it that was pretty cool and how you can in the rock chips in the space. Did at some point it is starts to separate. And matters look com or if there's a Hezbollah that's floating through space deep pictures. The pictures remind me like a ride that you would go on in Disney. If you are Disney World you know those animation and you put on the the virtual reality goggles and stuff that it looks collector cars space. You don't say it. OK so that's what it looks like. It is real but Carson's. Troubled there's a car in orbit. I troubled by this fall off. And let it. I don't know it just doesn't seem like as a card. Can't. Survive orbit for very long. I'm with you. I don't know it's just. It. But but the but that's just so what this is about to let this is about being able to launch it get it they're giving going toward Mars. Getting within Morris atmosphere. It's an elegant imitate. Clark if the car's wheels brought nobody cares. Well I you know. I can't it seems weird that we we have enough crap look around and oceans and now we're getting contaminate Orbitz. Look the the the car in space there. I agree with I think that sending up a budget space junkies just ridiculous to say could because they really don't know what's gonna happen this car dealer must himself said that he thinks it'll burn up at some point or. It's tiny the way he uses a word Heidi he said there's a tiny chance that it could crash in the bars put the widow or not. We just don't know what's gonna happen we think it's gonna burn up from radiation when he gets way way way way out there but we really don't know what's gonna happen yet they are launching space junk this thing has no mission whatsoever. There's no data that where we're getting back from this is just space joke. Shine can you judge because I see that one picture of the did manic and looking at the dash yes if he did just as superimposed DJ Jamie on the radio right there so I shot. A little bit easier than the dash sheet there's like don't panic or something that yeah typically put our local media and how he got. This is student at that school as a greater than it. It as a teacher could. It's because they're sure we get sued for elegant but who cares that's a great teacher right yeah. And last key is oddly appealing. Yes. I guess yes he's eye appealing I. You know the mighty weird thing with him is that this guy he. He he does these projects but he makes so much money from from just grates that are given we have to do this okay. And then he just goes out these pins all this money. Launching an I don't know what he's trying to accomplish. Do you hope. Will. I don't know what he's no I don't know what he's going to tell me tell me. Putting it has slept in space in seeing all these pictures this morning just tells me the guy is a brilliant marketer. What he's done is give you the most expensive the most outlandish. Understandable. Our car commercial that you could ever say. Yeah I mean I didn't read enough to know what I'm sure has planned right. You just par start space. East expedition Horford just. People like you would that we can go to Mars. Are digging like how that were overlooked did not like the lines of the rovers enlistment test lab that now he likes has what does he owns it let racked it's he has corrected him so he wants to market he has caught a battery at their deity I don't know what he did. Did I the one thing that concerns me most about all this stuff flip. Test and with this solar power company because you know he's basically led 50000 homes in Australia on a power grid the batteries you know. Do with these batteries but he don't know where I think recyclables when I don't know because grand tour that TV show the guy's card. It got caught them by you it was it was a battery car and it caught fire. It took him like three weeks to put out because re catching umpire. After they put out three days not weeks they put it out and it was fine. And then they they towed it away it again shows he's gonna catch Mars on fire with a battery I say it. This car is his personal car. Team out of his garage and you know that I did not know this is Eli must its he has roadster. The peace in a space aliens decide bloggers seat against Lal. Everything that was in his car Boehner area right now. We are glad it. Not that they've got to face it it is love them. Not blood and it's pretty amazing that would see the pictures it is kinda cool it's it's very futuristic it would you look at the pictures of this man could win a space suit god help put everything sitting in a driver's seat of this roadster that's traveling through space with the earth in the background it's easy very cool. It's important on Alex.