BJ & Jamie: Lottery Winner wants to stay annoymous. 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th

Woman who won lottery would like to stay anonymous because she is very active in her community and does not want to be known as the lady with half a billion bucks. The lottery board says the rules are that all winners must be made public to prevent fraud.   


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Vijay and Jamie there's this story it's been now brewing for the past couple days of a lady that won a lot of money why is she doesn't want anybody today. But for some reason the courts. In the station lives in says that people laughed and out. After winning 8560. Million dollar powerball in New Hampshire woman wants to remain anonymous the woman identified as joining Dell is asking guys to keep the money without revealing her identity for a safety concern. Lottery rules require that winners speak publicly identified to protect against prop up. Very tiny keyboard it says that the woman is. Is an active community than it he said quote she wishes to continue this planet and the freedom to walk into a grocery store like ten. And public events without being older I get it as the winner of a half billion dollars. So what do you think. And she water Nellis. 500. 159. Million dollars. She was single winner. Remember there was one in Florida till chew on the New Hampshire. She wins that much money she doesn't want anyone to know she doesn't want it to be a public record that her names associated with that much money because it's a curse. I'm trying to understand the other side I'm trying to understand what's in it for the lottery. To make her public well why did they won so Matt they say it's a matter of public records. Okay and law it's law well there's flaws and go on an urgent because. Well was at all of those I think that's what she's fighting why does it have to be law. Yeah there's somebody to think that their lives have been ruined. They've lost everything what's winning the lottery. What did assassinate. Murdered for this. This is it they got sunny. There. The guy that created it he won so much money that he turned to look here's the Astro and front yeah. I. Mean unless it is on the books and it's a law and it have to take so much time and effort to overturn an entire law. Then I'm with the lottery if it really is a law law and it's on the books and foot and it have to go through votes in nine crap to change everything that's and it will a lot of. This lady wants to be able to walk down the street people about sale of their shoes their shoes the half billionaire. Date she wants I think she deserves that privacy here's what I would take. Hit a judge ruled because of the extreme. Her leave for the privacy. Could it to judge say you know what we're gonna we're gonna practicing under lock and key. You know what we will put down that it's hurt. Detonate that won the lottery had big change from one Packers but these generic but you're not gonna know who it is alleged you've got a good reason to not look like if she were suitors something they came up as a court issued. And yet I don't think that you can't just go online and search for dispersant. And and get the information that she won the lottery what she can put under a trust then and people have access to caller information. No no no no no. But she has to give Voeller implementation doing door to get to price. It's the lottery who makes it a public record. Read and then she didn't I didn't under public trashing Michigan gonna be like guy I don't know Lawson all that and asked. Rhett you but she just doesn't want anyone what she go to like South Dakota. Nobody knows where in the army nobody cares about people now to go to. She just give the money to me to not let everybody know I have been that's fantastic I. Yeah if you don't want the money and that's that big a curse for you give it to they think are key places in the world where nobody really. She looked the other side of this is people think they are far more to him important and they actually are people think that other people are looking do you still a glass of water. I told you the study ranked. You still the last one and I only got until there's a just a Wisconsin are everywhere my god what they did a study nobody even care. Yeah I don't think this is so I don't. They'll yes I guess is this they've continued till the water woman and a million dollars in the same in my about some of. Now it out it never much of if I just thought I am tired and I mean. The entire app. There at the Zelda. In. More on Alex I.