Slacker and Steve - OPP: When to Tell Kids About Divorce 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th


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You. So we got ourselves an OP TI RY but for some reason this is the time of year where people get. More divorces then make any other title son was like. Try to complete B. Beginning of the year when people like me now resolutions. But this is a big time for divorces do not know that and I think Clarissa is going through herself Clarissa. You guys tell us what's gone on how can help. Yes oh my husband and I are getting a divorce. And fortunately I mean well fortunately we got killed and unfortunately in that situation and I mean we're trying to figure out. What all in a good time until I am to break it Citic is and it got to a twelve year old child and at ten year old daughter. And my current brick is man says he's going to be turning thirteen. And and figure out if we should help him before he didn't break and are we can blame hundredth birthday it you know. We a little weak maybe a couple of weeks and and not in that I'm happy moment and how can talk sure. Yeah I eat chocolate bored with before is a 1000002 birthdays well. My god just get your. So you find the bright side Michael arrived from. Do you think I mean here's my thing I don't know the kids are so naive. You think your kids. Feel the tension between the two of you have cell attention do you think he realized mommy and daddy don't get along. You know what it is true that most certainly been keeping pretty I'm pretty cordial and I mean I didn't. I think we've got a pretty good job of hiding it I I'm not sure that they. And there's even if there is a little bit and chanting it I don't quite angered I don't think they understand what it might be. I'm. Not I guess I really don't want accountable far I really want to wait and afterwards. As you're still so on he court will equate every birthday he has with this yeah. It's true right and you guys are probably you do the parenting thing you're gonna feel guilty and you're in a pile so much stuff on this kid go overboard for this kid because you guys feel guilty probably and now that's goodness. I never thought about what you can't. You do you have to like plan you can do to round birthdays or anniversary McCain is ms. brown Chris Brown holidays usually you have to really be cautious. About win new. Your husband just wants to do your soon to be ex husband I don't know how to refer I don't know. And we think he wants this he wanted Britt they need to do right away then it sounds like. It got the I want to do that before hand I don't think that you're racing like you guys he's gonna remember this milestone birthday and I just I don't want you to listen to the that. Our board. And it's a well so it's Easter teenage birthdays and the teenager loan. Our what is important is that your husband offer reasons why he is a better to rip the band aid to DC we need to do it this way because. Where he just wants you to Speedo. And I want did you get it over land I think he's just not running away maggots I don't know puke. Understanding what can gill I'm mean on credit to our content site. Oca and in the plan is like eating in a couple months didn't then how long of a buffer DF to do it out. After his birdie I have to wait a week to week so what else is coming up next. I don't you think what. I'm the guy that I'm wondering how I am I'm not sharing it we if we do we laughter at how long do we wait we wait a couple of weeks I. Stuart really awkward questions. Did did she ask you for the divorce did you ask him because if you liked. Your stall lane and he was just boom boom boom so feels like to see it unless I'm mistaken he asks for the divorce or how did it go. Hand. And I'm not I'm not trying to follow church in between him and Arnold it really for the kids I mean it was an act. There have been a pretty mutual thing I mean it's a little bit marks on land but it. But for the most part and we looked into agreement we just we're not we haven't been happy with one another we don't we don't wanna put out during launch her head. And right you don't see you don't think he RD has somebody. I don't I don't and I know your caller about this other thing but it's all kind of were dudes we know how do you Zahn let's see how do you think he has somebody else because. That would give him. A sense emergency Jesus sooner she can tell the world I'm not with Clarissa the sooner he can start going out with this whoever his side. He says I mean all. Only one. Yeah IIGE. Is doing that clearly he's putting his selfish needs way before his family's his son his daughter's needs I don't like. Armed folk we're trying to do you some I mean if there's people listening has gone through I don't know. I still err on the side of kids are down. But you did you wait days makes. My kids definitely know win win now getting while even when they we try to remove ourselves in the situation and go somewhere in behind closed doors and our kids and my kids are not pushing thirteen to date. Kids are more. There into their wish you all the time yes they know you had your past so I don't know they're holding back is going to its. Helped you or virtue but wolf we're trying to give you a little advice here hang in hang hang in there. I'm sorry had to ask those questions but it's one of those why why this let's she's asked him some good questions we don't know the answer so you think is a good idea and we talked it over to great but why does he have such a late agenda doesn't get done. When since we're guys we know he's either he was screw around a rarity or he's got a guy on and then. So. It feels weird but let's. Not knowing what all the details are should she tell the kid before the birthday wait till after the birthday if you wait how. How long I wore a painful cuts to the Clarissa is getting a divorce so windy you tell the kids. No. You are not pleased thanks. Definitely went our car after the birth there I mean my parents got divorced it to me years to get over it and I agree accuse darker skinned and not stupid and you'll turley truly have been hiding it. Almost hate to say it. But like they just by Internet and know that you are targeting along so when you do you tell them what they're absolutely totally devastated yeah. Anxiety yeah. You asked. That's not a bad idea you would still wait till after the birthday how long would you vote. Hum I don't know why it went out a kid I usually got over Robert de it like two weeks after. Update I don't know 23 weeks. How about a guy that's that she's got to wait didn't like pretend they both have to pretend your divorce in a lot of states to be final and and it's like in ninety day cooling off period that's three months from now they can actually be doesn't say we're not only getting divorced. We are divorced. He comes. But don't pretend for two weeks almost don't try to hide it not much anymore. Actually kind of show a little so they're not so blind sided toward Maine when you gotta go. That is why you don't want a blind side danger for the cost. I just I'd play nice and I don't know the kids to be more excited anymore I think they know more they. They you know you handle your phone or restaurant they can speaks you know the email pops up from your attorney saying. Working on your divorce and I mean they're telling president do now camera I know they know there Jennifer. The reason. I'm. Being honest your kids think you know respecting mobile radar on and my son with you. Don't like it. Is it the Karen Mahon. My kids respect mark because I live airport that no matter what and that's what they remember it. Number. Are not overweight children. Without beep at court at. Eat at a including here to get it. Certainly not mine when she kept. T they asking questions. I don't give a policy I'm a believer like that so just get it and support should shut them out I think. I'd let the ball where only at the belfry you're gonna love you Mandalay. Just love a do over there are just not in the end you still nearly a month still in use so we're both going to be my. Just not here. Still tackle he Philippine handling even though you're not. There's still a. While saying thank you for the costs. I think is really a bold Saber when you're liked is that what you did just assuming she's been through divorces flown out. And then made away with the economy you re right more than 50% of the time really is and the hello to you and have you lived through there you go through the truth. I wouldn't you think. I think cal they kid now as the vehicle to know how to get immediately. I'm sick I'm a kind of agreement to. Even though I might as a similar world. I hear everyone on my front I only got a market right upper Valentine's Day atomic I would much rather know immediately. Yeah they like how long have they been leading the colleague Ed yeah us year old right. Now if you do it like a week after Hershey's board is like wait all you do if you wait sorry birthday it was a lot yeah that's great. Real emotions will be out on the birthday like dad can dig into movie in the morning and she can take him oust her. Pizza night and it can just be easier to use of that lifestyle DA is. I think yeah I think most people are leaning that way it's weird ripped the mandated to have an OPP endings. Honesty. Vice president on the show guys yeah. It looks like honesty will be the policy today.