Slacker and Steve - Women Watch Porn at Work 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th


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Yeah. This is Ron Scott not come. I you know it's a shocker. So while recording companies I don't that's weird way to start until it was while important does put out like some stats on what's going on with them. I'm originally were shocked as well. We need I I I don't believe or any anybody to call which I don't know that proves my point is that this is a flawed statistic or. If it proves Steve's point that women are just better at hiding their were gracious appetite for adults assume material him. On according to a new survey. Eighty flattened just. Carefully to this this statistics. Stop two words for the into the sentence according to a new survey 85% of women say they watch adult movies. Right there I don't believe I don't believe it 85% of women I believe a 100% of men do with the but they say 85% of women watch adult. Materials and they're usually getting mad at the men for watching it because they should be paying attention to. Soon just not done with just yet though did just watching it 85% of women say they watch it acts. One thing I know. To admit though to admit that day week we will boisterous guys you know whatever. Dairy is you honestly don't which. You were just in the hallway government drama. You if you passed by ten women. I'll bet I'll do this eight and a half of them. At some point today or some point this week how watched. And it when I pass the ten women in the hallway not what is it ever enter my head or. That they were at all hall watch anything like I. Sad statistic. Kick goal to get these numbers the average workplace to. I would I. I have. Never. Watched it here. I did wants you GA did she. Yeah because I don't know what the NFT yet more of those missiles 400 no stereotype NN yeah SW bats yeah I do want to. Nurses who work. Oh yeah. Now finals out of Lincoln read it and ended up on NS FW presume will he saw over my shoulder he can see my computer streaming TV. So why. Well why because I T department monitors you got a little you've got a little didn't you check mark I do on this campus computer and it. Dude your login. Oh my gosh it's breeds it's not like they can you Sorenson for Joseph your long did you dishonored or lost I didn't do so that means eight out of ten women that we work with her dating game did. But because they're smarter they're way better I don't believe the job cuts why side poll do it on their phone 800 are distinct OK you know don't show you how. Hard plummeted servicemen of it's here's my problem was. Because I'm gonna teach you how to get out Wi-Fi and do everything so then those days when I see you fumbling around the dorm like he's too much power. To do how did you. The White Sox. We're so opposite the British don't we are you did is work with a mobile hot spot among phone Mo is out what's going on tonight you don't. Who did you I guess I guess I give him a book a fellow female co workers there goodness. Yes yet 8285%. Of women have watched it. At work that Iraq's 18% have been caught watching it at work shot up I don't even wanna take cassettes a real person. I love it there is a person bathtub the seasonal tourism Asian thank you now they want to be being foresters Kaiser is still. Guy who disguise and I'm guessing crystals not your name on. You you're one of the 85%. I don't know account but if you're watching facts in this stadium on HBO there how big relief. And that's true that's doesn't tell where all of I don't know I don't think it says. It says. He ORN porn it's got to be nudged Bolton women though there's there's female for an all out women like story pouring. Like no seriously unfamiliar spot you're gonna tell women what they like no let me tell me you know I see I know which argument yeah where it's like just like sex in the city's aid in these stupid flannel shirt right is going to be a story I'm so that's the worst you've done is. Is like sex in the city. I. Good for you tight your your card good for you. Thank you got a accounts I'm just saying I still wind was up for this moment so it's computers naked people having relations as a matter puts us this is simulated. But to beat. And so can I just didn't you know it's not because women watching softer though that's where the 85% yes that's no idea help. It's softer tending. Yeah I your disguises wild guess in two and he's not your name are you one of the 85%. How we talk to my car like regular or the softer stories driven. I don't know no regular rate for you work. And I am I go to though like reading fight for you could like read it. Oh old Regis who are under reits look Cooper do you know we're we're right a lot of crime. Yeah and transcribe what I wanted to try to work. I've never turn closed captioning on my hopes the experience I've ever thought that I got to planned for later gumption it's pretty much I really cool. Flights that are all like. Or UV you can read that don't own a video with a midget Mike firefight that the future of the great. Okay good for you and you have you done at this week. I attempt to do you know that's interesting that's awesome thank you for the call I like this did we make Americans are lost if we did Mary. Yeah I know you're a brazen zero voice is geyser do you do a little. Don't you tell me that I'm mark Tumblr a lot of that to that blog yeah. And it literally every page I blow my every page in like 80% that they did we learn aid is like why not. And of course Carmel where I go on Tumblr and sometimes when I'm like scrolling through according come but check me at like. So much as I thought they don't go record catch me. Watching Mitt. And you're IT department doesn't frown on that you worded kind of company where they're lax about what you. Look at. Well good digging into play you can track ticket I have a little it. I like cover my tracks and each time he caught needle in Tumblr. Governor match and return. We're going by the station and she'd seen since a Pulitzer rest. I won't. You all of you look at you a combat are aging you at no one know what you look you know. Thanks very yes this is really cool. Our shows from this point forward are going to be full of distraction and I was really good. Oh god don't hide the error. Arrows and allow me and I hear this guy's. You do to. How are you so when briefly to our own week we also wanted to order a word. Alms is. The fifth. You rocked as all of it caught on to the fact that your your mystery. Hospital and start a lot of break them down power and great go to bathroom and whether. You know M and Chrysler and no and noted other. Good for you John jesus' apostle liable we're inviting all of you in to the site. And uncertainty just how to go in Cog Hill in front of the center smog war.