Slacker and Steve - Thought I was Going to Die 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th


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Yeah everything to do different things or Canada only wants. Like you you legitimately. Just maybe for a second it was evident tons of rollover car accidents that are. I know I wasn't driving it was a my responsibility. But although there is one of the data major one I thought just briefly here's a chance. Really I thought for sure is gonna lose an arm. There's a window was down I had my arm out the window and we were ruled on my side of the car giants pulled in my oranges the last and you make your brain. Slows down when you think you're gonna that really does go under its. Weird it there's a moment where you make. You're making decisions and dot processes. You never thought you would there's another one of those things when. The hawaiians were all told you ask about us right. About ninety minutes before Kim Jong just blows your eye right out of the ocean just it was a joke. I I. This is a test at the beginning to see it happen again didn't it didn't happen which armed people. In lake Maine I think always eastern Maine through Houston Portland Maine yeah yeah. Where they said there was a tsunami morning. And nights it's comic. What would like if you're in Hawaii or you were there when you got it. Everybody got the name when it was only if you subscribe to AccuWeather Oca updates on your phone which I do Oca I was gonna wanna know what's up like it's gonna play well please read down through the rest of the message because these people didn't. It was supposed to say. This this message is for test purposes they didn't include. All I thought it was lower in the attacks so it was supposed to say roll screwed up in just forwarded on one of the task and you have to be thinking if is if you're. Too close to the shoreline and Saddam is coming your deck you click. You're just or you're sitting in Hawaii like I'm dead like I'm this is where I got. I would try to drive that tsunami would otherwise if this tsunami you might have a shot I did away from win when the nuclear bombs and when you're on an island you're like we need now that part sucks is if you can get outside of the five miles outside of the blast the immediate blast site. Then your your tunes he's about to women's. The island you're still got your screen there's nowhere guys that you're doing nothing on the so you can bring it slowed down for you and you were Rolen who do. I think just sort of mass is what did you have a moment we are like. Isn't weird thing passed so forgive me but we cool with it. Her resume weird I remember thinking. Oh this is how I this is knowing that they act you know I get a car this car accident. I was extra money my death to be poetic Kim Newton who I. I don't know how I'm just roll over us. Now that's that's what kind of in my life didn't flash there was a lot of it was just. If you're on the plane the solely claims but got the win in the Hudson most people I do think there Burnett could shear both the engines were done. And then you're flying lower and lower and you're looking you seen the buildings you know like. It. I I can't imagine what was going through their minds because. They want it normally screaming. I was gonna say I think a call would steal over million kind of Madonna's I think I I don't know if I would give Bob not giving him. It's just like the streets are just garage eBay and the one time I really thought I was gonna that I 100%. Game and it's a weirdest thing about it. I continue to describe but I was I just don't you let go you let go of the wheel I did. Mike my truck had a massive us. Blowout. And was the kind you when you see a tire on the road where the tire is like opened up and it's just a flat piece of rubber and who my truck did that. Except. One part of the tighter stayed on my age all on the rim also which was literally yeah. At 65 miles an hour drive and on the highway this giant hunk of balkanized robber was destroying my truck he destroyed the better my truck. Was hitting the cat usually. Just I had no control vehicle whatsoever while and I was are in the last plane. All traffic on my right and end the big tall concrete median was two Tony vibrate like they are. While it was like I'm I. I like I couldn't steer the truck anymore I was getting closer and closer to the media and I was like do nothing I can do at this point and I didn't want to pull sorry go into the trafficking kill other people down so I just want to. It's a used sent back out there and let you it's so weird like I had more time to think about it when I look back it was like. And Mike I can't control this what are my unit duke and the whole thing took. I don't 300 feet on on the ice we fassel was like each. That wouldn't have had as many starts is armed describe NG I did it because it was like. Detroit absorb that wages to kill people don't that's don't slower this waitress they knew for sure dead. I was like all the trucks kinda go straight or get closer to Armenian so like a type. I can't do it so if I'm gonna careen into the median. It's not gonna be. It's an Emmy my own hand that does it I'm gonna let fate take me into this median and kill me. We've used before you started fairly or you know restarted it and started family. Because I'm curious. And now I type my tail. Yeah I think I would fight yeah because it's more than just you ask you out but then I just like oh. That's among among die and that's just it so then you just came to a stop them and you just sat there what I was I don't know I was like wow. But like I should I mean oh my god. Here's the worst part watched you know I mean I don't know if you're not the type of person do this at the moment I'd really dedicated myself I was like. This is your second chance you get to all you an epiphany yeah it was like to. Forget the bar yeah. Hours and it flew under. The amber. Jerry I moment was when does everything why do on this moment forward is an is a second chance and it's. And and William you know such a dual well I hate that it's the only god I'm happy you're here but it's. If we want this if you've been in that situation. Where you literally. You were convinced. But you were on there was nothing. Tell us what happened tell us the story behind it was almost a plane crash was an almost. Bear barren place dragging you off like Riley we hear the stories. Of where you flat out. Believe with every fiber of your being that you we're going to dot IR. Two yeah I thought it was gonna act. Yeah I'm on my art. I used to living hell important. Our own aren't credible or outlook my there are owed it broke pattern we've got our our foreign. I'm being Manhattan a good I'm excited you know new people a little bit farther out there's no way did nothing and I. Eland and all of a better and RO. The engendered off. Littered martyr and Theo would write a little bit nerve wracking and all of that you're just are from the apparent he's trying to pick their. Arm. All right art of Bloomberg. I don't know I normally we wouldn't hear it. Your sister right and it adds. Yeah I've yeah Ivan Dario and I had no idea what if you could only get out of a bowl maybe you can weather high and I mean right you don't you know situation and you lose. I think Taliban and he was getting old hole a little louder environment all the that he hung up from from young arm trying to figure our local and armed and yet. I think under the belief. Well now we're only now did we are owed opponents this season coastline anymore. No new word Jesus we and this is good thing. I would were re now I am sure our. If there are retarded looking around at certain people were sharks in the water. I I definitely did have no idea what was gonna propaganda and you'll recall the quote our big states that they were going to be on the way that they would be it would. Help. I lose this now right now we knew we were trying to to pull water out of the poll. And I'm. Being guarded. Very. Quickly got their best and I am beer and you know the bat if that is that. You know I will work its. We literally how do you get into wanna go to that's on how to blow with string and playing my god news and I'm sure and I will never vote again I know I hammer. Yeah I brought you out. 00 you're never run eats you wanna get away from the coastline to feel like what it's like did. You screw you know I. Max yes. Swim back to your tires ready to each other cattle are not always easy we nude as site you know to the next level and have a recorder heard you are very fortunate now all of God's yes thank you for the call what how take. Yeah I bum and we are DD on you hang on moist discuss screening mean to have that on news and you're gonna sound much better now I'll win did you think you're gonna last. I wouldn't you don't know windshield a car. Still drawn into oncoming traffic and I cannot do it and Jimmy back and the car. Holy See mole looks like myself could just popped in a random moment like it like a ping pong paddle and is written. Not due back there were great. To. Meet or is that still sucks but. You wouldn't launch suited now to suck the little bit more 'cause then began landing hurts hitting getting hit by cars cars slick there was no surviving. What was going to your brain as your flying into the air. I am wondering how much of what I'm going to torrential. Like it she's actually an oncoming traffic she can't think how crap. Sure. Does and you me. So hopefully I'll tell you mean clearly you are just. And I just I quit I can get a car and I are opera and a couple Slorc. I'm glad that's. My sort. Your lies. And a lot of. In her life doesn't flash before your eyes are you were in time for it's. Aunt learn to actually my first day. I'm in the end and now they're expecting 360 and the street and check out the windshield again while the crappy way to. And it. See her right in. It was shrewdest that is an area thank you really can't channel I'm Nicole. Yeah I think you're gonna die. I I don't NER regular island years ago at my parents and we are out on the ocean and undertow is really starting out bear. And my mom and I got caught and Mike Engel needs. Very neat deep water and under no and let. And I economic breath anymore and right now and that's take a breath until labor in a way you. I immediately getting another one without being able planet's take another breath I love gay. No I don't go low water. And then the way it went away and I was OK but I thought I would seriously get that I. You frowning takes that's the word I can't imagine a worse way I hear I heard it's more peaceful but Knight who's. He would do well I know god all right if she. Did so you would kind of resign resign yourself so you're like you earn your okay risks ice. I couldn't breathe and I would just like I have to take a breath and I never McAlinden. Thirteen year old and I'm and I don't. Am that's did you do your life to positive change from that moment Forrest. Do you yeah soccer really medium.