Carson is a Lying Cheating [email protected]$#%&d!

Thursday, February 8th


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Are some kind of fed up with your cheating on me you know it's cruise talking about Carson is going to work at another place I guess he's like doing a show and it's gonna like broadcast around the country and that sort of thing. And I'm really stoked about it. Right exactly you boarded the only three shows but there's this other guy you work with that I know aren't gonna name names but he's like the mid day guys before me he's not me Carson now is not me and I IU. But I haven't done any breaks with him right now but I think you are nets were a start on the show and I I feel like gonna start cheating on me. So you so ominous start here's here's what I do on the road you go ahead. And they believed all we may believe I'm that guy OK death because he's not mean Carson I. He'll never been me you understand I hate no one is like you. I do I've come out real athletic Carson finally realizes someone to guide you never gonna find anybody like me. You're a little out there along that right I love it just it had right this just a tad right yeah exactly so here's the point is that Carson. I do let's see if you can do stuff with him. Like do we do with me because I'm not gonna react the way Cruz led. I'm gonna react the way the guys cheating on he would get a yeah is absolutely. Bizarre and of course it is everything analysts in my time Carson everything we do is it ridiculous and it that there is not what don't what don't we do that's not as they're gonna pretend to be this guy don't even know who it is I do do first of all I know the guy who worked for them we're not naming names all did you merely I didn't know that he's a great guy don't get me wrong but here's what's gonna be like god. Act like. Like you're doing stuff with him let's see how well this goes Yu chi masters. That's gotten you ready pursing these names so why one might call bill bill Bill Rodgers I don't know it's coming easily de Oca bill Billie built billions bill good don't billions the billions okay. I'm gonna be bill billions UB UBU okay. As summit to come out of a day ago. Our rights today's best mix and I am build Williams and I've got to Carson but hey Carson how to go in today bloggers I thought his name was bill William and holidays repairs up. 21 names and you know. Lottery you guys that you are all eyes I was still alive and can't handle our stuff I go off the deep end I had nothing because I because you're cheating on me and I'm pissed off she made. So let's see how this goes oh what a see how this goes. You work off the bill billions right now I listen if you couldn't do any materials. Let's see if you can do anyway there. Worth a crap that's worth broadcast and it's even worth listening new cars until as well I know billions as opposed to meet OK serious face or else I'm ceasing to be mean right now month. I'm gonna stop being in the wacky zany crews that are bailouts rebel against you and bill Williams a bill Williams they'll billion bill billions into the house. I so hey it's today's best mix until billions and I've got Carson with meet Carson how are you today and don't fantastic how are you body until it. As you know. I'm still not in your life you know how to Brito today Aaron. How's it going Carson would build billions house ago how does it go and when you literally. As they got you interact with bill billions it sucks nobody wants to hear because it sucks constant body listen I understand that there's only one cruise right and I love that about OK I was into it thank god not cheating on you on I have my own shell you're doing year old Richard Jordan with him and I know you are no you're set enough to do something we saw a myriad ripple yeah millions that's right I I have spies in that building the other place. Where you know the zoo I chose and they said a hundred sort intermingling with bill billions they're they make like you guys are sick of the Jewish just your leaving cruising cars and I think well. A beloved parent I know what it is cruise I bill actually watches the bachelor with all of us we're all come. And so except you and are you audience that's what becomes the longest time let's stratus guinier Ray Price is today is best mix and I'm build Williams and I got my buddy Carson Jay Carson did you use a little extra carriage only learned early to tell you know what did back puzzle. Looks really good Carson looks really classic are you on the prowl a mirror to look at the third and things senator Barack. I mean it's Democrat he would say you get that right Paul he would not say the funny stuff that I say the stuff that I can't put off the bat like that is bing being like act the is here the rent you went on yeah I'd dead. That's why no one ever watt is what you are I.