Slacker and Steve - Work Mistake 3/6

Tuesday, March 6th


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Steve content and kind of feels like the universe. Is telling us we have to talk about working sacred time there's like. A whole bunch of stories in the news in a lot of human bowl Colorado right heats the it's people just making major flops. In their job. It yet heard there's like this has been a couple days I think it. University of Colorado. Sent emails to 111000 applicants saying. Well. Older. He's after is cold like. Where is very innocent but goes. 111000. Successes among people that received acceptance letters were 500 applicants that had already been denied admission. All figured out a emotional rollercoaster asked amid a mile a minute yeah I don't daddy brought him back and dealt a who's you're out yet. Where's desk is somewhere we should take your emotions. Thoughts and then and then stole all our problems with the the banged out. Well wait yeah. I do or don't see cameras all remember a pretty it was. Enough. Why are liberal like Elvira and I got. I feel it yeah so then they sent him another letter send to try UNC and a half to what is it. That's will be I don't know I mean that I. I know you did buddy and look where gotcha with the second with a slice. He's even got a degree so that's one massive. Work groups mistakes here's another one Colorado mob again. United Airlines heading partially blind. Eighty year old woman. It couldn't speaking she's partially blind she speaks English all million. So. She was traveling from El Salvador. In Jeddah layering Houston she was supposed to get in North Carolina. So she's in Houston. Just isn't like one of those places where is that it's a huge international airport so when you're flying in from another country go there you get through immigration and customs and all that crap. And then you catch a flight to wherever your don't want. So the united people. Hated her instead of the boarding pass to in North Carolina and they hamburger one amber you'd and then marched her blind spot each. All too little wrong play now you'd ever like she sure. It's all it's Jim Burke she can't see she's blind and it shouldn't no announcement she doesn't speak English. Sushi and I. Never gets off the plane is IAA. Kiss it and only the smells like pileup on I am. And I took Beers are supposed to be in North Carolina. Oops yeah announced this finally find a translator or whatever and they're like our math. Work. And Agile city. You got. Our contacts but. Keep bodies they are bad and I thought I figure our bad you know could not Al groh added I think he just knows. Everything. But then I sold so far too great examples of people to suck and it's their job eleven year old Pennsylvania boy got called for. Judy should we do and I think your. Yes actually I think it is yeah that's we wanted to run for City Council by the way I remember you always give him up. To do it why don't you do it. I have meetings you know I know they're here they're pretty you didn't see Tyler and I and it's a lot to do you most powerful person you know how. How much power you have. A whole dude we have an employee here a fellow employee you are so he is two points or often hours with them. You have a figure to make some pretty huge decision like I forget they had one in there right. All the jury I ordered to serve achy shoulder the other. Juries that's what that's what actually happened though boy's mother senator Scion brand home with a summons from the courthouse to appear for jury duty loves me several strokes that's. Analytic and X. Did you book your us. You'd be better with the rose the most let's seed in the Utah's state bar sends every local lawyer and email. They were advertising annual spring convention. In Saint George and the attachment to the email was a topless woman yeah I this winter so when you sleaze that's agreed. He can use our future and jordin any stage. Well that's the way you would very consistent. Do you times I would be the most I've got Derrick is a big bat feels like they might be a little more up. First. The topless chick conceive then the I don't know say Colorado I got my knees I think a lot of lawyers here. Bulldogs strong arm they'd like. More forgiving good. Here's springs where. Ever you do but yeah. Why they would review are showing up to a hundred Floyd another. Example. That hurts us on the really bad and the last when I really wanted to get to you was a somebody wrote. They are working any restaurant and address put salmon. Or crab. Into the salmon crab takes its. Our government cornmeal mirrored ago sparked. And he said there was a run on a mad dash so people paying eighteen dollars for all love you harmless concur chocolate meth I don't want Jolie's people even eighteen dollar bred to exceed what state you lose you can look at yeah. Fishy at all. This country armed with excuses though crowd. Analogy. To. The bottom yeah. That's tight Q zero crap movie zero examined. You salmon crab gets so little we're gonna do for you if you've done something massively. Wrong. Huge mistake to your job we won here your worst work mistakes Chris this could. I time work thank. I worked pretty telecommunication. Company. And it worked government and education and federal government accounts one of heart trouble free numbers aren't there in light then she was where corn I. Well played good. That's how did he called it before you figured it out it's a little bit. I don't know that I had an affair president and limit their company's Colombian pay jet lag. Fool. Not to. Like all it is missing minutes on rules. Shouldn't have enough. 'cause you know I don't know I don't know it's just that. Oh my god why did you credited to call. It somebody you lose their job they had him. All I hope so it. There's government we're nobody ever lose her job in government work. I think I've heard I've told OK did you Chris. Brandy. I know he's you were mistakes. And I'd do you. On administrative work for a local restaurant in the morning and I bought the link you up to let me bring it to the meat and years ago. I had two year old and climbed up on top of the barn O'Leary there and decided to try and all the cap and think about I'd take the. All. The noticed your 20 screening might lose everywhere you won't. Not out in the Barr and Nader is there and it cable and watch show it by do you administrative work in the back. And. What do you could write tomorrow at this time when we're doing bad parenting Intel believes estimates or what yeah yeah yeah. It's typical for the big drink beer urges drain the BI mean would they didn't try you know they just watch the pretty sense. Unedited terrain did a whole bar was discovered and. And yet there pump. I got to him and do normal Pope to tag most kids nice going guys tease you over but no these guys a lot of data did you decide your. And it seems like it would be costly. I thought that I was going to get torrent and I did not know it. You can still drink that are statistically British soccer could be until it bit. Yes there are only seven and four but it's a raging alcoholic this is that the opening usually go over and roofs and colts. Yeah hey was your were damaged were mistakes. Where church and it'd large telephone town halls over the phone turned politician I was ready to. All over 101000 people on the West Coast that this senator. Actually called everybody I'm close to. Not only decoration. Cull all the wrong people and that senator Sam California put on the line calling starters. Also got to try and catch CC for carnal people plaster our issue. Right times you know how loud you. Pull out a lot of it's all these New Yorkers know what it's. Based awakened here. All of our. Job. Did you get fired just didn't find it lately what happens to. No I did not get fired I did get a lot of trouble I'm I didn't either and I am I can't let Margaret. We don't politician when the election and then you respond in New York's yeah. Coastal Stacey good to move there could. Have been assuming all the Sam yeah guys are. I use the word word mistake. So worked up and running Colorado as a land surveyor. And everything that's be really presided it's all very the act in any bit. Where. Irvin a foundation for multimillion dollar home. And there was essentially. A mistake that led to that foundation due in court or beat it'll last summer it was supposed to be. And you know I because they've built the houses out here together at all. All missed only our wish Nadia on their land mammals. They are words it's called you have to be a certain distance from your property alliance and it didn't make that minimum essentially. So they have to like her the house. How. Well behaved. That sounds well they had to tear it up bound. Mission now John good. Almighty god yeah I didn't go vertical it and build it out yet found its citizens now ride that through lawful orders to grown up in the long month. There was a house on hill I watched him we I we was on digger UN used to ride my bike I watched important foundation wants to build the whole saying there were no roads in their yet. They built a whole house. And then like. As the house is getting finished they put the road and they built a house. Courts do what those doors so they had a just cut a door in the battle of Dallas called the front door but like. Every time you drive by this house it's his opulent mansion. But you go wind through the back. As I stepped out. Oh look I hope somebody god I hear you for exactly.