Slacker and Steve - OPP: Living With a Co-Worker 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th


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Staying on day. Other people's problems on this person just such a bad problem that she doesn't want to know her name you'll voice disguise our her voice yeah I TV. Yeah I yeah I hear disguise clearly your name's not candy once you tell us what's going on and will try to destroy your life you mean health worker. Who. Okay well I'm agreement. And we're living together and we broke. Oh. I need to middle. And my coworkers Benedict he it is looking per remain he had to literally. I could move in right away its eye on them and you know I've been acting people are on work and people he better walk and the or hate him or loathe. It's like I wanna get out of you know like living with my act of liquid unity pop won't. Let. I don't know because we're good decision either you know could look something goes wrong. It didn't affect my whole life and it's not like alert. Oh yeah you Blake's you have no other options you don't have good best girlfriends anybody nobody's got room for you right now there's no. There's no room at the end EDT there. Movie would this Psycho or you're down to the Manger at the end of the block a shot. Where baby born got a. I don't have to wait like a month to keep any canal opened up and replace the remedy offered metered by a really good price. To work. From what I'm saying. You guys look like carpool to save money. I'm innocent yeah did very well and so I know you Vasily people would base they give this guy what do you think of them I mean what's your impression of him so far. I mean he dreamed I could totally foreign. Lake carefree do a bit. Well I don't know if if I get closer to him I'm gonna feel a different color coming up like him I worked you know like yeah. He's got and is desperate for word. Where Toms or why do you think there's other person's leaving because they think he's he's she I mean that would be one questions they want an easy drive in this person out of the house. I don't. Think he. But I think we thought we got like a better cure often moved or something I'm not. This is I don't know what I would I am because I. Yeah I know you're not gonna sleep with them. Like I do I assume you're not dressing them but it's one of those things where. I'm very strict. Separation and two of works and but I would I. Jordan I couldn't live with you see he would we be so anyway all all the time Todd it would we would still young. It. We union employees still lives gig yes that kind of trumps everything but who do. Great immediate or I'm moving would act. Though and it's so I didn't plug please actually not it's clearly not signs. I knew that not ugly next you expand. Most Americans weren power really came up involved still. Here are my all of our memory either so here. What I wanna get out there looking at all. So is that the rule that it's don't crap for you eat since then you'll yes and that's it and it looks leash now. What's true what's your roommate situation like you mean he is it him. So you've got one way or the other two roommates that are in there and boy girl Aminu is going to be you is it like. You and you guys. Didn't. Why do good are burying 100 girl all eyes but I would have my own room. Yeah and he drew a picture of electrocution truly big oh yeah. That's her exit should cut out all say this what's the alternative Craig's list is exactly. Right. Booty I don't know anything about our Sunni complete psychopath from where you buy it. I just if he goes south it's now got to leave him high and dry vineyards late uglier work you have no place to live yes. And I see I see a bad mouth and you work you know if he gets his nose ought to join me in your situation more. Ers and how much do you guys work together work are you or how do you see each other all day long are. Not all day but I did announce I came everyday like we knew publications that open up. Are gone well I mean I think. We've got the info that we in need to kind of try to make an informed decision I don't. Personally I. I know how desperate are so I feel like you should do it here because you go to you don't home but. I I wouldn't risk my job I I think I eat I would almost. Hate to say it I'd stay with the excuse. You already know that's over and committee will likely get worse it could be worse with a coworker learn it asked. On halo Jenny we're gonna get you some advice I don't some with you said I keep to use those worlds separate craft were you weak yes old but she has CB homeless is well. You write she could stay with the acts for a little bit long but it's that's no sooner sooner or worse that it's all gonna get worse so is is done this kind of mixture stuff. Move in with somebody you work with him in just turned into PO if you think you should do it or not do it she could really use your. Health DM. Aren't you guys breathing each. Well if people really really like this guy other people really really hate that guy. Even the people who really really like a mark idiot. The people there really don't like gum Arcadia you Obama boarded up maybe a little bit on the my personality so bipolar. But whatever I don't think the Smart move at all. If someone got that she much extreme like either loved or hated. Probably not a great roommate situation might I think just a convict an outing no that's first and not be open to help the one. I little Parker got two extra bedrooms. I don't think pop records do drugs or any weirdness or whatever itself. I get my number that the other guy now went up. Earth Maurice is a great job Cole if you don't already know. And that is super cool yeah I mean I mean it. Whether access. And that she did it and blah blah blah they're still there and the building up that person being either neck and in bed or even in the same premise you guys. It's really seed plays the PLO like dude calm when you're that desperate. It was a relationship is over you like for me just a digital way get the proximity Haston and Dallas I go I need to get it. That is very generous stand below will pass your number along bomb. Jessica. Yeah I mean when you then it's. So I. Virtually live couldn't accept an absolutely miserable. I'm addicted Giuliani memory as spare I mean we actually care about the person on and you can't get written memo about getting out there. It's unfair you can't really control that situation. Can control what does happen at a coworker. Mike you can aren't they can prevent issues. I think that's a really. How air ops. You're seeing gold for even though it could poison the water at your job. You should. Because like I mean. You know if you're within your control for the most part I'm and you could control the situation and and make sure it doesn't put water aren't out of their before it does it. It's. No because you get a little more. I you know you guys are focusing on the part that I wasn't focusing on its U. How hard it is to stay with yes say it's sometimes anything's is that anything homeless people park bench yes even your car yeah. Craig's list saying motives. Is better than what you're going through. Hershey to call. James. I I'm Judy thanks. Ahmed everything it's not a good idea McCain need to do that Arnold I don't think it is time. I'm aware roommate and I moved in together and we also worked together we were ever event. It is leading airline and it just got so bad one and adoption that a patent to quit. I dubbed it says it is cutting into the other people out work. And as stealing work shirt they didn't. Zero effect. But you're spending too much time to get there's if every day every relationship needs air. You and actually above and early. She had the better. Did you take him just for right now with the act of everybody like you that there Eddie stop that relationship they know where they end I couldn't quite an humor about the I think heat I. I. Short. I would say maybe he has the means that this is looking for a roommate Natalie to use it is probably get the means to be able to afford the place. On his own I know probably stereotypical but I know you like that's why he's he's just he's crash with friends right now. To give her the space for Cheney's again and now it out there appreciate the call. I own one more here Peter. All right guys but he thinks. I arm. And then moving in with my pops who long story short I was inspired much later to sort or give a benefit bias. He's legacy in. I am in your job very separate if you do this in the spending too much time together. Rumors circled around a word. People think you're getting advantages for NATO sort of their time. Easy. Doubting that it is just creating us time. So without being a celebrity be careful. If you're that has ordered X go ahead do it. But just with that being said. You know one. You've got so I hear it's exactly the biggest fear there I had it was a because your job was because of living with a tough. I'm all they fired you like George Clooney here is a loser qualifier for her return for the you don't like traditional Monday details go. And they are here. But I just came off the best solution when you what would you do I know someone she can move and men folk act and as empty rooms. Not a Psycho who. Lives in a roar. When you look and have me holding a microphone in his stride right okay well let go of his my you're probably not psychosis made clear the Bronx and I never mind okay.