BJ & Jamie: BJs Great idea the Summer speedo giveaway. 3/8

Thursday, March 8th

BJ had a great idea for a promotion.. but before the promotion he needs to lose weight. BJ & Jamie Summer Speedo give away!   Speedos for your man with a BJ & Jamie logo on the crotch!    Jamie had an add on.. they could post pictures of the speedos in action for a Best Time Speedo prize.  The problem is that BJ can't get into speedo shape himself.                    


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BJ endgame and yes. That was my night last I wouldn't. What about the DJ and Jamie and sexy. Speed out I do great I do great all the way up until about 9 o'clock at night 8:39 o'clock it held by the way this is the BJ okay morning Shia. Here on this Thursday we were talking about our and eighty. And you know that kinda got to what you what were eating Cheney's having a pickle juice he played in salary to support this. Sounds Christina who is now you have a nudge to Chris pretty big. Because you have this idea yesterday that you wanna give away the yet. Are rooting out drug. And good about coming up of these fancy names such an idea how you wrote dad is so. So I said what you need to get an AM in its suit shape up for it to do this promotion. And many breezy in. These huge hamburger buns and barbecue chicken. Well up port pulled pork and you know I can have a bread and so the whole thing for the barbecue sauce yeah. I can't have any in the short muck look what I. Look I have so drop. Look at all them. It that me and the yeah edit and so they knew hagee and Robertson is over cookies. I didn't take my cookies because if I take them then even so I gave them back to you guys you guys you insurance let them. And you had six of. I have four all I had four tapes these cookies are the size are you. I'm glad it's a bay its size and softball and they're huge cookies in their these gourmet cookies and had me sitting on my. Employers cookies to assault ball what saves besides. Just paint a picture definitely gives it's. They're baked cookies every gimmicky so I said I'm on the counter when I got home on a couple of days ago that mistake aren't so I have to stare at d.s now I I like Jamie I've been trying my best to just stay in my best behavior when it comes to food okay. And I did pretty good. But I'd brought debt for somebody else that's not for me know me don't normally eat it didn't breakfast right but but I do well I do great always hit it to about bedtime and Capital One it is. But right before bed time I get this urge to just. Heat. Did so last night and Walken about a counter and going to bed at all most made it to the finish line. Another day pretty good diet not bad at all and reach for the softball size. So well the eight. More softer balls yesterday and two glasses of milk and sewing. Well in my opinion for today. And I didn't because Jared. I just but he got your big idea with just beat us. I think this is so you know having heard it yet you know about it and I love speed I hit it big it's a big. There was joint on the big BJ and Jamie Summers Speedo giveaway. Saw you limit. Now here's the image that you're gonna wind speed goes for your guy. Porsche can't. He's who sports the Eagles all summer long not only that these freedoms come. With the eight BJ and Jamie logo right on the cry limited addition it moved. In addition our logos could be right on the crime it's the summer Speedo giveaway that the eat a big show on TV right. I I did at the I was very interesting yeah so yeah. Yesterday I reached out to erode and this is it for him they are I do get it media those business cards that never handed one out now. I ordered those from Vistaprint. And they said they can print on any day any stake in vacant by the speed of Sports Radio via yet now they're gonna invest deeply year and at that. I'd probably go to start that would about twenty speed roses so yeah. It's good as dead but what are. Twenty into a seasonally ghosts that there's a demand for the BG GB speed of the summer. A special kind of man that wants to Wear a size through the swallows. I don't insulate the one you are one of those guys would Wear worn out of course what's tragedy weren't extra large. Day to day you know. Aren't you know I would say come on I've got an extra large speed at home and it's it's just fine excellent. Lamar again and he put into truck bought her a tropical that the kids. I am here. With the mission that could help these threats that it an idea. And that kind of art what he's taken. It out. He just see I think. This radio station was in in Germany or somewhere that'd be fantastic all this cycle yeah I think in Europe you know I keep picture about 0200 guys let's say. At water world on a bright sunny Saturday afternoon. Supporting the PGA and Jamie logo speed and really I think you should. I don't wanna extreme but I yeah I was gonna go back I would picture as. Because of the promotional sour again it's not because aliens and and it's not maybe I would add continents. So throughout the summer then the wives or their husbands whoever's wearing a they'll post pictures of the BJ JB SP is an action absolutely and then we'll have a grand prize winner slowly the best fiesta like the best. Time that the speed of fat you know the best vetoes. I'd love it when you come on board with the plan it yeah I really don't I mean yeah I love your support and which speed goes had the most fun yet. Yeah let's do that yet but this is going to be the biggest summer giveaway in radio history. It. Into the importance on Alex I.