BJ & Jamie: Mayor Hancock visited Swingers clubs and prostitutes. 3/8

Thursday, March 8th

The Mayor of Denver Mayor Hancock would visit a place called The Sugar House in Denver.. It is a swingers club and has a prostitution ring attached too it.. We listen to the commercial for the place and it is cheesy. BJ says its fine if he goes to a strip club but not prostitutes.     


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Vijay and Jeanne palace. AT and Jamie morning show am and didn't do unless she's doing so much journalistic investigation right now of course. But I think they should Allison who we're looking up the sugar house is an uncle blacks. Our ears and do you have a big. It's of the sugar house labs occasionally commercial for sugar house loud but jacket major damage it's okay go to that area I'm not that dark hair like to go to the (%expletive) out. Mayor Hancock for the city of Denver is in a war golden girl. If they're asking that he stepped down in just just leave just leave and now. Reports come out that he's a frequent visitor to sugars are. Allegedly are led Denver players said that eighty. Let's see here and I'll let a arch and renewed interest in reports from the same period of him having. Been at it to of the Denver players get I mean this from westward via a Denver players Denver sugar prostitution ring. At that rain. Are you look at the Putumayo demo on the list I think it's funny what you said to me off the year because I was we knew all the sugar stuff. And and you're like. Care they went to ship orders I doubt the I don't look look I am the one that everybody has a personal. Everybody has and some bit and let's not get an idea that some Angola it's not illegal policies hardened prostitute but he's just a club you're going to didn't study illegals like going to shotguns to watch this trip it's not illegal. Now where I think he's crossed the line and probably gonna cost mr. jobs these text that he sent to another employee. And that probably the security guard to of the security detail person. Asking her if she's got a stripper pole and she looks really nice and hot in there black uniform. Probably crossing a lot. But sugars. And sugars I don't have a problem with Alex Gordon what sugars is what I don't know living god don't let me not go out on that limb just yet I didn't even know what sugars. Actually shot did he cleared up did did did you listen to that yeah it it was a gala premiere airs are commercialized in Moscow we should again carry. Funds. We're happy don't go a little huddle that we profess my love of bond and another thing. You will be at peace with you can cheeks. As. And burn. Maybe that's hot. But I cannot iron from the bottom. Here it was cool and we have he. They added can be downtown and those who have proved more fun. It's implied act like. Couple those voices are married and that's a good. Barry dogged the commercial a high quality film now as some acting I don't get our act is that. That is really sugars. But they have let's hear that caught a prostitution ring to it it's I don't know what that means. I guess you didn't neither did go and party. That means said there are covering as a club OK your. It's a bottle club beginning in the air and then there are people who you can make a deal I guess and that's when it turns into escorts and prostitution ring. Yeah allegedly. Did Denver Houston and denial I think probably not rally I'll lay it on and they are he would cut we've betting on several occasions the great guy I liked the guy. Yeah yeah I. Actually that would. Did you listen and that was texted him remember yeah they're like really good friends ads. He's on he's a great a degree and I will more than likely the guy he went on a date with probably the as did sugar. I did that you've got a sugar and expect that I'd. Never quit and I am not so we did that I think our board but you. I will jotted down you got stormy Daniels going crazy he got and he got this this. Schroeder's black eyed and tired of leg. I tell you though we learned yesterday and now let's Jonas and that. We learned in our lifetime. That you really know people you stories all the time now. You think everything's Kosher you know of the a friend of ours she would Ellen's got like five times featured had to be real and do you. Yeah yeah that's what I mean you just don't know you have skeletons in the closet under the felons stuffed okayed that's a little tough yeah well it when you find out somebody's actually. Really bad personally that it breaking the law but but I think if it's if it. Say glitzy strip club in the later seen in the air fifty times in a month and people have probably that I don't present problem that because it's late. Does not be. At. Fifty and I'm saying that I don't personally am a pride what am I do. I don't think that makes you immoral person. Like I'm he has a wife and two kids you think he should be district that they just. Keep you from doing what a great job as a man I don't think that that's what we week I don't think it should be. Yemen and at a strip club fifty dot thought aren't we judge I am management IAM. But you wet though it's weird because like when you're married to a doctor or date of an. They even go to kings super dressed down. Like these people even teachers teachers don't wanna be seen dressed down. All these people have to have a look about them because we we hold them up tires the entered you know teachers and doctors that name out there it is thinking zippers and there. Lounge where they still have to like go to different out or if they go to a bar they go to a bar in a different house. By the way the tax would be 720. I heard it was is swingers club yet users. You're all our lives are you here is 720 yea you know murdered. Yeah I fired tired. Yeah change we see more on Alex I.