BJ & Jamie: mazon laugh and Treasure Truck is coming to the studio. 3/8

Thursday, March 8th

Alexa was just laughing and people are freaked out by it… So Amazon fixed the glitch, they are saying that Alexa thinks she hears someone say laugh and she does.


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Each NG yesterday yes with a story from people freaking out over Alexa that last shoes yet they market. I have laughed right here I. Into how's it happening what's going on here. I guess. Alexa Amazon's right Amazon has now come out and said they fixed that issue. That the creepy laugh will no longer be an issue I guess Alexa. She hears the words election. She doesn't. Jamie I have to play it in order to get that the story across the attack you sell it. An open. Q in the throat. Don't be so violent his victims. It makes it that it's not that don't know did Alexa on the set me up my. Think positive and the yeah yeah yeah yeah okay and so I Alexa laugh. Has been going on. I don't get about it. Amazon saying that she's just the blue hearing elects to laugh why he has been concentrated. And two weeks and I don't know I don't get. Yeah just all of a sudden I think what are the things might be Jamie and I really believe this I David said this after the holidays to. I think that. Sold how many people got elects for Christmas related accident that that's how stuff like this is coming to light at this time because it happened to like BC started being reported in February right from the people are just like me and you we figured out Alexa about a month later. After we had a for Christian right yet so that's what the timing is where it's at with her because somebody more people expo might. Sister we are just like my sister last night she has it has retired and of French and I had been. And so she adds it and then we have it and I agree with you more people than ever before ever before adding it was out there but nothing like it is right now so yeah Amazon is saying that no longer the command Alexa laugh will work. Instead they say that you have to say this Alexa. You laugh. Perfect placement. Perfect place to play at. Said that new Fridays. There there was an old phrase that she laughed but you just keep the do price that's where she's supposed the last. And then she won't just laugh out of the blue. She will instead say so I can laugh followed by laughter. Maybe it up and exactly that we aren't worked with him right that's appropriate that. That was Regis sold that story like you wouldn't believe it's better than anybody else in America bar and. So national say sure I can laugh followed by the laughter and that you can't just say electoral happy actually have to say Alex Ekene. And hot hot hot. I keep saying I'm gonna keep playing. Soccer. He keeps keeps saying that he planned it's that sells the store it doesn't tell the story is dead. We have the big announcement yes this is just. 81 of the biggest announcements ever made on the PG and Jamie morning show as I can distort another. As a and a nobody just kill the big announcement that. Look. Particularly the this has to do with this if you remember I think it was Monday you brought up the treasure truck. Amazon's treasure trucks so beautiful out around neighborhoods over the city great deals you've got a little about it though they got to contact you got you've got to be on a list much like that sugar eggs but you gotta be a list. Toward to go to the truck and to get super deals won't finally talked to one of the drivers John love him what John yeah John loved being on her show. It is the Amazon treasure truck. Promised an appearance. In our parking lot will. Super. Our our listeners. Should they won't parked in a parking lot during one of our shows. And do it from right here at our studio. We are all right yeah. There are. The Amazon treasure truck BJ in Jamie stop. This entire this could be traced via production thing was like oh yeah. They all play well we're just getting started aren't sure we will we'll get some people on this day a different name them. Well I know in Arizona's athletic you're yeah it was hard to be above the name is at six Turkey's not a Bob Butler argue look and you look well Amazon treasure drug BJ Jamie stop doesn't really. Flow again. So okay so it's is AM a something go to Amazon and sign up for the treasure track okay it's on the left side under the headings of like whatever and you'll see treasure track information it OB and text that you get when the treasure track is. Out the bat so we've got a special deal would just think he's gonna bring that treasured true. Did you didn't agree this is that this is and pay eight insure do you judge number. Can we get him on real quick. Yeah see if he's got any idea because yesterday he mentioned this to us. He's got any update for us you know some kind of talked to judge if nothing else just a thank him Vista I know right game he's got all the loops. Yeah he must have a lot of pull and that diesels got him. You know I bet they know each other big must because for him to go go auto limited guys. All prudent approach your report tomorrow will also note that prone to parkinson's be fantastic that's pretty cool yes feel like we should make it a whole thing. Are we are we're going to like eBay and stuff like they should have as a bit crazy. I don't know of I don't know well any thing you know important. We're trying to get some information from right now OK are we stalling. It just a little bit I think I think the what Everett the deal Liz let's just say it's. Crock pots are now. I think. That truck is old he's here he's here I think what sellout I can break your heart that your big Johnny speech in Jamie. All hey what's up treasure truck. Yeah yeah yeah we can learn in the big body person who works both thank you would just make the big announcement about a drop. I'd it ironic that Terrell guys out other producers so as you call that made this happen. And a liar all right okay. Do you have any idea we're likely to get a week or maybe in eight brawler what it whatever we're looking at here. I don't know just yet tactic was able to nail it out sometime. This week and you'll note guys well know very very soon. I was shot is asking for the fifteenth or the thirtieth. We'll take it when ever we teen yeah I'm not enough. The fifteen who have thirty 'cause that's exciting I know what I hit it look. Up quit doing the drug for you know it's more or less. The borrows the money that's it that's good name meg not but not I got the except that as layouts they only get them right and I and you better have good crap out there this time okay oh yeah those loans. The dollar will make two more make it extra special or yeah. Okay good and actually yeah salmon that attractive prestigious love Sam I do the same at the. Our talent and I can't judge so so you're gonna get this information hopefully by you know first the weaker so we'll have some information this is exciting group. Eight A Jun. When I think get team I think give me. That's an announcement is no way recognized that there is no I in team. Jive you are amazing and we appreciate you. Thanks John well. It all art yeah thanks and I two different teams have. It's we have six listeners Jones I think the fact that the only on the ground where I yeah I Java talkies so. Yeah ordering guides yeah. I don't know if we're just overly excited about this I'm telling you right now I am just doing the exact answer right here in the studio this is amazing. Treasure truck I even though it treasure truck existed. Until Jamie brought it up earlier this week. It'll look within four days. This show has gone from just discovering a treasure truck to having you here in our parking lot with these super deal for you the listener. Coming up very soon we didn't. Dreams come true which it went right here in this show. The issue makes dreams come true. And it's important on Alex.