Slacker and Steve - In Our Lifetime 3/8

Thursday, March 8th


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Staying on the there's a new survey out and you know I know we love survey just took a closer look at this kind of interest thing. Because it's about the things you stink. Will or will not. Be achieved both for you die never rode her kids on deadly flaw in cars and stuff like ours is a no brainer generally -- do even our blog and start to be up and down into this I don't think in anybody's lifetime we've been oh we will know no we won't Star Trek. Right but whom we hearing so breaking down your month it did you ever see the fly. Yeah but that's not nearly as Italy. It's in there wouldn't tell what are we even like five guys from the crew of the enterprise don't need terrible planet backup and no they didn't get a little bit no horror mixed in with Kirk because. A the argument one they thought of that. I just think I'd I don't know beaming is ever gonna happen the flying cars from the moment I saw the Jetsons everything else points it was a no brainer covered the kind of cost sort of you think is gonna happen. Yeah in your lifetime. Now in my lifetime yes there are probably not W I absolutely 100% did I don't think it's going today because there's just cars. Sure there be made that we have and have the regulations the rules have parameters. Like we have the roads in the rule well here in the minority my friend because according to this survey people are dumb they think it's gonna happen 51%. Think it's gonna happen I think we we do and we've event at a car that flies we just this stuff Evan. Applied that yet the one I saw it's really cool really close it's kind of helicopter blade on the back in a goes up but helicopters really hard to fly. And so with the dumbest people are on the road since I'm not ready for them to have to see a giants. Salad shooter on top of their car and when you are yet cure for cancer. Tony at what would we thank you we are getting so close but no how about you. I'm a 100% and now we're nine tears and now I don't wanna get all conspiratorial but I think we already have it. Always always you know one of those guys big pharma doesn't want us to euros. These guys are so much money in fighting cancer here is that there's a lot so yeah. I think they've got some really good I've read some stuff we see some great progress the week we every ten years he read about green progress we get closer but and so he knew cancer comes out. I'll robots at work. Emulate the web is good manufacturing cars and I'm not sure yeah I was sick is that there does already passed but I think gaining more like a Butler some light just like a robot. And I think that's coming fed work I need some of the fast food chains are around. Are replacing workers we are with those key though little is where the screen what would your night. Would you like Fries aren't that okay that would maybe robots 64% by the way think provincial work Boca robots in every home. I thought I would have before no work will happen before home yes home use I guess there were reminded audience and had 55%. Of the singularly. I mean the dudes are gonna start having like. Uh oh wow that's personal robots themselves okay and I don't I don't they make one strong women but I don't you living under the seen Jordan into the weird stuff we're not gonna get as high percentages but I seal like you know on different web sites and stuff you know those structures that there underneath I don't think there's technology's quite there the can anyone put a structure under the water yeah which can really sustain life really wanna go under their because if something goes wrong your immediately crushed to death yeah. Not traveling to and living on Morris. No doubt in our lifetime I agree with you I mean I think we'll start sending some stuff up there looks at only 35% think that's gonna happen. Controlling the weather. Well we have a conspiracy. Theory yes it's happening seating that's why how is it oil or when they have those like lines in the sky acts can you believe that you believe all the while I leave something about the lines in the sky there were manipulated when I was just when you're young. When the skies ever like this where they always put. I gotta give you that it's been yeah okay all right the next run. What clothes are whose telepathy I was seems it will stick out like you're just like I. Yeah at least hearing you. We are trying to put the idea of telepathy in your head over to see how we're doing the big you know what though only 20% and one. And finally the one you brought up in the beginning bowl teleport Haitian. 46%. Of Star Trek through my head so like yourself who. They were rigged last start molecules are. The burns continued put back together it just do you have. Possibly go wrong now you'll know it's just.