Slacker and Steve - Spilled 3/8

Thursday, March 8th


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Steve are there. Still. Yup that's that I yes. Spiller and so. Filled spilled over spilt I still what do you say to put an anti at the and there are. See I don't know where you're strong and I'm from long Mon close you put tees on the nanny and oh yeah. We say abortion cone guy and we said Spitzer what to steal the you don't spill should. There for you you disease spilled the Redskins have a that's open on the South Carolina truck driver crashed on Florida highway and still not a bunch of stiffs he's still 60000. Gallons. Oh pounds pounds a gallon it was bad it was pounds well. How do you major beer and pound exactly. As they scale if you can only do a gross vehicle weight room. You know I hate you. Slacker what they do but 60000. Pounds you can do it. Brett. Will accept how many pounds and gallant see his what we need to relax against us we needed dot. I'm looking at the picture and and I I'm not seeming beat I haven't seen bush light I'm not seem beer in the picture. World who can actually would you do there at would you say hey. It's the light is. It's a lot of Canton. Driver lost control a semi slipped it's on its side. Caused beer yet thrown all of that it. What's funny is in the picture no one's rushing to grab there's no one around these tiers of hair and outfit like yes no yeah we disabuse right. Came out a lot of press shook him up and have got compounds seven gallons 7228. Gallons. Today and safe why did you say that. It's on Santa's bush Lloyd. So this is what we want week in in our minds we are talking about this before the show this is where you call N and tell stories. All of the things you still yet I know you're not going to be able to 60000. Pounds of beer you're at least that's not where the bars are your NASA bringing down here to win error. It didn't have to be a lot it's usually something bad you still run eight would you still. I spilled Jesus I. Don't know hold you. So I am I noticed. When I was a Catholic school all an altar boy I was serving one's Sunday you know signal eucharist up to the you know Alter their and loops. I got caught my cats sick it's quite a kind of tipped. Of those hosts Olerud and it could have a lot worse it was only like five or six blocks in the yeah TA yeah tablet and you don't understand when you still Jesus on the floor it's a whole clan using situation yes and yeah I was not pretty. All time you know. I was the victim hold on what I'm way and it. 60000 pounds bush Mir vs Jesus big cheese is where I think. It's so I set the risk reset the bar. I feel like in in churches all over the country saying it's they're gonna come on find they're gonna do their sermon on signing up. Your tour radio and some 1006 to 2000 mirrored martyrdom Jesus to the cause was like. What are you know I. I personally voted for Jesus to be better. All why don't oil spill in what they're just by talking about the U reminded me we're at a charity event returns to win this fair there was a volunteer do this solid zero entered Syria begging you not to do she came up to I don't this is small which you give but the did you goes what is your partner slacker and a year ago I was who was the last time I was with him she would have spilling his tequila sunrise on over starlet to. I don't drink tequila sunrise what was she says that I thought that's for sure slacker and then she that you spilled all over her brand new other Swede who choose whenever the greens don't drink on her all the little brand new high dollar shoes and she was waiting to talk in my defense now she set her drink out of folding chair any she deserved that bestow the honor all the time. Lisa does or did alleged it was her idea and I went Ted and Sharon I'll okay. And we couldn't get past everybody just they were dancing OK so I was walking across the back of the folding chairs or not to look. My one of them barricade and it had a drink on it so kind of like launched it always perjury I thought it was you know someone even with a drink. It. Any other concert you'd be cool because I. Can affect the I guess I NM my leather pants I go to. But and that didn't happen if if if I did still something else really valuable owed me a whole war. On suddenly so. Last time I was on vacation. Early indications that work trip to Napa with our boss oh yeah and he was like I give me some truffle salt. So late other guys I got some truffles are and I'm talking to do music or the virus removal Murton. I mean a little thing but I'm just saying. Trying to influence your children or future Shas cocaine is way cheaper but it sure hopeful live yeah. She's let's you're little. And too little containers and I'm down like a hundred and some bucks and he's right. You can relate to our butts and blossom like I have to have some greens are down by some trouble ordeal. Like OK that's of that she did even trouble. No call Soares is little container like do or need to beautiful truffles. Oil container. Has brought her home we'd put Daschle on this or that and it's amazing ninth so. I'm gonna say who may have put it in the spice cabinet. Precariously. Teetering on the analysts polled at Indy in the next play to a couple days later I opened the big spice cabinet. And it comes launching out and is beautiful Green Hornet glass like. Can't say I'm. Literally I mean it. An ounce and a half of fluid is just it's it's waste I only still an ounce and half the other subs that cheap though geez this is she's got. Hey I'll get it because you could actually. You're a ridiculously expensive your are alcohol although I ran. Are who bought bread and just sat on the floor and so did not all there is a drama all my job. How much sharper on the floor with. Got a drop brown on our. I'm Brooke do because I would that is a very sad stories that you don't really well. And I'm just like and you know what I. I have to be honest I didn't I didn't eat any of it because it's not good in large quantities could never if you put umbrella it would be disgusting New York almost too much always hear sorry I. I just I'm sitting there like silicon right do you. So tickets went to a desk and I'm just like. All there is a thousand who knows there's I want to outside into an ATM got like three in a box. When an umpire and it's a ball to. I drama. Did you dream I still appear on the baby. Who she could do the first night training when I was a server and I wanna double the table and has shoot 24 ounce Beers you Greinke on the millions of pictures and I took the first two and Austin handed across the table and I kind of leaned over in the tray was not balanced properly or and so second beer just went blue gym right on top of baby due on. Brand new born baby play. But where the parents like me with a truffle oil and religion enough to try. Don't you about a shift yeah. Replacement. It's your baby and. Yeah it. I saw them. This horrid do we're gonna run the gamut a spill when did you still some big did you still some little and does little it's got to be a pain in the butt it's like when you spilled. Like sesame seeds somewhere and can't get them out you don't anywhere there is like. Stuck in this house is still I still paint in the back in my car one time why it's why we're and you can't get it Alex here Barbara this is gone and it. If you're just screwed so if you still. Something incredible. We wanna hear your story Kerry and yeah yeah I still it's. Ice so I think of how I saw like how does Buffalo's gone three out of my rent start all over a newborn baby. You leave all want to hook up ads. Screen that cable and put everything on the wood door that that people they've done. And I went head cake aboard a way and I turned and somebody almost brain including the right jerk and the hot cup of hot spots now off the board. And all over that brand new baby and its currency. Holy smoke what they're kind of duty you. I thought I dropped everything and put my hands on the baby and to none of that went on the baby's space and I just broad. Native Virginia but I don't know where to go they could I don't Nader and the week we ran McCarthy in the dishwasher retreat in the TV ever played by we ended up replacing McCarthy we bought him a new one. Because this guy I mean that's stuff is like each through metal kind of corrosive horrible mess and nothing happened to bring and he. Now it she would I need it ended up going to the doctor did a double check and stopped by I eight I still that would probably. And fifteen years ago and I still like get chilled talk in the. Here though are still needs this takes you back to that moment when he elects. How well it would RO yeah out that is not a great thing this she'll mind do you really go out there and Tim. Yes it yeah I I spill out. I ain't spilled paint tenor over a brand new heart that short. You're the all I want you guys know how much pride Steve has in his heart good I just kind of resent that. And you can see the fear in his eyes yeah that's what happens. I tripped over that despite cable and it just out of my hands all over brand neo I mean we had just the but these sort bad. Mud and you watch it following you you're like me. Yeah yeah. I just wanted to die right act. You will we see kids. Yeah I completely rely on them as we had to reach and it spat out whole entire area again. What was lamb and a little cheaper this eyewitnesses. How old linoleum cut. You drop the nuclear bomb on another run out and couldn't compete with the now. And I heard oh my god yeah I do you have a partner where were they angry with you because that's one of those things really tiny. If you hit it. It's pretty much I call them and it's trying to play tight and it's something wearable. And. I heard Alaska you got to start with I cheated on using what. Really remark when you saw the. They hear the dog jumpers with how chief Robin. Yeah and I are still. We want to get married and. All over it'll on your employer and. Own news that. The masses learn. Oh you don't understand like I'm looking I. I live like I it anger. You're right you can't sit in the north and if you try to use water on it's gonna suds are we and so. Ali what do you do. I tried making it up and not let things Jeanne I eat at times when he nine years old and I was on the middle flirted ball. You're supposed to free music venues and Europe loses more big piece oh so you just have some liquid nitrogen are laying around your house is as good. Well. Everywhere you lose. Well off all I did you if we went on YouTube there's a thing you could you have yes you because like I got bubble gum on some from the forms above them. I guess you hope who was bubbled and going don't all lose cadillacs. And channel wax all over my my carpet. And I was like I'm never gonna go get another route hey its do you go to YouTube and they say put a towel over. And the pitcher I don't earn an iron over and every he's so wax did so to the talent you're like one so I'm guessing some nerd ball probably knows what to do want to know. I don't yeah I mean I guess they just didn't think about exclude those cranked a little. Will you couldn't get up to go to the Internet because your honesty eating lunch and your. Do the pods and ask you to man they're tasty but I take you don't. It's a good guy did. Danny east. Yeah I stilts. Penal. Law I eat more and a router no way you have you have a raft tell your reps tell her. And Natalie had rotten kid and I mean a brat. They could get and I guess item anywhere lying every. Oh my leg. I think I'd rather lose. And I think I'd rather still Jesus and tickets tonight crickets in my house knew. They went and did it did act it out their brain break I mean at your end to check out. Yeah. I do just do your night there. But yeah you just burn us down well there odds I don't know man. If you can while we were wow that's an awful thank you Danny. Zach should. EIU stilts. Bill does so wasn't me I would watch and guy load up an entire rare collection of lying under a newly built a house no sir it's no less holes in the top model be knocked it out they're asking a judge every single 1000. I know there are rare collect it winds that were specifically put together for collection for this guy in May eighth check them out. One little towns around in a vacuum them anything we can do but we ended up with a bunt generated vacuums color barrier line. All you just a mess is this just after steep there's nothing good about that. Upbeat outlook well thank you for the call now home that would hurt 2000 hit we do know through I know the hardwood when he Cubans Taylor. That's the yeah guy spilt. I'm I actually didn't but I worked in that car dealership in somebody up I worked in Burbank and they brought their current and somehow. How it and Eric Allen get up there had built on the floor. And I hate that Karl. Electronic. Order now on the Florida completely totaled miss. It skirts. Our. My god I'm Eleanor I think got hits both of us here. That is awful it's.