Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 3/8

Thursday, March 8th


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It's like the news except without insight and integrity or clue actually it's not like we saw not even close plus five dollars. Slacker in Steve's story. So stupendous stupidity. This there are a lot of stupid people in the news today you know represent 61 year old Florida woman she was at a pizza joint in ordering a pizza gets it feeds change the earlier we got a tiger and they gave it to work. Put apparently she was unhappy about her pizza order something she got really super angry is it pizza because I had to items easiest piece. Yes he's it's he's deal. Comes six. She was so I rate that she took her sizzling hot pizza and flung it back it in the employee of the pizza place. Which got on the arms. Cannons. Yeah that's when the 61 year old floral decided to up. Leave the restaurant and both networks with T employee was able to get a license plate in the moment don't go away from the police found this woman she admitted yes I guess I got a little irate about the situation. Wrong. But she was been charged with battery arrest Jill how it feels like news. Truly a bite of pizza and gets a little sooners who have their mouth just have. Bet on Europe are holes tie today you can get stuck on your more gas. I yeah I know writing that's like. Suggests either new form of torture if you need someone who's talking Joseph water board should I guess because he knows he please call. Joseph the. That dominated the time so I got on June. In Gainsville Florida this one of those public service things that we do every once in a round. I'm if you're criminal do we always say your criminal your whole and a bunch of media. Check multi taillight is the simple rules and did you see it makes sure that's and I don't give a cop and I'll probably come. Hostile apparently. There was a crash in Gainesville Bo guy with a bunch of illegal stuff in his car not involved in the crash so all's well that didn't oh good for him to accepts him. Well the police were stopped there are trying to clean up the accident scene she was getting impatient. Souls he begins here. He laid it all and you know we're knee not swollen drugs to be patient. Joseph is my friend he's also got a gun to school. RS old cops approached him go and you do you see it you eat on what does that smelled alcohol on the snow like marijuana so little thing. Out of the car when he stepped out they found we eat a loaded handguns another magazine and ten grand in the cash haul because he would stop what must I was like. And at the piano. Hundred grams of whole cocaine forehand and enemies don't match is easy to take a guess so if you're hung on drugs. So what the hell up. Looting here yeah. You should stick to lose throws you medieval we decline for generic.