Slacker and Steve - TV Taught Me 3/8

Thursday, March 8th


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Steve are at zero really well really that's OK I think Tom. Has she tell you anything. Whose cars diffuse bombs. I was so violently cracks me up tied you what they are open is only to YouTube Perkins is does have to just because if we TV movies and maybe YouTube links. The U2 does did you went on for two tort Jessica went what's up. I got into or something major like if you build your own car off the YouTube yeah I don't know but if you want now your brakes and you know it's something bigger 'cause there's a couple stories is the we're TV tots and people things and say that's my west learned learned English from from TV which shoulders watching all shows she really learned it from MTV. Hole yet a Bon Jovi was your finger band and she make her first played her words like sliding Obama TV it's all yo. She would just wants Bon Jovi video is being like. Tommy used to work on deep dark. Union in wind Australia tees down I should be demolished and you know how much she loved and I think Brazil is like Cuba. Names just. Teen years behind so like after the bill holds blond hair band thing was over in America. Skid Row and Bon Jovi and those guys were still playing to a whole people read God's own guess it was still like it'll. They're not Russian that doesn't matter weird that you're right I don't think it's. OK but let there for the yes but yes so she's literally from Bon Jovi videos. And yes all mullah songs I have I swear you think. I think I know using coming in the south that's kind of everything so she's trying to get me to do the same bank to watch Bon Jovi video close to learn torch she's like you learn Portuguese so much faster. If you liked dot immersed in the culture and watched a show. Or I do truly awesome if you learn how to speak Portuguese in like a Bon Jovi song that was dubbed over in Brazil yet doesn't report let's yeah I know Diane W school victims fund it I've tried and I don't like yeah so you didn't watch the ruler and I tried dealers. How it's not easy to learn to speak another language during a somewhat. I mean I wish I was kidding does. That's that's of their. Why I had an exchange student remain college and Hughes from France and you pretty much learn how to speak English like he took classes in school he was like it teaches you the really proper way to say things. But actually learn how to toe. Speak proper I mean Mike slaying English by watching. I can't. To watch Titanic like 47 million. She walked up so we can only say action heroes. Rose takes on your French girls yeah. What's tough is far so their reason. We got inspired to do TV taught me. Is a man has been arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas. Because he made Bryson what is Bryson it's a really toxic thing. That Heisenberg was going to use to kill somebody oh you're little show there that you have a bad and you know what I'm not oh Salinas it was a bit of a flower in the show. No that was the other tell you guys are right. As far as the other thing it's made out of joint search what's rice and made out of on my computer work I feel like it's not a great idea and Trent. Yeah does mean something we all have. They don't how chronic there's cashew or something and in the night it's our Jill beans is such tests are being just made from gas your being slow OK but you you play to refine it. And then it becomes oxidant becomes a guess it's very very bad and so he made himself a little rice and tell any hated in the cigarette. So we do use it to kill some hole it is Oz free you goes all out from Bree sat so this guy on. A few grains of salt of rice and Tinto and adults didn't his plan was to Mason jars of rice and kids and made nobody knows what he's doing it let me tell you some breaking bad yes and he actually said when they were reining him he's got the idea of breaking that. So TV taught me and then insert whatever is you blurt Bryson this is. This is tons. There's another 15 grader all of this is all we can take it all doesn't ought to be batting right console is as good a fifth grader on the saved me choking classmate thanks to some things you learn on TV. What was the TV should. Heimlich our. News documentary news watcher with his mom Obama about how much. I don't know Heimlich hours a way better shall I like him. This week and she's just people talk. Show. That's what it's like them or just on his videos there's there's so I'm everybody is joking and then you zero comes out. Cut stupid when you predict how part of launch with yeah I got an eternity in Olympics. In the US men's curling team comes and goes. It really how much does either refutes the I need for noticed a fellow classmate choking on her lunch she started gasping for breath and her face again and change color. He could or just jumped in and save your life whilst he learned from documentaries are two of his mom has at least. That's pretty cool. And when she was okay she gave her a big chunk of rice and and she stepped. Specter I learned this from breaking bad is it may jar guys. That look let's just. It's simple book now I can see if you. So here's a fact we have some time to kill on the radio right now ends. We need you. Who have learned something on TV it's. And then tell us historic otherwise. What you'd if teach any tip it's got to be date will take YouTube is on some breaks and stupid stuff so cut this. During her a lot of silence okay I guess TV taught you something epic we'd love to hear your stories Yahoo! are you doing later exactly who. Woody welcome Bob Andrea. Yeah I TV dot yes. I thought I was a big huge and it. Mr. rogers' neighborhood and Ed you over cardiology and just what Eric's better bet every day. Each hole this year is eight feet high KG every day when he did that and I learned how to tie my issue is watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. All the nine I'm sure you really good he would be put on. My mom was really surprised she bought me a parachute is like I told it like no we're not liking type questions like well you're only 3 am like. Now that Clinton's show you can mister Rogers does it every day and while luck there was. So so close. It's close enough to throw them all participating ID. I know people hate me for this but I didn't get it. You mister Roger I didn't get it because he surrounded by eight. Sesame Street which had a lot of puppets a lot of visuals. Electric company and a lot of screaming in some skits and stuff and then this just kind of creepy dude in a card game plummeted and then we'll there's something about like I never would I tried didn't do it but I never we love you we care about shooting target. You can get the Linda snake but weed wacker was their best and let's since you aren't the right I will lie. The other day I was slip in bitty can open I'd like. Mr. rogers' neighborhood I don't have cable. Actually watch it and if you want. It may lead where there's just the trolley we're very it was a really cry crying you little Dutch right. It'll all Barack end owns soccer mom. It's the streets. That's a good thing you're saying now you're used to write that you live and don't let anybody and you can put. Yes I pushed ms. Rogers who I think if they even calling we appreciate it no way to die issues kids. Bob literally I feel weird that I didn't let him and use our deal. Lunch he still killed by. I think it's too late polls. You're. You're really doing. How men. The correlation could. And I TV dot me. Are writing it about ten years all I do and you know actually and I warning of how to take apart a treadmill at my this dirt. In the process of trying to put its act together we do like stopped and I didn't see any on getting cold and broken femur. He smokes so TV tie you about co pays. I think. This is. And I'm sure your parents were thrilled. When they realize your watching YouTube videos on how to dismantle an important things in the house asks her why did you want to take our. I. It all me and try to put it right Cabrera might opt out at that time. Not quite. During and immediately academic what not and I looked all right is she went around. And why it like after my clothes. Yeah you learn all us troops Cokie I think Johnny should you know you should do carries you should watch mister Rogers young mother dead silent and here are correlation. Guilty. Tonight. No logic I would I propose. Right here. If you will. Agreed that we meet in a bar somewhere. OK and we reject on the giant screen while I can drink as much alcohol as I want to call. OK I like where you're as any listeners and wanna come to and we are old news. We let immense mister Rogers marathon marathons party I'll Rogers a marathon of Roger would come up with a better and OK when we get to drink in Manhattan use and mr. Roger are. Our only extra I can't put it together in mind I should because what. What I care about is done. Did we see Amanda. Aaron Carter and had you might let mr. Rogers and finally you know my walls you don't tell anybody in Manhattan's build your home yes they do we'll figure out the Al called us I think it's tequila Fuzzy seal and Rodgers now that doesn't work now with Paul Rodriguez. Ed Rogers yes OK Lee that's the yeah I mister Rogers I mean TV I mean yeah. I I and if it ain't they get a segment where they are in the irony I need that you check impression here. No I mean I. I notice through that seas act drags him go to do it. Yeah and now at the restaurant had been and it. One my all and that guy winning and you cardiac arrest and he turned her well and look yeah I went over and made. They eat the iron in it at bat I was meaning at while you're in an Anna had somebody else doing it I get that breath when I was singing. He answered me and got you know you're. And I think she lives now let's. Lip on. Polite yeah it was quarterly bed not breathing no. John Bale Leo throw rocks are riding double talk she CPR yes they're pretty sure loud that's the last series I was an all over its birth usually know. She's I don't know rise slightly good justice Joshi who Cindy. I think he's on the okay ED troubled all of my sweet strip permit which I watch Jerry Springer what are your. So we stripper move you have street certain mounds. Thank you for real sweet stripper moves can't strippers show not Jerry Springer or me for real like they were taking their clothes. All the weight around a victory shareware and barely not and then bashed in a little if you were who we learn kind of oh. I learned how to work all night watching my mom it's not a big scared when I turned 18 I am asking you darn. Nothing piece pay any chance you bring up old tour mr. Rogers party now as you can see I. We heard yeah should go to stripper pole would just make an event.