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Friday, March 25th


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CJ and both you've been wondering about planet X planet to be grew worm would. On the sports news.com they have the story the final hole beat prophecies signed before and a beer who just happen to. Where we're weak and that hopi prophecy is to twins and the hope he believes. The giant red planet or the red to Gina is the one that's known as the purify air. Not just before it happens the twins arrived to give final warning and to prepare. And apparently twin comets to pass to earth this week to week. The 21 party harbinger. Of the purify air if you go to red orbit dot Tommy can actually see a picture of those two between comics squirting by the earth. And you can get all the details pat before it's news.com. Base of the ever gone to the bank to go take a large sum of money say over 15100 dollars cash well if you haven't where you're thinking about it or if you and large deposits. I highly recommend that you go to Dave Hodges common sense and read. His story about what happened when he tried to take 15100 dollars cash out of Bank of America. When I read his account of what happened I went wow seriously. And he got to remember. That the Fed is not part of the federal government even though it's called the Ted Kennedy's Seattle illusion that it is but the Fed is a private banks that is the bankers to. The banks so if you think the government has your financial Beth best interest in mind. I would seriously question. As many people around the world that believe we are already in world war 31 of them is Benjamin full third that he put in UT's Benjamin full 3 march 4 twice sixteen. World war three he gives his perspective. And why he feels we're already immersed in it and some pretty thoughtful arguments whether or not it is there is not. It's not the wars that we've known in the past. Who knows this may be re defining what war actually this. David I too was the conspiracy theorist before conspiracy theories and theorists in weirdos. At all. Kind of got there put the rabbit hole there's actually a story about him on the floor it's news and which it's titled David I breaks silence Cox trump. Rigged elections and the unseen puppet masters one of those and I would say it be at George Soros today. They are never seen the video of President Obama dancing the tangle with that Argentina woman. Do you know. If she actually in 2006. Pose nude for a cover spread in Playboy is Argentina's July issue inane is more could delay MOR a TO deal why. The Internet is all blaze about ten feet any appropriate in this Obama going to the baseball game. And then also down to Argentina after the Brussels bombings couple things one. I do it like he was saying that don't let terrorists change the way that you act that President Bush did the same thing when 9/11 happened. Said don't go out do the things he normally do buy things by. Otherwise you're giving terrorists. Power and I kind of feel bad as for Argentina and the Playboy model you know what he apparently turned her down numerous times finally acquiesced. And dad danced whether I'm sure he had no idea who she was so hindsight being 22 when he left on that one probably. However. On the Brussels there. Couple things wind I cannot believe the number of people that walked by people that weren't playing injured. A basketball star European basketball star from America. Wounded in the lake people walk right over top of the Denise Lee he's eating like a lot of blood. Out of laying on the ground. And yet people are walking by just blows me away that we assess society as a human race. Would actually go and totally ignored him. Another human being in distress so that part about it on the out but on the positive side. It definitely reaffirmed that in your buck up thank you should have some medical materials and some guys some tape bandages tourniquet. Things that you can go and do to stop bleeding and help buy time until the professionals get there to be able to go. And actually administer aid and you probably she gets of training for that as well it's not just to save a complete anonymous person. But maybe you when it your own family members or friends definitely something that we should all be seriously thinking about in fact it weighed on me so much that. Over this past snowstorm two accidents in two days at the same place happened right in trying to meet. And both times that little flash that guy laying on the airport floor in Brussels I gotta stop and get out and help out. So hopefully I'm planting a seed for you to be prepared and be ready to take care of your fan. Or if the moment presents itself a complete stranger. For what it's worth here's sale lots of nation for you have you noticed that gas prices have been creeping back up to two dollars and the lowest I saw I was like. But sixty used to. Now some of these places are showing a dollar 99. Went DD 995. Or just a regular unleaded. Why is that my. Debt is that there was saying while we're converting over from the oxygenated fuels to a standard gasoline now and so we had to take some of those plants offline. And I'm sure you've probably heard that there is a new Indiana Jones movie being put out to go to sky watch TV dot com. Have a story on there which is kind of interesting this is not cease art. Five surprising truths Indiana Jones films don't care movie buff and a history buff and might be interesting for you check out. If you go to. Natural news.com. Ticker this story US Strategic Command actually has. A zombie apocalypse plan completely vegetarian and bio engineered GM all zombies. You know his disability get read. In the US government start planning for. So I think about blocking dead all those other zombie movies that's actually probably training films for us that the general public on how to deal with them. Whether or not it's accurate and I have no idea but still treating them nonetheless all right so question for you. What do you think if you bonds may know there is a possibility. That your boss to the robots in the future and ventured deep dot com have a story tall robot CEO eat your next boss could run on time. That's about the fact that robots there and improving faster than we think in the invisible rise of robots to eventually controlled the earth. Sky net is closer than we think people that at that point that somebody's gonna hack the bus did everybody that chaos multiple raises. And fully paid medical and then the owner of that company is gonna. Freaked out this is really gonna upset the environmentalist but apparently in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Now Ira dongle volcano is releasing up to 50000. Tons of polluting gas per day. Which is really gonna rampant global warming for them or what knowing I'm sorry it's called what environmental change actually state that there is a possibility of a man. Eruption is imminent. And at least some that's the statistics that I read that if you have one really did. Mount saint helens like. Volcano popping up it has the environmental impact. All the suvs running on the earth right now. One volcano and imagine his super (%expletive) much to crack patella or doomed by a faulty. Until Yellowstone doesn't pop. Is that would be Medina. And if you don't think it's actually that bad fur like the mount saint helens and had doesn't have a huge impact just detected Washington I was in Calgary Alberto wind mount saint helens blew. And we had ash in Calgary all over the place that summer was by far the coldest wettest miserable summer. That I have ever experienced. Global warming. Don't think so I say it's coming now that Powell get on board. This hasn't gotten a lot of traction in the mainstream media but there are. A large ration of holistic. Doctors winding up dead some murdered some killed in quote unquote accidents definitely would make me think twice about being holistic doctor. In fact that most recently holistic doctor and family killed in horrific triple murder in Santa Barbara estate doctor Hahn was actually just speaking and a holistic doctors it and be his wife and their daughter were found dead Wednesday in their home and authorities said the killings were not random. That from my ABC news in Santa Barbara if you want to check out that story. And finally with the meat that meant coming out and Andersen's Superman police dark five on YouTube. Has five baton and gadgets that actually exist in real life. So put it on your must have list this weekend take a moment of reflection think about whether or not your houses in order physically mentally. Spiritually. Because of dean is playing out and we're just punts on the table I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner. Always have your back up back with you. He's in Cheney's week day mornings on Ellis. Nice night.