Slacker and Steve - OPP: Family Hates My Boyfriend 3/30

Wednesday, March 30th

Krystal comes from an Asian family that strongly believes in traditional roles. She recently started dating a white guy and her family doesn't approve at all. They talk down to him and constantly pester her to break up with him and find an Asian guy and start a family. How does she get them to understand that what they want for her isn't what she wants?


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And don't know if you whose. Who just you know sounds maybe she loves letdown for her family's just Haiti's. So do you really need your family well. I don't boast prides most women do need their families through yet. Why now why her family hates this guy no crystal. Yeah yeah I tell us what's up. This only cash Lopez shell car. 8218. Handling and eat and act like analyst with I and I recently moved out. And if I you I mean war thinking. Or just about a year. And it learns tab and that pattern in which you are backed ICH. I don't want you and I each and I'm not only is just not happening manner. Owner and our own neither and and air pressuring me nonstop such grammar and always talking guarantee them and much the only good shirt they beat Clinton I mean they're married so I know I. I am slowdown and start having BB it and. How he feels old I harm Tony can't. Okay. Yeah. Disease everybody else in your damn I mean is it. I I I don't. No the Asian culture that well but I I mean. It seems very tight mid is that is that pretty much what every does everyone in your Stanley they've pair off with someone of their own slate. So that my sisters are my cousin and I am not only on live at her bra harmed somebody who's nice and easy and you know I think it. They want me to break up that a group like yesterday. With this every year Greek yeah act and it cleaner by 800 super traditional. You know I still get this should not be that they get a deal on nations that export to what I why aren't actually on film though. I live public are not current form and each and I'm totally in love with and the. Sand won't know. You want to get married and I wanna marry him. And I turned up I don't understand why they can't be happy. DL do you are you have you ever dated an Asian man. Yeah I can I scorned you know all explicitly thank stirs. Super serious relationship. And you know if you don't really great guy and you can't Leyland mean. So it can't wait I don't understand why. My Hanley can't just get out of there on the last day I came to America a more opportunity. Why can't say if you know old be happy for me Steve and I am. Question for you answer is. Is this racist. He didn't get it yet why let me because I'd I'd always say yeah but is it you allowed cause you tradition have a tradition has been going on in my culture for thousands of years this is the norm in my culture to not once. The marry other cultures so why how could that be racist is our. And not like ten dollars in bonus yes this your coming to our country with your norms and it doesn't really see I don't know if this is a wide Stanley saying they didn't like there have seen any loose you or your son Islam or color or black or Asian. But I'm winning it's I I don't know I I it's just it's an interesting question yeah those are your quiet. Do you think it's racist crystal. I mean are treated today I feel like. I'd like every parent and love man and I am I want to respect your opinion. But I end income and content kind of the path. And his family was like oh we don't like you Chris topic is Gerry and I would be got that totally resent. Well what it's like they don't hate him for what he is they just don't like him because what he's not an accent is still very sorry I hit. I wanna donate goes black guy you don't like you did game. I saw this so it's the good guys you're gonna cry it's Hillary the rim is still remain yours that is here. I don't wanna failure trail many more has always persecute made himself he's gonna have to go to you and say look I can't be around your when you have to go failure trim on their Unger is I can't do would you give up your mind for this guy. Hanging in you don't women. Yeah and trying to target or not like you know they they've given me I would retain. Check out of the country and economy but it's also one of those things where. I tried it that much pressure on him dead today Hewitt Republican inventory even got to that point what do what I'm afraid. To move while I don't I don't know I mean I know that other men and women. Has dated inner racially and probably face the exact same thing you're facing. I might series I mean we're trying to do you were nice but my fear is most kids are gonna be right. Ultimately it's you it's gonna come down to a choice between him and that there is if you love him and you want him and they are just staunchly. Are people marry our people. Do you have to choose is no compromise there I don't I don't know how you get your right I don't especially when she's talking about your grandma crystal. Our share. Good luck they think of white people at least in it's you can't blame them but. Yeah days and she's she I mean if she was an American and she probably thinks internment camps search you don't insanely your. In NJ in your man kind of embodies. I you know though he didn't do anything to ask you consider. Bugs. I don't wow I don't send it that night and video I don't sleep. I can't. I seem that crystal. Because once. It's a good ostracized and I'm not Cyrix everybody in the Asian thing there are staunch they don't want once they are no lights and there are you know you'll you'll cut off you yeah yeah yeah out. All right crystal we're gonna try to six of Korea so. Hang on I know there's other people have been in your in your shoes racially interracial do so to wean. We just opening up to I mean what if you've been an interracial relationship we need your help. But if if you've specifically. Did in this type it will be involving the Asian community I mean. And I don't know I don't know that all cultures on the way. Asian cultures are but I most of my Asian friends. Are married to Asian people they are and it's very heights families you can try to yeah. So. Is there does anybody have the right words to say. You crack through this or is she just screwed. And had at all she used to move on phone without the guy she thinks she loves. Non steeler. I you have. Reason to. So basically I would love let me present clear and both my mom and my and they'd call me not eighty yen. Are people. Hadn't Alfred. Cold shoulder and she wanna park that and stuff like that but the lowly bottom are out of luck and I exclude them Darren holidays and stuff like that and what we've got to the more it kind of got another on the bench and and end up liking and then blonde gunman lived there their pattern that's visit there are found her own children. Those we can bring in them people around I don't know much. I don't. Bruises everywhere I go I mean I know you're there are racing yacht I don't. But just having them around man on the sale when they kind of got used every bottle down. Exactly and now I mean it's UN very happy about I see this same way you know aren't they you know Asian people as well liked to have I think you are only you know I kind of opened up band and I would like them and they got the most. So then essentially what you're telling crystal is just. Damn hell or high water and I saw I keep bringing Kevin around and eventually nano he will either nice him be we're light cams. Well how. Well Kelly once crystal still be around we love crystalline water during the filming an exotic fabulous yeah Abiola more lenient that's that's sings it's another world is a deep he's worth everybody's throwing down their ultimatum like you should do the agencies and I love salmon and yeah if everybody sits in their guns everybody loses Curtis Taylor you gonna date Asian user or you or you gonna go out of your race yeah. I'm open I saying OK I think there is all right may soon does look to somebody else is already likes dump heavy lifting you just really got to know so no bad side thank you for the call and I candy. L'Oreal highly group. Yeah. Yes so it will what do you see old men doesn't revealed that I am married to somebody that's from a different country and now. The true America. And I you can nod and Porsche. Portland just you know I mean you cannot. Use weird kid they're going to marry. Legally and only you can you can absolutely usually do traditionally. Like I know and when we when we get into this topics. I know some people are very religious you're talking the other did you know the Muslim states yet if you marry outside of the more someplace they don't like cubicle except that the you're not allowed to have your city or are there. I have my heartburn as much warmth are not sick not on his current pressure muddled by any means by at the same time and it took many years to them to around. And gay and trapped when they found out I was pregnant it was that I was going to we're gonna learn how to track coach you're later. I mean it was a little intense but like I said they they definitely still live in our culture and I appreciate and I can respect that but at the same time each. This still America. And judge I'm sure once she needs consortium that you don't go spar with those guys that hopefully her parents would be understanding at some point. We did you did know was your family okay with everything was it was your husband's family okay with your family being anti wherein. I know. While we didn't include being married traditionally like let's look at it that way by my parents they're my parents are totally cool understanding which accords that first Erica hill like the slate tablets like the stigma lump what's going on empire and the like instead. When you say the word Muslim machine Blake. You know you just picture you know what you picture appears stereotype yes absolutely yeah it'll look like a guy he's you know he's outcome of the European Muslims so. A woman there is okay night and check your cup well big. Still relatively. I just you know the. Heard you. That's probably move on with the diet she really think that toward that and hopefully her every little crouched and didn't look it just sucks that it. That she has to collapse pressure because. I have felt that pressure and it's just I don't know that's just not for me wanna be alleged. You love that person that's a lot to overcome just to view there's a lot of youngsters come just isn't there any Muslim Lara. I would say it took a couple years cute are those who. Sounds right now but it could have been and I'm sure that most parents would probably lover she was Mary show that. You know complete Muslim girl or spoke their language that's another thing they don't really. There and next country that they don't list like they're in the country they love like there and our own country and they don't go out to eat they don't really speak a language they don't and you think about sent another separately it page they have wanted me to learn their language like are you kidding me like. It took a crazy language and I am. It's it's definitely learn you know learn my English. Is not. I know I'm good to take your answer I don't jam yeah I mean I doubt ultimately you know you choose if it's worth dainty. Beyond the las seat. Not only when you took. So I am Asian NRA has been in a mixed relationship with the white gal or almost ten years. And started to get right term would be you know pushed her but she really independent column very americanized. And issue we look this guy is passionate about and I think she can probably her own but know that throughout the entire relationship. They get married especially acts is to get that much harder. She's gonna be fighting an up hill battle the entire time on suspicion which Stanley which language which glued to it everything. Dear. Sir I did little exhausting. But it shut on it really got tight and shall we. You realized hey you're Weis. Pastor loves you more than anybody else to put us on that crash today in March while. International at the rest are my family a lot of country wish I cheated and I recall where we got home and estate. Sat down at a table she burst out and here's where he would he would talk to exhaust the arms and and she's she put up her own you know a lot of trying to shore with. Crystal I'm you know win when your among each. A lot of tragedy we Dougherty speaking our our own language BP don't be negotiating they're not lol are you are trying to be light QB money they'll speak English speaking nation dealt. Don't even know how to you don't you're gonna be fighting that battle the entire time but at lower and then you add that you know that. They lean on each are there and you can and keep sir I'm. Gathered end. It and it's OK but just know that you get there you have to be hiding out I battled the entire. You better be worth it no mind John I know Jamie thank you for the cost city then I assume that we Brazil they also I was most of them speak English I don't mean. How presumptuous wouldn't be like Rummy there'll. I'm huge Brazil's fairway even their home you ask you what do I don't. Hey let's get switched my leg let's set up. He led losers so it's an ugly American idols it's passes I should honor. Yeah yeah I think we led however I. I'm what do you hinder a quick I actually experience there with at a very very good friend. The family actually got so that they stop talking to our. Her go to actually a boyfriend mistake. I can't have a bet you you'll erect a ballot your family. And in the process that bat he understood where they were coming from bad if they're valued at their culture that they don't want to live. In the American. Scheme of things as an example you're Cambodian and Cambodians have lacked any can't divorce rate in the entire country. She things it's an area in other Cambodia and that's but if they jump on board relentless why you saw the. Get married and you know their wedding. Would that can birdie but it was a three day ceremony and it brought the world to me show. Wow they like being at a much different level than American yeah yeah song like literally they. It was a bit odd and ceremony where they found their hands any other sort. And they adapt our bar hours because if they reality of the ceremony led you to death and her owner. Your tax Syria and yes so it's really seriously Angry Birds consistency I'd look at me yeah. The meal like employees are just starting to keep the idea multi track. So Mario and my arms not tied it contraceptives sword down. That's why it's so I mean doubt that you and you've heard it called. I don't know it's Kevin didn't should really look into what you are here as much as Chris those I'd Gina. Yeah I nice when you think I. I mean I don't not not think that's I think what on operatives to register and enter your I'm verse generation and my husband went on American. In fact get a call but if you can bring him around and he does it respect your culture and he I'm. You know leader spackle toward your preamble. And welcome. Since if you show the failing that you're injured gather you've been together for a while you're probably looks like you're gonna be the other for a while longer maybe that's easier but he can't come in like we were just on that would mean going to result he liked what she sand Norfolk was bragging about PG AC and like. He's got to come in and just go Harris hey guys I've talked airline bridge just keeps your food and you are worried if you if you come in and a lot of Asian cameras have liked. Some weird things to eat like parts immediate aid if you wanna go blue. Here you know you're doomed if you've got to you got to assimilate into a man and not expect them to root for so well for you this is going to be hard on both parties yes it feels pretty much now worth at this time he's still wanna sound out no will take more comments on mine now FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve fans.