BJ & Jamie - Respect The Money 4/04

Monday, April 4th

Sean Weatherspoon, a Linebacker from the Atlanta Falcons, found a six figure game cheque in his house while he was moving.


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Vijay and Jamie. I think shark NATO I know we're a new one. And David hassle up saying you know it's gonna be called the game and dame yes you know and the national go forth but way kittens. I like likes our. You know 4000 O'Leary can wins else it will be out July 31. Sunday night July 31 on site Fatah. It is that I really do I know it's so stupid I know it's stupid I like it's funny stupid. It is like the blob but remember those movies yet entertaining it just is very irritated me. All right one other story for you quickly here I think you hear about the professional football player. That was moving. Last week and found an un cashed payroll check. The guide his wife bought a new home. And so the movie or maybe even was traded from the Atlanta Falcons is somewhere else Omniture but he was moving from one house to another. And gearing is moved he found and I'm cashed payroll check from the Atlanta Falcons for her. 138000. Dollars. You know we're not playing time or. And forward Alex. From five years ago and Snowden and have a passion and Bordal and in a nice years ago. On 130. How would you like to be in the position. Of way or 138000. Dollar check and noble and a look at it you're not freaking out I mean. You know position coming forward Alex and Jamie. I get yet afford all get our Abbie gogel cash go up thoughts. This is a 138000. Dollars. This kid let lie around my house toll got completely lost and they didn't even know what was missing. So he doesn't do direct deposit. He does now yes. That's his excuse. He says he does direct deposit the data glitch one week with the team and everybody got out a check. Instead of direct deposit. And that's the one that he lost her hair to castle no business and another news there objects. I just come the fall 138000. Dollars. And they just misplayed it is as. It is now he and his wife does not. Hey we don't do any and picking up the amount let you know when they may. Those million trillion dollar contracts. You know earning in the. May indeed he had a backlash from markets uncles and cousins and people like that that are struggling right yeah so today they're like homeboy at Baywatch up for the family money through what I do know it you know get. Over there you know 0% one. If you know I spent money money won't respect you as a Oprah. I respect it. I. You know either I think I think respecting money is like keeping up with the money just knowing where I stand. Being able to you know on him that somebody asks you hey you know news of the rumba yeah I got the money for that I can do nowhere to stay and yeah be responsible and not being so deep in debt. Yeah respect right Charlotte NN I isn't that what they did Jon and respect keep track to track and hike it again. No she leg and then what she says like. You need that I am pretty all facing the right made. On his leg and and you know when you have been carried out pass and face it away with that little heads in the right way and and monetary value like when people do that I was tens money's like that. It's my wife is she likes it's got to be all lined up it's got to be a numerical order that's respected and it beats to Brinkley she will be out the iron and flatten it out. She irons the money that she respects that mind you've literally seen chain and iron money she likes Chris. Chaz done in awhile this week I received already sent racy like the eighty day. They are pissed that the English act they see fit she keeps current. Geneen are talking about respect in the money you're talking about worshipping. You're ironing the minds. In doesn't that's beyond reach that tendon in Indian open it's currently in its square. He does so cruelly that and you believe that you really does. She advises them let them my money. I don't think Oprah mentioned ironing the money is something. And starch. Aren't on. The money. He irons. A month. Yet according short. I suspect Steve NT weekday mornings on Alex I.