BJ & Jamie - Facebook Live 4/07

Thursday, April 7th

Facebook is rolling out a new feature for the regular joe.


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Vijay and Jamie. Let's go to shore up he's back in the N newsroom OK Charlotte from a studio that posted this update on this story that's going to be huge for FaceBook. Yesterday it was announced that FaceBook will life is about to go live for everybody. Not first started out as FaceBook bench it's been Jamie and I had taste of Mitch for awhile now twelve. You can I don't understand this is Paul I'm from all new leg he told me about this I'll last month. He's my guy and did isn't really collided all the time. Well I get a test on it spoke a month ago so when it first came out I did tests on it week with certain pages if you're a celebrity page is now on that kernel as she and celebrity pains while. I don't know why he was selected it could be because he owns businesses so maybe businesses can I don't know their page is still celebrity is no money if you have certain selected. A FaceBook for some reason went through and they activated this feature which is a live broadcast. On FaceBook they activated for some businesses celebrities of one not for a while there as a test. Before they opened up the public now it's going wide open so called FaceBook life. It was first called mentioned it's now I think they're changing it to FaceBook like Sean investigating force he's got. All the DT. I'm trying to download it right now myself but it's basically what you said FaceBook mentions is for public figures. And now this base but live is going to be for every one brand and the air live moments in Libya with a live stream. On FaceBook to right now we can do it to certain groups. Com. Let me ask you dance bands. And so unlike any given notice every time somebody's settlements on and I beliefs here. Equity could turn it on or is there just turn it over I okay. Machine you say turn it off all of them you don't get my phone sometimes. The notice is just turn the. Be careful you're gonna fall on your chair again I think she cares and stay. So I really am I thought I do any agrees to adopt and then all of you start to notice again to all fun yeah that's true we. Yeah it goes to turn jurors aren't. Yes. In the settings of ghosts and it should we it is saying and even having like I. I know what Twitter about a sorry I'm sorry yeah. I don't say well I won't say turn it off to be more okay and that like I don't feel. Don't ask and yeah everybody that. Well for me I've turned mine off. What might follow in the off button works he needs all of them are so that everybody now we start children. I think it's live now they say here that basement has been no I wasn't nice it's not like yeah now there are investigations are going so well I. There is he doing different things that live right now we're an exhibit might not strategy. Last night on my alive my account that did not go. And I've seen nobody else people duties I don't see any blanks stuff so alive yet I don't think maybe. Okay we're looking critics right now today we're gonna. Three day wait until that last hour. An article and I found out. Two day were rolling out the ability to go live on FaceBook groups and FaceBook events. Life is lied in groups allows you to broadcast to just the people in the FaceBook groups. Well yes I'm also seeing that FaceBook has been paying celebrities public figures. And other media companies to use FaceBook live and test it out so it's. It's active I'm trying to figure out a downloaded and start using my. Yeah. So maybe your group of blaze at a year my friend ethnic buying iron in so silly entirely. I don't think it's. Up and running yet for the news to eat for just your general feed it it's it's up for groups. He event and celebrities and morning shows like gossip and some in her tall stuff. They get to use it wouldn't have been using it we've been using it for six weeks now more. Alan I use it in my iPhone from the from I think one of the bingo says he was downtown LA. Claimed he never and a pair slow. Things like that. And the attorney to be against Paris open YouTube. Right what is it that snapped back East Africa. OK so this is it I wasn't thinking on my list. There's a good chance that this is gonna drive you nuts. Did turn out here noted but she and I already I already Laura did not notification I've seen your feet. You're gonna go to your FaceBook feed it's going to be nothing but she has mindless. Video videos. Bolts work because you know and hours of video of their food and set in just a yes yes that's one point and still seeing a picture you gotta sit through somebody's men I have video. Using data. The watching it turning on alert it's a FaceBook notes it's it's a map I can't solution. Yet. Here he's here it. If you think that. Or by unlimited data in Aaron I just need to see similar to so. Denny does whet my family to use FaceBook and for my god okay anyway here's the paying the ticket if ethnic shameless aren't as well and here's the thing. His remembered how we call eye for talent in college where you you start looking at somebody's profile and then the next thing you know. And you see that they have like the tragedy in their life into the new click on that story and then. The next thing you know you're and that any chance mother's sister's wedding photos right any rain no lump your and you watch and that's the right. Well that's the thing is like I'm going to be watching two minute videos. I don't care. Don't care you don't care him right now does it kind of drive you nuts let me tell you pet peeve I have with FaceBook when you scroll through your news the all the videos that get posted that that automatically fire up when you get 20 yeah. So I just it drive you know it's because it's flat and I I go right by him yet because after German speaker off now when I wanna watch something to turn this vigor back caught. So they they activate automatically. Now you're gonna have the same staying only you're gonna have ten times that in videos. Yes I think it's going to be a pain about. And now everybody get me telling everybody everything everything into a bad now you know it's words. I Wear in the age of the southeast and south easygoing a way which we call list. And in. If she called something you know to go back to them yet his image in the southeast that's going now we're all gonna video week video games where we're all going to be video we saw on going to be. We've. It's coming Agile and yesterday I mean it was being heralded the questioners to a bar is well I was testing and I was just do it's I waste my time. Well I just I was really putting well I was reading about it and I wanted to test it Jamie how do you do. But I will tell you who periscope for example I can turn on periscope it within a minute I'll probably get fifty to 75 viewers. Yesterday I fired at the FaceBook lies. Her for our show. It does seem a recliner with a yeah well I guys Gianna Doggett burlap as creepy as lead lawyer isn't within ten or fifteen seconds I had a 150. People on. FaceBook like that was so fast. It's ten times what periscope this. But it's gonna be pain but at the earliest and probably in yesterday's FaceBook was promoting it as. Now every wide that has FaceBook. Is literally ATV broadcaster. Yeah it's like you should mean you have your YouTube you have your own TV a lot. This is why those are like YouTube YouTube's not lie to his record I think they have some live Wentz doesn't when it might now but I. But it's like U2 WW you'd like all cute kid didn't and that person isn't he cute kid now there's millions you kids. And yet but doesn't it and anything Kryptonite and I think you know you're watching three hours YouTube videos of cute kids now are put your majesty with my life. Somebody is Vijay internals that I auto play feature in a video on FaceBook. Yeah I don't know I don't know I. I hit it automatically turns back off it. Yeah often born I don't know why it is now in but if I guess you say to me like an idiot he should turn an all of lot. I reject it because that would save the almost. And that is that it won't come back on it does come back on it won't turn off aren't so. FaceBook life up and running I don't who's got it used to doesn't have its very confusing when you read the article show it. You don't. I think that's a video that's right it's not. That's just a video of him we when you read the article they don't say like the launch time delay. They just say it's it's out there and it won't that article that I was reading from was published yesterday because I only want to. I think tonight's download and try and yeah I tried my I see you guys requests. I bet you know that people actually videotaped themselves playing candy crashed yet. You think you would do your paycheck. It's either food in video form Annika I'm gonna fires hours apparently targeted to their workouts. The early show that he's on his way he ends I did like legend elevating form on the beat you now. I mean sometimes I would say they ended it. The problem is you when you do I like my girlfriend has those templates and I love watching those templates that you didn't. But she can't sit on to the best stuff but now if you Wear life. It's just gonna be hours of nonsense. Lunch you know it. I'm fired live video right now and you're not go beyond brilliant move beyond knowing that you just put me in showing up again which will be fascinating. Yeah because I saw your video yes it is to get better left. Yesterday was tests Keegan bond gadget as it was only just and I kind of fired bright and we'll see what happens if that candidate is bad and we'll see what goes on. This is gonna be huge if people are gonna do is crawl Lomas thing they don't like that. Each inch each weekday mornings on Alex. I.