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Friday, April 29th

Parents want laws requiring in app purchases to need a password to run your credit card. Gwentyh Paltrow and Chris Martin's divorce is gentle one. A college football player expect to go as a high pick in the first round of the of NFL draft posted a video of himself hitting a bong mask. His agent says he was hacked, but we're not buying it because you can see it's him in the video. 


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Vijay and Jamie. For me a hat. Honda is gonna last and love it says a lot of fire alarm drill. I'm not sure. So another was a drill and well hopefully it's not the real thing you know well I never saw an email normally they tell us shores probably in the know. He has he said it's a drill can actually be evacuating does bode well. Nate mating here. I can hear became her and then there's strobe light that kind of let me into the thing. Yeah a trance. The trade him know that legacy injured Jeanne of those can kick off season. After a life and can they have to tell you like it this movie include global economic stuff. It's going. And I know spirited Sudan that. I left with strobe light and when you mean they had a party yeah kitten at some kids showed up and as one of the content they. You know seizure because of the strobe like god. One of the rooms in the fog machines strobe light yes. Well yeah that's enough. Yeah it doesn't say in the email Allen would be lasting that is just to drill. You know because every time I have over to my house I know their entire medical conditions. I know everything a medical conditioning via a play I did you I'd for the one little boy have at began home and says he's allergic to that peanuts. So every single time that we have them have sleepovers I was say is they think any you know like his chosen dollar ended GMA medical condition. He's got covered each static every self you really do it I. Well I'm not really ready but I am I'll try to bait I saw some than to along that same lines. And I'll try to study in L a bit more I read somewhere where you know those kids that are spend all the money on those apps. Accidentally like buying in I'm against the smirk that they bought a bunch of cherries whose birth to 3 PM and it cost apparently to thousand dollars for. What your credit cards already in there in the system and you just hit. Okay I'll MySpace does your seven and before you know Eason 181000 dollars yes on cherries yeah I guess it was an early yesterday and again I'll I'll look more into it I guess it was a ruling yesterday where. The parents are not responsible the company is. Yes in fact a couple of companies have already been hit in the past and this happened a couple of days ago where it weird who was. Was at Amazon and it was a big company it was that they got pounded. They Maurice settles some of the other companies like apple had an end I think AT&T might have been involved I don't know but but there's slight down like a billion dollar cell. Yeah but it and now there's a new one on the horizon investment here is gonna be about the same thing. Yeah how wrong they they're saying that. The company's. Aren't upfront and in these games in they're just they're hiding everything a kid should not be able to just get abide by. Well that's the thing in the kid knows it kind of what it says like are you eighteen and over you and they hit yes except. Knox and so I think also said they need some real Winnie. Two to identify the kids ride or that I they're calling for a password. That would every you hit by in your gonna purchase of Italian well my name's Dan and apparent test to put in their password before anything can be purchased my son can't buy anything. We can't I think eulogy at the Verizon card whenever I like apple cart you buy him a gift card you can buy that he can happen anything on my credit card. As I don't have my credit card in there good move don't put your credit cards into votes known. Because when you put your credit card and that Apple Store and it's there this Agilent India. Is that is big name it. I answer I have for this so much crap about divorce today and makes it can set. An abortion well no I've been talking about the divorce is seems to be a thing. Gwyneth Paltrow. I don't and it's necessary divorcing her she now when she's just come out with him to. That their divorce is very gentle noon. Until. I've never seen a couple handle a divorce any better than these two physicists I mean they really. Are in love with each other in their divorce it it yeah they are under the law. A lot I've never seen a couple get divorce court vacation together live in the same house together with the kids every day I gather. But they're still divorce or on tour together but they're still divorced they handled it well. I mean that's the way he should do a divorce. You know why. Why why because it's ten times. She weren't getting what they know what the word is flat age conscious and coupling yes I'm just thinking of John. Yeah the the fourth or conscious and coupling no other just gentle Obama. Thirteen year. How she says this right now. You know you don't need to feel angry or jealous. You just need to feel. And I. The animal released and I'm old Marat you know why I don't hear anything else got divorced you don't get back together yet divorced do what every wanna do. Exactly I mean here's also in the news and the reason I bring this up because there's less people that Matt is. I'll my guess returning Kim Basinger talks about her divorce to Alec Baldwin. And this is how they divorced. Like 800 years ago rights. Seems you know so she just did an interview about her divorce and she basically said that it was it was completely ugly. It affected our daughter Ireland to the bone and to what she did is she allowed if I don't need to. She didn't care if Ireland went to scribble on the walls along. Which is not a scribble on the wall of them get a divorce little minute no let the we let our kids who wants because we're gonna paint room. That was cool yeah that that is fun that was really and they know it's that one time thing India point. So she said I don't need to express yourself and get her anger out group yeah she did scribble all the on all of the walls and yes you did hear that rumor. Never heard that rumor but now I know. And she said that basically. It was an ugly Denver divorce and that her life completely changed when she decide do that movie with Alec Baldwin in it's. And then instead she knows now she should have picked sleeping with the enemy because she ended up sleeping with the enemy act. He thinks he said that and that's or were pretty profound words she said never ever ever. Think in your head as a woman that you should date that the bad boy. She said because that's basically a bad boy ends up being insecure. And what does it insecure and and the bullies. But she's thank you him that they can hit you thank you Jim. I just a steady couple days ago said the bad boy it was a way to go girls. When she says it's not they're insecure bullies that's what they end up being and you should pick that tenement unattractive man who is kind and has humor. So basically issued just holder knew that it is dating ugly but only a funny. Probably a funny. Funny he did you see this who got a new quarterback yes we did what is. Paxton lynch. That's his name you know as a kid like movie Paxton lynch is meant to know so he's from mom Memphis is that right Memphis Tigers you know anything about him. On yeah he's pretty good real good isn't any six foot 7245. Pounds they aren't good quarterback. So should be good picked. They're draft was interest to last until eight and normally that he's really really boring yeah but there was a player last start that lost to millions. Of dollars they don't even know how much. They can calculate what he's lost. So last night during the draft. Yeah pardon story out there. They kits from Ole miss. His name is I don't think you really matters but the kits from Ole miss he's being drafted up this kid was expected ago. In draft that's not relaxed and you're well known and I'll talk about a different here. This gets more miss. He was expected seems to console he was expected to go way up in the draft like you know like the first five picks weekend's big money millions of dollars. He plummeted last night why haven't I haven't. Somebody. They Klein I find it suspicious packed into resist agreement account and posted a picture of him. With a gas mask and a bong smoking marijuana. It really just prior to the the draft and it cost him millions of dollars. Is a really him do you have oh it is again periods but it. I mean he well I called home OK so let me get this or I'm trying to understand it does it's a bunch of words that I can't put together. So right before he went onstage for the draft. Somebody hacked his is instead Graham account and showed a huge picture of him wearing a parent. Yeah mask with a ball and an. Is that what I'm hearing yeah. He's even crazy out here at. Yeah I don't know if he was there at the NATO lord stage but you don't sound like nothing that no known about it now I don't know where it was that it's time he might have been there in the audience for all are not in which all the draft but they put this picture up there and it's also a video. And so in the video he literally starts coffee and takes off the mask and it's clearly am right so he's identified in the video now Sean and I had this conversation prior to you getting your team had to. I didn't understand it Denny either. Not getting and I doubt I may yet and lets you see the picture but. You when I had this conversation earlier Sharon correct. I don't buy this hacking thing. Right I don't buy. He's pissed off some woman somewhere. Somebody down the road that's not gonna get party as millions for making it to the NFL. And they are the ones they had his passport and posted this picture. They they always blame it on the head he. Yet we can it's on his Twitter account I'm looking at it and it's. Larry meet Tom's that'll cost closed at this picture and millions they said. Our deposed before the draft item. Dramatic heading. Yeah I'm saying he's he's meet someone met. With Sutter sink as you said you don't buy the hacking. Somebody in peace had a relationship with in the past has his passwords don't tell me that's. I had TM they're claiming that it's an unknown source. Is somebody that knows how can I liked it. Well here there's a lot of football crap I don't know why but Philadelphia Eagles running back Ryan Mathews girlfriend Kayla. She didn't Graham. Ripping him for allegedly cheating. But he cheated on her own bank shooting shooting get on his is incident she got her on her own she says that happy one year anniversary. To the biggest lying cheating and stump ever match. She says I have yet they lovely. Wife with your groupies. Little. He's angry today it's not bright enough but everything. Don't know him. That Philadelphia Eagles right back with zillions his name is Ryan Mathews who. These are two of them are happy to let the thing with paint meaning and that Gatorade tribute. It's just say commercial series is coming out that they talk about how Peyton Manning is written all these letters over the years. To these various people that are very important is life and it's very it's a loving warm. Touching video did you weep. Now I didn't we at least you know and here's the thing and I'll read some of the audio civil Plavix. Teams. Take action when and I love Peyton Manning easy University of Tennessee got top former bronco. And it seems that. We knew becomes all these people they strung together reading this letter. And they finish each other's sentences. That would mean that he wrote the same letter to have. Everyone at that and what did not yet just a pat Leonard who aren't going to get a solid pull suddenly audio will prove it to you but they they eat this like one guy will say. You made it different in another guy will say in my life. And it's like okay. That's Letterman did you go to single error or some other reason in the big Manning wrote a form letter that's what it appears to me well I. The concept but. Send everybody the same letter to contend. Chain letters pages filled and that the year. John Elway yet did dear oh dear don't Marius Thomas Barrett and they got like coach dungy and yet but they finish each other citizens are reading the letter. Up. This thing where I just feel like. He probably didn't write a form letter you evil bastard you. I'm just saying when you watch the video that's the one thing that sticks out to me it's like OK thank Susan. Richardson senate's. I was he just is so short on words but. I. I get so little weirdness I mean I get the concept we can be really sappy about it now how what an old terrific person he isn't. I'm sure he isn't just lawsuits cleared up that woman that he hog but. I just set it it just seems weird to me. Am Serena Williams is getting all of Danzig grief people are mad. Did you see her picture did a man died a photo shopped. As we don't let him fans are outraged after a photo of the tennis star shared honors in mr. Graham come. Appears to be hate all over Photoshop and what were they set though because she's not proportion in the in this picture she's an athlete. She's a lover athletic body she's she's mentally grown. So she's a mean person. Well no she's just. Some people like her dad be proud of her body against it says Williams was voted some people magazine's most beautiful women of the year when album of the world actually. She shared a black and white photo earlier wearing a figure hugging swimsuit. Several people commented that it wastes into play teeth in it does it's like. Her shoulders ire. Being and then her waist and. And so obvious the city. You know what it looks like he knows mirror seeking stand in front of they give you like it knew leading waste time but in your kids all exploded at the carnival yet that's what it looks like. Yet says dumb people are saying that it's ridiculous and disrespectful to the human body when amber. He really. It is kind of predicts an inlet statement. Look at me I'm being very disrespectful to human body myself well why aren't we all are we all every minute every lawyer had asked the but with a very disrespectful to this body. Investigators are looking into whether Britain should die from an overdose and whether a doctor was prescribing him drugs in the weeks before is found dead in his own. Are not as well I guess that is so. A law enforcement spokesperson bubble blast said that among the things investigators are looking at is whether a doctor was on apple. On that plane made the emergency landing. In Illinois less than a week before prints dot. They're looking to what can drugs were on the plane who prescribe I'm telling you this is another one of those Michael Jackson this guy whoever this doctor is a yes man could be. Is gonna go away it's just poems and it. Could be Beers and other part of that print story to you that. And we saw this coming with a love child. There's a lunch and you ultimate act of Minnesota Mahan yeah now claims to be prince's love child. He's filed. He's going to fine now that that the yen is his moment in a relationship premise that. And that he wants to be in charge of the 300 million dollars. I. Well I'll be take about that there are no kids there's no white. I mean you got one sibling yet have another hundred million dollar and all the money will go to if you had a kid. The sister she's out of the picture the half siblings obviously out of the picture this kid we get it all so this guy comes sources art and I. We here don't know what and when you look at the picture. He doesn't look anything like print. Up he doesn't not. It's a league is a good move on his part. You know what if nothing else in you know the sister she's got to be irate now because this and she's gonna tied up in court perhaps like my dad what she needs to my lack. They're gonna take her double what can you know she needs the money that she's like. I. Guess the I do. I was gonna get that purple rain motorcycle McCain but now I gotta wait that you can actually this is gonna hold up. The court system down because this does go to file and and now they're not gonna do anything. A. That's where I have one more thing that that that is kind of exciting. And let me read it for you now since the weekend coming up. Be here. Can help you lose weight in. Yeah this is Dick totally gets everything that we've been taught you asked. Absolutely. This is fantastic great news right ring to it says studies show that beer can help prevent kidney stones. Stinking your bones and healthy digestive system. The scientists have discovered another health advantage in your brew it's called compound our lord. That come bandit egg. Here outs or Britney tightly. Kept happening again. Yeah yeah yeah it's kind. Yeah attending the comeback that tune to the luck. Two to digital look to return to tune to move at all. Moon. Noon and then my back. It. I didn't know. If fans who elected. And bring in is like he's as good reader Yang and it was blue moon. Santo who mobile delicate and it was in the room they all beat up that's bone and was a little more. That's a yes man. That is a yes man I don't feel thank you. The compound that examine it more big hand as good a man right this doesn't have to ask you as Nixon. Into he'll pummel the Google it's an actual found it it's an actual events right in costs they can benefit we must. You can lower your cholesterol and your sugar. And stitch. He's true to get the weight loss benefits as as a normal from Bayer you have to. Yes it does at least 3500. Pints per year but how do you hear that it's just that's just a big farce. So I need to get me to order tonight 3500. Beers million but a Canada I think it. If he had 3000 Beers in a year yeah in order to get the effects in this act and not an out bureau Geithner that I can get a problem at the I'm seeing people within 3000 a gears a here. They're not gaining though not snow. It out tablet to sneak into each weekday mornings on Alex I.