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Friday, May 6th

New Apple app that allows your mate to see how much battery your phone has that way you can’t make the excuss … Can’t talk Battery is dead!      


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Vijay and Jamie this new ample lap it's bad news. It's yeah it's really invasive it's bad news I used this excuse all the time I didn't do I think. Does not batteries did I couldn't call you back up batteries did you could reach not stated but no I mean. I seriously is about time you probably I believe you. Selling and have you ever said that it was dead I think everybody does I ever Linda you know I'm Heidi everybody's that Fiat ready excuse yeah guarantees but now there's an app that can tell you how much power you're partners phoning it. You can Ollie and I slowly got to you know let me get back you have to find my charger piling up 1%. NASA says. Another thing that I think of. You said that to show on the floor now have a shot. At nighttime it was dead act dealt but but you guys are saying you're accusing apple. All right you're safe right now so good it's only for apple IOS right now yeah Liz what does it it it it's. It's. I have an apple phone my girl by fiance has an apple phone. So now she can literally download the app to find out how much battery I am psychic never ever use that excuse unless some busted lie. Yeah that's what it says the battery share apple lets users see each other's battery out of power level and tells them when someone is charging their phone they also get notification if anyone is running low on juice. And the maker set I created does that because I have a a few friends who I just. Are lying to me. Yeah I think so yeah they are who they are because everybody does it now you know him and I have to do I thought about this you know put a lot of thought there is a battering great. Are gonna literally have to let a battery duck. So that she got sick. Yeah sort of say it yet so there would she does what bunch of all he's only got to pursue my Dottie yeah his battery is that I'm gonna have because not most of the time when he's excused to batteries full. Yeah well so if he actually do that anymore I don't know deliberately let it the only good news is that I guess you know both people have to be on this app. So that's the goodness. Well again that you're going to be forced to loaded when he had you I mean here I mean you're going to be at a Latino black because you're and to me it's like what you're gonna be forced your partner if you both have the iPhone is coming to android is just better talent. So if you end the iPhone apart it's gonna die if your gonna take time to download it because they suspect that you're seeing your battery is dying and it's not in your way you should in heat. And they're gonna is Sissy you downloaded tip ICF. Adding a lot between parents and teenagers yes. This is really works yeah. Yeah because it seems like my daughter. Her battery is never charged because every time each creature and it just goes to voicemail about five minutes later when it called back. It's like a sorry I had plug my phone and I'd wanna answer because I would have dropped to my batteries dead appearance or visit are you going somewhere quiet so I can't hear well. Yeah here's the difference Sean. Here's the difference was with a teenage girl says OK yeah I think for me for me I. I'll let let the thing run draw down and because that's what I'm gonna have to do now right. Teenagers not gonna do they get too much of a social network going on out there they're gonna miss a call they're gonna miss a party they're gonna miss a post they're gonna miss something so so their busted. Yeah they are right because I'll watch my kids call and that phone eagle and they had their Al they're looking at it and stuff but. When I try to do so for some reason without a guard at the end of my canceling nine I forget that you teenagers. Eagles sneak out of the party coming down from somewhere quiet group yeah I think I get a little pull ma. Yes you are you being bamboozled I think I. Think it answers. So what I feel you're gonna Columbine you know the apple I thought I don't know. Honor all labor and Dryden and we're getting out of records 18 I wanna know your Stiller yeah it does he turns his deeds doesn't. So she turns it costs and can you still see how much battery issue all of the phone's turned up he had an idea. Yeah you can't I think that's that's the way or exit if they even turn it off you could tell that that batter didn't die until later when. This is gonna sat Mellencamp and what it might do genius it might it might record. The battery life always open to where they turned it off enough so that that we shows that when they turn their phone off the talks now. Because you can't you know using GPS takes but it shows that okay they have to have the battery was a phone off. Mosquito is do you have the GPS thing on their phone Fineman phones I do not know I've I don't track and we. I do well they have no reason. And I don't even do it I don't mean do for a reason I just dude had a tear curiosity that that they pull it down. I don't I trek all three of my boys in my phone. Yeah they got an early phones though they bought their own phones and so why. I didn't purchase the phones and and given to him as a gift where I could say hey I gave up file and I'd like to put these apps like Jackie I mean it's there'll phones and get away from a phone. Even if they live in your house she is still track and. I like that. Right yeah I mean that did it. Now if I'd gotten so big on solids that you pay the bill there a frigate that was a pretty good they're here as in December outside your house she could still track I am doing it you might tags. Tracking not on my son's phone right and it's always at my house this deal is not. Yeah you know the photos at all so I do it might well but it looks like it did is somewhere in this altitude and the thing that's funny it is our. Beware of the the app does not in that sense by the way and it is only an apple. But it's commending android you know it's just matter of time and they're going to be able tractor battery so you can't use for your buck. That I'm telling you act will get took place were we can just I didn't look at your text messages I can look at everything on your phone through my phone I guess you could do. Maybe with Bluetooth and you do. Now. You know thinks I don't think you can look at a note you connect your new phone yes and I like that I think. In that I have that I think in your phone if we know kind of I don't I don't think so I can no I don't think anyone can sink in the my phone and see pictures and text and all that not yet anyway I've. Because if you're doing okay hat may be doing the business and he's kidneys. Home. And when I wouldn't be my that would be grouped but why there's so button. And bones when it went well my scene but he's used when you see. To the computer and on her right now I know the unite can do file sharing Jamie and we can turn that on and touch our phones together and you'll send photos back and forth. And yeah. But I don't know that can access you have to access do you have ought to do my time. And there are enough. Well yeah I know that I don't mean half TNT I think that UCK and look at itself but there's going to be a time where. You're gonna be able that you you and I agree because were married and I wanna see your phone at all times the app that there will be a time where on it via the look all is to. Accent on your activity yeah I agree with that don't quit caring to foment well. If you get a read my tax arms I'm not good to be having a phone on me. Note that those it's the ones you will need it that's what I need it now cracked a change each weekday mornings on Alex. I.