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Monday, May 9th


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Vijay and Jamie it's Richard Murphy with conspiracy corner question for you put a seven of the world's most smartest people. Think about artificial intelligence. Help us evolve or kill assault Sam Altman. Nick buster Bill Gates Steven Hocking beechy cocoon. Rakers an old Elon Musk. All have weighed. I have to say yeah. I'm looking through. The answers. These guys not to turn. And you count 123. I mean the closest is made Stephen Hawking believes he can be both miraculous and catastrophic. However Elon Musk who is the founder of SpaceX. Also Tesla Motors says artificial intelligence our biggest existential threat. Is tantamount to summoning the demon to boost you've got to. You can read the complete details at time dot com and just search Smart people a and a related story this Silicon Valley billionaire. Wants to give us all robot bodies. Scott Henson is purpose that is pushing this and you can find this story at mother board dot vice dot com. This much is my AM body aches and pains and has problems I really don't want it to be stuffed into a room. Sorry. The end time forecaster. Dot Blogspot dot com. Is just closest story dated Sunday may eighth of this year. Senior American official says Obama will not finish his term and when you go to that site first thing you seat pulled surprised. They Def Leppard. Picture you can find and DIA would apocalypse behind it cold. Always like pellets the statement from an unnamed senior American official. Now the story did appear Fox News. Back in January 24 and fifteen. Here's something interesting to consider does history repeat itself yes I think if you. Ignore the signs and ignore history. We are doomed to repeat ourselves over and over and over. As true in life isn't it when you go and you can keep making the same mistakes over and over again it's not really a positive a learning experience. Well there's a story out. In cheesy dot com and which is very interesting 17100 years ago. The mismanagement. Of a migrant crisis. Cost roam its empire. You see what's happening in Europe today although the Syrian refugees that are coming over there could this be history repeating itself. I don't know. You would think London at least try to observe it but unfortunately our egos I think has hit a human race. I'll wind up giving away all we're gonna do it all different now we're way better. Way better as I shake my head now. Now granted FaceBook is a private company and has there are. Basically can do what they want but two it's like to think that free speech is in play and he knows a whole reason why they started it in the beginning. FaceBook it is admitted to censoring conservative web sites. I imagine that mr. Zuckerberg said you know. I think we're going to. Take a more socialist. Liberal stand. In the post that are on FaceBook it was we feel that there. Not to in line with our thinking we're gonna take them down so where's the conversation. To. Try to formulate ideas left and right. How can you have a common ground if you keep deleting and censoring the right pitcher not doing the same to the left. Would now the center and now slipped to the left because there's less on the scale of ranked. To balance out the scale from left. I'd never all the political brouhaha a billion days inside the blue Teddy mountains yes folks it's true. In the summer 2003 in unexplored area to be kidding mountains a team from zero department at top secret. Section of the Romanian intelligence service may need to. The discovery. Of the decade. May be the century of them life. This could completely change the destiny of man kind. And the United States of America exercise colossal diplomatic pressure on the Romanian government which intended to disclose the findings studio and tell you who. The implications became far more complex due to the brutal interference of the order of deal. Would not pay up up up up both pleased to honor that's got Ralph what our world. Which side to take control of both the location of the discovery and the joint Romanian American expedition. Apparently there are two memorable meetings with the leading representative of the human body and a top built up our remember that first. I just wanna say. This is absolutely. You know the Pentagon a spine with the satellites. All right if you want to read more about this you can go to the seven tales. Dot BP dot com. And search out alien beast inside the Cheney here the Afghani mountains that said do you see EG. Notes. But gadgets on a sand before it's news there are some very interesting stories you might want to check out first dust gluten claim screen Elizabeth does not human. Some of cities reptilian. So that was interesting country and maybe to check out. Also. A little buddy John Tulsa back with new information your job will hit the floor. The entire six conspiracy finally exposed to. Navy engineer I saw ancient ruins aliens and top secret bases in Antarctica. A US make equate to initiate dollar crash and the end times may 22 it's Bible prophecy. So. Couple weeks away parked out on your calendar. General confirms reptilian extraterrestrials. End that greatest cover. Three sunrise is caught on tape began in Australian planet X latest update. And if you're cancer doctor you might wanna read this eleven cancer doctors found murdered. Within three months what do they need. All right that's keeping busy crazy times people crazy times remember. The event put on clothes. Happen when it's least expected and feeling like least expected is coming up on us very soon. I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner remember. Always have your bug out bag with tips and more on Alex I.