Kyle Hatch

Saturdays 5p-8p and Sundays 11a-4p

I am a local boy who graduated from Eaglecrest High School that loves all things music. I am compelled by the stories behind the artists and what makes them successful and I really enjoy sharing those stories with you.  When I’m not in the studio I can be found in my garage rebuilding cars (my current projects include a 1968 GMC Pickup, a Z28 Camaro and what may be the dumbest Jeep Cherokee project known to man).  Additionally, I am a firm believer in fixing my flaws to become better.  I once weighed over 300lbs but have learned how important nutrition and exercise are to a long and healthy life.  During 2017 I lost over 130lbs and fell in love with running, biking and playing outside.  I’m a single dad and the most important thing in life is my son.  Together we share a love of movies, video games and walking our two dogs, a Mastiff named Sparrow and an Australian Sheppard/Rottweiler mix named Guinness.