Producer Sean

Sean is a Colorado native, he grew up in Littleton where he still lives. As a small lad Sean always like to entertain the family and friends around the fireplace, on cozy Evenings and warm summer nights out on the patio. Sean starting working in the trash removal business in his teen, but sean knew his talents were meant for more than just karaoke bars and open stages... After a life changing injury that has left him with one short leg, he knew he needed to follow dreams, and do more with his life! He began to work in full-time ministry as a worship Pastor for a Littleton-based church. He and his wife Shaina of 16 years raised their two children and worked together in the church. As the children grew, so did that desire inside of Sean to be an entertainer. He left the church and went to broadcasting school to follow his dream..... to be a part of a morning radio show. After only 10 months in that school, Sean was able to secure a position answering phones and being on-air with Jamie White's Morning show in Sacramento California. After one year on that show with Jamie White, Sean was hired as a fill-in producer for the Alice Morning Show. When the BJ, Howie & Eric show came to an end and Jamie was added, Sean was a natural fit as Producer. Sean is able to bring his wit and musical talent to the show with custom parody songs, comedic timing and a willingness to make fun of himself.... He may not be the best speller.. but he has a big heart!

Sean is honored and excited to be a part of the BJ & Jamie morning show!!

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