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Wednesday, June 27th


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Staying on ethnicity either goes really well or does it's wind it's wind something looked like it was something and it was something else it's not what looks like that visit our Brazilians are. And the reason we are talking about joining us now it looks like stories it is. Please send this storm jetBlue plane at JFK. Because they thought I was being hijacked an acute and all the way news should have. Roles and it's important it was all good idea little window going oh sure. And I didn't want to go to. Apparently it was taxiing to the runway. Arm and all the sudden all the please let it stop it and boarded the plane they made everybody put their hands up. NA I think it took everybody off the plane. And the reason it's one of those it's not what it looks like. Really understand what happened. The attorneys radio offers something or just some normal of that do you eat a little worried it there's so he did. It made it looks like his plane was being hijacked. It was out of moral procedure and apparently I guess there's regulations involve certain with the radio. But if you are maybe a set a secret signals to somebody yes you could turn off that. It's said the FC AF AA says cockpit experience a radio glitch which which cut off the pilot's ability to communicate with a two out enough free there and how do you immediately says there's terrorists some of Islamic terrorists that's could be one of the first things I want is cut similar communication. Want to read wire so slightest kick you in the windows on. I thought yeah. Hey. It's a question yes has a terrorist ever taken a plane on the ground. Yeah. Yeah I knew I know they waited until they were already in the end though I know we're gonna delayed here now instead in the seventies and overseas and in Jerusalem and all they did welcome. I remember him. You. Side note number two. It was a lot more prevalent when we were young for some reason I remember it's like other hijacked nobody got hurt no but they were left to right you're right but as I want you Judy Cuba and they want it one yeah. I'm there for some reason you like crazy and did I don't more often laughed yeah a guy. Well anyway it looks like it wasn't hijacking you just didn't charges radio or something you up early the passengers got to get back on me took would you still go. Too as the worm going. Willing do you know who would you LA now it's those guys where he sings it weird enough then I just cancel. Wait I thought because that you don't weir wants what the odds of getting weird again you would go. You would you would not go there's a part of me like I don't claim ornate. We're there like it started out we had six on the it's like Ali breed another flight status and we think we could exit has been good to go about twenty minutes and then you see the dude. Jethro come does look. Yeah. Sticks and he's got a socket wrench likes. You're out there and then we all got to get on that thing now become a gallon since the Hugh so I'm taken once a plane's been mocked hijacked I don't think I'm not done whether yeah arms so let's look at what kind of happened to me recently and this. The and I were just a matter apparently happened. Every every parent Mike's my kids is at a check out. So they go in and I mean you can just stick to close often. May examine the whole body I mean it's a doctor if they do they look it they want him. Push on everything you make sure your developing correctly and they look at your spine she's got school meals is or whatever you're so ignorant. I mean Udoka but on his friends called to ask permission and everything. It is we don't want. Like we kidney donors like turn comments like they like and then I'm going to. Move your robe to decide I need that OK and so it's yes it's I know from its Hummer yerba. I guess I don't look at my kids and they did announce any more of what I don't date number any day 01. Anyway my daughter is it's her turn she puts on the down and she gets up on the table just before the doctor gives him a certain and there's like. Bruises all over her what do you do. I know you. Guys who's been served so I played I'm. Eleven ask him like I'm trying to like move covers and like. Yeah what do you tell us already got almost to some like all my daughter looks likes she looks beat up. We recently asked to word can. Asked her I was region. I'll you I hope. Dad usually it's naming hair but he's been miss certainly when you see I know I'm Barbara just saying she's I. And she's due in the light kinda dumb kid getting. We're she's like I remember remind me you big league club this amendment who normally please galvanize doctor that none of it. But do I look like I'm making any excuse for The Who. We do. She would ask if you have a dull I can point oh yeah. Now now. Looks like I swear I would never. I mean doctor Q did you at least I am and of yeah. I've gone down and did all the parents always go through Q is like you know when your kid has a meltdown in the grocery store. And you've got to pick them up and might get out of the store and they're screaming and crying here and a de detained. Absolutely it now looks like her kidnapping your own child's a mum on the superhero mum on the road like we into the stores like still they said he's now you join the trial. I don't like a big advocate of the carcass she's free can count is now one a looks. Are right. Army upon us but there isn't and another story where this Gary was help and he's he's dead clean out the garage. In dad's night just to call a scratch and to the dumps are. And I guess a dumpster was a drive away or sometimes I don't understand but he throws somebody's backseat never made over the dumpster went hiking the next day. And we go back to his car keys and remote area of the wilderness there's a cop shining a flashlight to Magnus cars like sir won't we ask questions for you. In the back to this caller well duct tape broke a shuttle. I would ask how would inquire. In Europe the middle and know her legs where's where's the girl. If you brought a news like I swear you know it was it was by a dead. How good the bad call is that America we've price still Wimbledon I don't look good does W throwaway. Doug tick why am a good hooker hook up pickup truck. You could look at you have no farther than that in a while the so this is lower and try to dip. If you've got a story like. Peace something happened where to the naked eye and it looks like some bacteria. But it wasn't what it looks like we wanna hear all about share. Well I what I might and I. At. Our. Door with an opening it up and running and our order her. You are and you're locked. Stop whoa you're locked out of your own. And it added. You know and that it you know out there bottoming in the in you're had been happening on. One more and I was on my really sure how well our car. He may pick me I'm not and I spot on the outs but back. Yeah running in the middle of an intersection. I. OK. And with. All my guy I'm gum about people. The enemy I. And calling him an ad they. Reggie Asian all the hype and not little but let me move over there and they aren't you can't remember surrounding it. She's just real clear. If he. You've been adopted out of the big panel call now that's who. Eat. I I know that wasn't what it looks like it. Later gumption yeah had to be closed and open. Thanks to the globes. Are you kidding me. Please welcome run a little behind my band's running in the middle of an intersection. Come friend then. Julie. Yeah I was. I. Eighteen you are working out a young mom and let me out here and eat there are all the way to the floor. And I was like where you need you know we need to get out well from now IE he is looking at an alpha. Oh yeah. Yeah. And. Download you know we can't at a time there are two of the arm might not really here. And it'll let me ER and you know wait light hand when he Miami that I had them under the green you. Hole got looking to do oh yeah like you. You jerked his arm out of his sock do you know. I would like that eating moderately. It at a fortunate not technically an. Another look at you the late IQ the current that it was not for very. Just like alleged juror each of your kids or out of their ignorance when I was disciplined I don't know I don't know down behind us and talked with moma. That is that's. But at Erie. Indy Charlotte what we like Spain and next we'd be looking at there totally hunky. He normally through you know where the bullet. Does. Yeah it's usually yeah. Mixed. Yeah right I'm out of sight. Sullivan college sophomore year and doing laundry and the like to be longer and those little chairs sit down while you waited and apparently they were like some girl left her underwear and and I sat down and renowned tonight parent. Own she. Went out later locked down and I told my girlfriend what it on your parent. Philatelic bone marrow. Dude you talk your way out hopefully they'll. Had to explain where should outrage here believe me or else. She broke government the other not to go to our. Okay. If so do you think a piece of bounce you know yeah isn't still clings to you and it was a whale tails I don't pull well you know like great under. Are. You go down for that but they are next time there and. Yeah yeah. And I'm leaning liquor started meaner. I won't be on Larry it or not. The jury did its. There are like. Two. Nights. Sure if it I mean I am older guys got to sell a few of these really you have to see and they're gonna. So not a tagged well what do looks odd yeah I geno. Yeah I'm sort medical device strapped and Baghdad that it pull over this if I had something in my truck mixer. When it was moving things like you know these two to hammer this out well as special doctors how to use it. Osama Soledad some license plate confidence when I got all cops were there. Gunned down. And and I'm like try to get a record like what's going on there can you open up to ultimately be open much longer Michael shook so let's let that their body you know my. Well there are things. Yeah I got all this and out could.