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Thursday, July 19th


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Staying on and on about unit to a mixed. Stupid thing image crash bullet in park radicals gallium cool. You do and we were paid attention night. That so many car precious for stupid reasons it's like this on May be crash sites where you were blinded or Bob Ababa Oxley car. Box BG crass Steve's just sheer will power to try to Bruin and old man's life made him crash. Yet you'll why do you remember. You're just a bad person I know mom. Inspired to talk about this including major crash by a dude who's a semi. But the guy and that. A flight flew through his window on the he was in the southbound lanes of interstate 65 near lol it Indiana. It's bombs. Any and a the we have crazy McKenzie on the terra haute almighty god you are yesterday she'll out one of our listeners to decide where Herbert occasions going to be. And Louis approach focused aero and we know we've read and we didn't call a fair portion don't we get a check and see if she left for Terrell yet you're watching ascent it's I seventy Nolan did cheering yet. She has not. She you don't Tara she's she's getting her affairs in order and most likely leaving tomorrow she says about 90% chance she's leaving tomorrow she did everything she's crazy enough to actually go where this person told you she is plus we already found a place to stay in terror roads that defendant she's already looking at things to do there ya she's ready to get the F five parks. Is she gonna spread her dad's ashes and Tara how I don't think OK well let's was our worries for these are you from there is no but that was one of the same shoes I try to go to caimans. Spread my dad's ashes inside wool or if we bring in winter despite you've just read your dad. And we said like all college I don't Sox. But we'll I don't hold natural fruitful life and you have some color satin decide that I get. That's true but you know what plagues Terrell I think that doesn't apropos placed adult things I don't as opposed to what you mean I don't know a lot of though we didn't refuse it did so anyway back to this actual story that has nothing to do with so in Indiana this in Lowell Indiana. On a flight unity cameras do semi truck he tried to swat the bug. And that moment where he was distracted she hit a guardrail on the right side of the Roche made construction. Barrier. The trailer came loose and split open spilling 42000 pounds of plastic rules all all over the roadway that it's hot it's it was a mess. If pull. It rolls what does that mean like Saran wrap I think so IE and it looked like. Kind of stuff you wrapped Pallet sinners don't they know wasn't quite that big because it was scattered everywhere contact because a sly one. Life just slowed he would swat it'll go well that's a tough first there during this wasn't very long ago that somebody come got in a car crash just a spider. Only free now on I would freedom more respect than fly. Try to get rid of aspire don't enjoy your right feet. You just rolled we we fly your truck. Rolling down they drained a vacuum huh. Hey you're our local sort of upload a lot of the right out for right there were like nursery today. The kind of enjoy when that flight instructor the car like Beckham might tell you are nowhere near where you started she had no idea where you are now. Honestly I don't know why tires I love it makes them feel good in the side make up they're gonna mess you mean no messing with you but but but but look at some real. Mean this straight you're just gonna run to the grocery store up. But now it's like it's in your car so you drive down the springs yes Massa with the up so it's too soon. How does god. Luck and you don't already is stirring not know if finally and I like today. Right the daily misery. Can this brings. Which went to him and I don't think you know he's going to be a manager of the ticket but we on the home Darden could compete with everybody here knows it. We truly want you don't stupid reason you crashed in Europe and now another good one was a kid stole a car. Either way and he's getting away and don't know what what made him crash won his mom's companion in the elections ball. His staff K he's that he's stolen Toyota Camry he sees his mom coming out well. They Bruce had on political movement. A San Francisco woman blamed the moon moving in front of the sun as a reason she didn't see two pedestrians walking forever car you mean none I don't know clips is I wish. I. Really don't want you lose. All. And you ended. But she said she was blinded by the eclipse is glare when she plowed into a mother and daughter. Small tips Superfund I don't they semi truck driver how. Choose to get loose and he took both his hands up the will to get the leverage necessary he can. One truck must control she speaks crashed into a tree she lost all his teeth are yellow. I think the police pulled donors are close and he showed the 2 all now I am pleased to open musical it's five now. Don't like. The how much did you get better. Mostly probably nevermind I alternative ArvinMeritor and don't be shocked. And well would you say this isn't ridiculous. What else is there again I. Two dollar bills on that's Q my parents love do you like to know who dollar bills a little white face and a quarter. Where did decent piece of home in June no rate was higher back then she get one of those old school dollars yellows are usually pretty popular or supposed to be talking about now. People who try to pursue degrees oh yeah. And now I've got us on our own. The Tooth Fairy breaks yeah exchange repeated. Certificate for the total gym or try to focus you've focused you. Well there was this means or a bug or your mom coming the other way you what is the stupid banged it cause you to crack. Jennings. I John Boehner and then when I'm in high school I had my friends steal my car by collect insurance state. Don't didn't I don't roadway and it got impound. It JD hit out but don't let it didn't hear it tiring and it didn't skin look at. The real age Trier in court every. Every track and Pratt that whole. Million each and I had that the total meltdown. Sure right in that shot at instant karma. It was karma I mean here's donuts is stupid thing because your crash but it was it yeah there was some really amazing to see it was karma because I'll hook you. I committed insurance fraud and then the PS percent to tell me how bad now lives actually you know real soon. Re still did the insurance so pay further for the damage and everything. Am so let's dig a double whammy about her crucially NASCAR announces that. You. That is very that's a great reason red ants would Yahoo! definitely made most of those crash bang you Janine paley. Yeah I he would cause you crashed. Are back sixteen and a half is I have a car not on my bet in my car. And I want strict family there are good YouTube video and I got her rear end fifty. Yeah and you watch in some real cool video on. Well half make a perfect shape with the with the. Other video game and in yeah I totaled my car. Fifty miles and why now. No doubt and you cause a major snarl do it's that good. But they're consistent and ask your old defenseman did you finish and any other in chicken with the. How I never did it again but I told everybody act. That's a different reason cause that I never told anybody why this. Jack now I know you can check you. To see if you were involved in taxing make they can go and triangulation you know yourself on company will be given out collateral Satan tell if you were watching them video value I think you are under I don't know I betcha that's does that mean they're saying we're excited hey officer checked your history they were just in the middle of a muscle is Dallas finds another way to watch movies now you know you suck we need to make you. Dude I did a whole season of office between here in my house I draw. Me early. She fer I don't crash shook it to me dad took the silicon your crash. I would never make the boyfriend and we crashed into the people in front left and I reread it was driving area. As an hour a week later I dumped him anyway. Q what did you crash they knew what happened you guys who got one half knew you were just on him you're just making now of them aren't. Checked it and while Chelsea you've got to just when your driving you know running he does other things you can do but don't just listings now one of them now you don't you need to keep. Yet he's got to focus especially if he's won a good if he follows the proper etiquette of the kiss your close your eyes. Exactly. Otherwise you'll go green beer like I Syriana good she's like gonna rise annually news. Yeah no let's send her dumb reason grass stakes you've heard all Rachel. Yeah you know I hate what caused the crash. Me wouldn't. I opened throwing up. Lol. Why you're writing. While I was Gerry green I'm Tom I hadn't found out that. Hurting out I was pregnant. Slow. Thank you world all over yourself but just couldn't handle it makes. There are no I'm not yeah pretty much into the motion pictures and I just. They go out but I wouldn't I am seventeen. Help. Prepare my mom. Think not only do like pressure carbon I'm also pregnant there is that in your prayers hunger we will look let me know we'll see you back. It's a go to another goal to become pregnant. Oh god that sounds so scared say you really called the Danielle. I tie me what caused the crash. How about for years ago in my brother grant driving and tragic other thing a lot but don't. Are your lips and we're pretty sure you. Good god but yet it's been pretty you hardly ever happens. There are beloved like twenty a band though are you kidding each. It's. Just an experiment a slug I. I remember coming up behind like a car interior than have them on the personnel choice you don't talk about it was too late as the quickly ninja is now.