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Thursday, August 2nd


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Steve are there. You know it makes people really really angry when they listen to our show all cumulative time for rundown I know there's a lot. The role of mounted one of the things is the boom we play certain sound effects yes this is sure they hates. This one. C'mon. You're in traffic gets so we can we. Move the heat this one. It's failing to grab my it's their iphones. And most of all there you know they hate this week. That's the bustle and that is. And that's why we decided to vote the next few minutes to this. We're talking arms we yeah. Snoring is OK I know left to your. We hear this effect so I would like to point out. I don't remember I think it's I think over two years and yeah over two years. My son is over two years on Ellen no that's why he's still my you know a couple years ago was the last time you brush together it's because you've been keeping these young Iraqis at a street Keisel weird some aren't you can tell you my license plate number which need not actually Samoa it's just okay and if you're actually small and you're reading an angry letter. Talk. Thumb but he he got sick on. Stuff that you make her run for the border on cinco de mile. Home. And so she bar sad day and I I don't know what happened the lights ever says indexing go to my we were sitting around music you know it's been a year since abortion like how would you know as I also I'll never forget anything about it and since then we've had to 600 miles he's made Bailey earth. He's gotten noxious but no. The same sort of food for I mean she's even gone back to the border and he's not good proof of foreigner millions let so the kind of stories we want. The kind of stories it started this conversation today started with this. On the pirate ship ride malfunctioned a good deal NT you to watch Steve Begin to bring his hands would even thinks I'm out. Why are you so afraid of it because of this they can't get it stopped including a spins you Europe's laid down her back in four and you can't stop it. You just stuck. And you can't get off here is need a Pennsylvania amusement park on the pirate ship right did in fact now function and they couldn't stop it for ten minutes it was one of those that just pendulum like he gets high year do you think coordinate U media absolutely. I saw you just like spinning. Betsy you everything about this I hate. Yeah I don't the most seats that I can't be in control and if it doesn't you can't get a stop. I don't you could just just pretend journalists what I can do you mind works. Many of them I would barks the exact imports I think I'd be okay be all right knowing that they can't get this damn thing stop. The anxiety of Mike said in a little bit under the motion for you it's not enough motion yeah I sinks. Key would be if you're on the ground crew and you can't get it stopped you need your legs walk. Calmly. And axe makes. The more you're running around now the more I'm on the right don't when was your when you could look he had posada isn't good so bad happen and gifts if you're down. And there are like given us the thumbs up like. The I feel like OK but as soon as you certain look of panic I do like work. Organized on our Hong worst screw you act that's not good yeah. Every penny tonight I'm if you fill up now the other thing is. If if if you're on the boat with me I don't I backed import doesn't make me hurl you hurling makes me hurl. Spoke up jacked severity one hurled for if they initiate loans are all stars of friends that I know you're just does that happen. You guys were on a boat late in Mexico on the series between mom play Delcarmen and cousin now we hit Brian Waters. And I don't get season you were are you. It was it was rough waters so you can't be out on the deck we all had to be under Oka and we're all just sitting there I just want personally. Don't. Personnel and I'm like what do you do. I'm me no matter I don't care. And iron constitution when you're under boat you can smell. All 45 person ourselves stomach yeah yeah I suspect who go to parks and it's gonna tell you see the area. I'm a slow news. You all and it happened on a united flights from Dulles. Always bound for Dallas apparently it got it hit what they call win again. Everyone on the flight nominated. Even the pilots talked about this us and we talked about are you opposed a closely that you and the use everything that they just about yeah it is here in the front of the plane hit this stuff and you hear and smell. Clear call to serve in this senator just to make you guys mad for a mother is. Thank you. It's. Not your phone just a break for. But blew it does. Are so we really are story when we still have there's. A whole wedding Boris because of bad Mac and cheese and there were suing you're catering company is set up a triage unit 82 people were just about denying it over the is American she had staph Aureus and her own toxin in section that's pretty do. On and then there's one other one where apparently seagulls are flying around our. I had to bees. I gotta respect it's kind of funny to let I think you're right up Markham ice seagull I wouldn't kinda dishonest. We are a lot as a kind of dig you job what are react because we always do you have from the other end date somebody grabbed one of the Siegel's and then embarked on her leg what she started to realize all the singles bar send. Somebody grabbed one and the Siegel smelled like beer. All want you to read my got there'll drunk but they think maybe they were eating you up. Like the whatever one of the by products of making beer in a local courier sorry is it going and whatever it is think they're all yet you can just. Like on T all this and they're kind of hammered you know like I better get home and search Lyon and I'm the current. Unbelievable. That so I guess you see the parameters now. The parameters are you now do you arson okay Briere has embarked on by. Third Christmas stories not him we just want to hear your barks. Stories mysterious appearance against disease Sam Smith Pepsi Center the fog is Saudi person or should fit. Scott George and never yelled. 625423. Yeah I. Well I get on migraine Blake full below can't drive barked for ten hour. I think it matter what show I was having quite a Toyota needed to get hurt your hair out guiding not enough. Can't turn and I hate you create slate Meagher and care to come pick me up what's stopping like ever reach you lock it I need our. About eight aren't correct Nextel every I would stop it partially what our. Literally stopping every cube and look where you are had a outbreak of open door. And I'll and then. Go back up but don't aren't really turn it all and it is important right urgent care at our. We got there you were empty in the center of what was wrong with the truth with the UN yet but I got tired oh hardness. All out of the car though you never burst in we never barked and our need one of us now aren't they got a baby white flight booked guide. So low played. Kim brush my teeth enough after embarks. I know. You just you can never forget that Foley did yeah did you keep it squeaky and certain just call some odd hours like this these are some yeah I think she's earned us it's all right take you Jennifer prayer sucks here lovely arsonists the might share. Yeah I marsh. With the. Barks so locks or sure are December like they're about ten years ago when out party at my brother downtown. During which are much respect your apartment and not elated I slit his apartment because that I'll sleep in the bathtub. On Christmas Eve on the way back he does take you back I Tony advisory go to church to let parents and I birdied five and let that. Just complete standstill. That it should be again had to get out and sorted everybody was sitting at traps. And I and I did exactly the car's a guy yelled out marry Christmas so. Your brother but your shot together and it's this Merry Christmas have a whole. They'll let it dry he literally you okay. And that's my huge this is definitely more traction out of Murphy thanks it's no really it's really moved quite a bit easier right. Oh dear guess is that the the thank you for the call my kids but you you're stuck somewhere in your wheels are spinning and just play to the winners are we. Your boots dress. Luckily near either it's early early don't. Eight with regard under the Baguio but it isn't true action here at the the once throw well I've holed all that's that's that's that's the challenge now. God made bars. No denying that but I have three little boys barrel a few years of hard. And what are older nick we put them on the bed and went back everybody would Anglo got hit that found at UK in the floor. Mood I'm after and where in the boy it's bad Graham of court Brad and marriage. Our pick up our Victor did you gain all over the floor and train you know. And in about Graham and then we hear. And if you get coming in pretty rare. And yet I get. Expect the other handed you Q and they're the trailer you can you are one about your monarch who are. Well. Our spare parts on the art art backing and keep our every break. We aren't literally caught married just and. Just a kid is at the end of it just kids starving is your husband mark until. My retarded are seen as well they had he is a little went when they run the dog passed. To send you running the house. Looks at. Harvard and you can get all of her. Now there's only one way out of this and that is to pounder real estate sign in front of that place and get out there's no amount written right doctor. And you write that with the it. A considerable amount house you know this is a brilliant don't have. Funerals since he we make math there really nobody. This is us. This is the is gonna dig just a long to fix this. Yeah.