The 2016 Olympics are cursed! 6/22

Wednesday, June 22nd

Are the Olympics in REO this summer are cursed? So much bad stuff is happening. Now Bj has a list of bad stuff…. The Cycling track fell in ocean, killing 2, Zika virus….. they moved a whole community to build the stadium, athletes have been robbed at gunpoint, the pool is full of Mosquito larva, and while running the torch a Jaguar who was there for the ceremony was shot and killed… Bj ran with torch once it was heavy.


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Vijay and Jamie yeah. And when I was a child having. Changes since then there's always going to be the it's always going to be the only. Really Jimmy always it will be in the Olympic theme I just remember being a little girls pregnant friend that. TV and and AM after eight. ABC's wide world of sports. A the differences and then let the agony of defeat that they did and then the three. Victory and the agony of my feet you know that was wide world of sports that was the deal when. When I was little yeah. I was stylus the agony of my feet yeah you know. DT. I didn't know dusty I didn't know what defeat was. The agony of my feet and I mayor Michael did speed. Her but I've got a statement about the Olympics that are coming up in Rio they are first. They are first they are curse yeah yeah I mean there were just talking about a list of problems that have already happened and folks you've heard it here first folks. The Olympics. In Rio this summer art first. Bad bad thinks it all starting Nellie is weakened virus I don't usually backup BE Dan is like crazy. Thoughts but our first you you have to admit that the guys something really bad is going to happen now I don't think it's going to be like you know. Yeah I them terrorist and I go one man did he is talking about they have bad luck down mayor did you see Ellroy McIlroy or whatever his name now Rory. We're in the right. Roy McIlroy he just pulled out of the Olympic team because he said his health is more important in get Lindsay command bright bright red and keep reading that article you Rory says he says the curse. It did he said that you know now. I'm just trying to get that back up my thinking and the only person is the person. You gonna believe. Let me go to the list of problems okay. In this he's just look at some other than money saying let me let me start with the because I know it's on onion less money the money thing and remember they moved all of those homeless people got routed Dallas. They move all those homeless PR you know this all those people analyst shacks are broke they moved them a chance and nobody can see that the money thing. I'm the Olympics are at right now in one of the poorest cities in the world and all that. I'd bet that first of all that's this and even a curse that is bad selection to be artists went. Are now since it was named in Rio. Zeke a virus yep. That's why these people are pulling out the Zeke a virus that's a big deal guys. Yeah I am not big deal right well yeah to big it's big and mean we could have epidemic of children born. With you know what whenever that. Hingis. Second all right you got one seek a virus number two the bike trail that collapsed yeah. Killed two people AM remember that I forgot about that when they built the bike trail that win out over this canyon in real. Mean this is for the web decider do you event for the Olympics. And already it's collapses they didn't build it watched. It fell off the side of amounted killing people. Very deliberative that's the operative never are numbered Drake Ernie who only take ten to deciding. Athletes broth. Three days ago. At the place down in Rio robbed at gunpoint now lives threatened. It's not that it's not good now these bandits. And the swimming pool I have like it evil eye or something eagle I ease ease some. And another will write that down OK I think I'm in the den on the list while we're at what I think that adds to the blood to E. Coli generally proved in the blue. You know what. Though the into the ocean there is kind of dirty to do and then put under the ocean effect our collective tomorrow listed some coming. This whole thing about him being cursed and this is this what happened yesterday in the suspect I'll weigh Ryo three. There rosary no real three Ryo three yeah. Who any means Ryo 30 wasn't that. The thought of another horrible Disney movie reel three the hotel I'll do no not no no no no no this. I know I'll so I bet that they were doing that torch thing ye know how they moved the torch from from. In Germany. It's Germany no it's I don't know where Rome where they wrapper around them is that where they like yeah it's in lights and then they they take it to Wear the psyche as city sponsored irate and with the torch want. I heard back yet yet I can't win the Olympic Games were in Atlanta I. I heard it's the first person ever use a rash Scola carrying it. And are. Not take away from you phone netbook. Anything to tear me down I visit you on your little rattled. And the I've got I've got eleven. Here's how this is a true story Erica. They came through Tampa Florida I was intemperate time. They called me and asked me if I wanted to run with the torch and how I teacher I'd love to you only have to run like hundred yards out you have to go far don't because of so many different people they handed off to and they said well. You're gonna be an altered. And I know who can't see you writing this vehicle that's running with a guy who's carrying the torch and if for some reason the eighteenth fulfilling its job. It's kinda like the runner up to Chris America yet the that's what I was OK we'll just fortunately for me the guy chosen on that leg of the the eight the run. That I was the alternate. Was about nine years old. He was an old veteran from some war Korean War something. And the guy was like nine years old any rain like six steps and had to stop. Because the torch is really hit me. Actually yeah he had that he would sell you could pay your region when you go to Jerry plunged so he didn't have team. You approach it. You can put you into predicted torch. That I jumped out of that vehicle I'm like oh man. Coke all Smart but you just have a seat prejudge the duplicate it took until I took the torch and I know run in man that's our current enemy. Yes which arms. I'm down to bite didn't sewage arms fall but several tiny element like fifty are reeling it all went to a place like this in. These were like get torched the place where to have. Yeah. Cold it. I was there with I was terrible I was better than the nine year old got broad. Wore on me about well backed deal right the Olympics in Rio are curse this happened yesterday now how how does this happen. They have the torch not to torch ceremony but to running the torch through the city getting it to via Olympic village. Part of that ceremony as they decided to bring out a jag. That's why I had the jaguar if it's a chat. I felt like birds or about Rio I don't colors are really into the dead people okay. But but they brought out a jaguar to use. For the ceremony I guess just for props okay. This big beautiful act. So they go to the zoo in the get this thing in the Barley. Will they shoot the that the jacked up when drugs. So that it's it is just kind of like Blair played bad and sad wiring in Colorado loses it. Barry Manilow who gets this big kid is very mellow which is sitting Erica watching as the torch go by and stuff you know and well win the event is over. These drugs in the cat half have worn off a bit Bryant. So that can't gets a little bit more agitated as as there when they go to pet the cat back in the cage. To take you back to the zoo is connected to life. You got all these people but are there for the ceremony in the big cat where. Else where we all know where he stayed right there in the area and took a lunch at one of the security guards and the shoddy debt. Killed the kid. Now the chance in this is where I am with Vijay on this whole curse thing Emma let's let's reveal again. We have the people and the team still there have been moved and that I mean they are. Crazy in debt. Over the saying number what port city just absolutely bankrupt never get sick a virus did you buy a huge I mean. That's serious people or drop an Alley and yet it very serious numbers or. Numbers are dirty pools dirty dirty ocean typical scenario are dirty pools known historian here yeah. During the Cold War and hopefuls are eating with mosquito prestige and I knew it was three of them but to right are in the pool never thought or. Mike's I'll see a side of the mountain field to be ignorant. As their training it and number five number five is. Let's see at which robbed at gunpoint. Crime and a crime current number six and as it Rory McIlroy aren't the he says no I'm not gonna play golf dynamic for to losing the buyer is weakened virus so therefore most of the athletes are English the top athletes and guy. Second team plane yet again on the run number seven last one number seven big key jet jaguar. She gets off the leash she gets killed at the ceremony of the plane going through town and in DC of people each it. Its current he's seen its curse. I have. It's curse. Enjoy the games lately it was and then the thrill of victory and I am my opponents ABC's wide world outside the he's got nothing to do the Olympic Games the agony of Monty only done for your feet and got done we'll we'll be right back. Yeah any week day mornings are now.