4 Texters to Look Out For 8:40 10/20

Thursday, October 20th

Jamie lets us know the kind of male texter you need to watch out for!


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Vijay and Jamie. Crazy. My bad this is really important. The Ford types of mail techsters who break your arch. No no idea who are they okay I'm glad you ask you ready okay sitcom one of them. Taxing has become a popular way for singles to communicate but they're tambien downside when women were mistaken man's. Free quit texts. For real interest and our sympathies of the quartet to Texas to watch out for and tabloids like the way you are here we go on the sitcom once okay. Number one though womanizing texture. He's not ready to be exclusive that seeks female attention bruised ego that's not me. For this guy texting is his low commitment way to stay intact and gives him a great big giant ego boost. You can probably drive the I'm not bench texture. He seems to be romantically interested in you even though he's in a relationship many experts referred to sex relationships as emotional cheating. Obviously wouldn't like it may engaging other women this way if the shoe was on the elephant that's not me. A decent you know what happened the other day. Well it wasn't an infinite. You know scooter. Yeah scoot right remember so scooter Arab friends get everything school whenever. So I get this text from scooter and it goes yeah that's great I can't wait CME is there at 745. To. Fun. Jones probably intended for Davie or somebody that way he track you know and you went to you they went she's shown up. Lay didn't say where are all hope it could have been she's aware they studied him. Doesn't have a buddy named him could have a name but as a budding in my mind. He also has one name Brenda. Carla I'm. Didn't like charred pit it was kind of ambiguous tennis it was a female oriented and. I'm number three the needy text or this guy might text you all day Sean. Yeah once your attention in all the time. I'm sure on this either appeal cheer nurturing side urges get just takes little things all data is dated tax. Me me me me me me. And then no laying how many times a day do you texture wife. When we're together not just the the four hours that we're here work. 67. Team. One. Web today when he came to get me Aaron he was texting today where is seventeen today yet so at 5:30 this morning that. Unbelievable. Well I dislike the sinner nice things and smiling faces and has. So she knows I'm thinking about a 115. Colombian just out of the blue and look fix her breakfast in stuff. And next it. I. And finally. The last time is it can dry Dexter he showed a lot of interest waned and know what you're up to where you're going at first you're totally flattered but then as demanding dad's. They get old annoying and even worries and let's meet the puck. You can keep your good almanac where are you where are you when our. Get home now though you're so you've got dishes today here or not honestly. And then now I'm caring text there. Yeah big guy that bag it does it. Here's text I mean that. Tim. I did you are there any ides usually you know you know what you are decay. The cash. To say he is not I KK is quick Kay Kay's make legal crazy. Can easily be angry do you write these big long novels and I am okay. You guys this why women get engaged in the cycle because they write this really think big think. Scary and don't walk. Ins and the importance on Alex I.