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Friday, March 11th


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CJ and JDJ Murphy with conspiracy corner. If you I head over to YouTube and check out the mister enigma YouTube channel. And put in the title Mars mysteries dead alien found under collapsed building on Mars you'll be able to see where she actually looks like it should be collapsed building. Made of stone and it definitely looks like it fell down on to use some sort. Creature humanoid animal he really annoyed. Make him their. Good ticket I want to watch that story. Hang out and watch the rest of the broadcast for some very. The loud moments that will be shared with you on the all news pipeline this story for march 8 which says is NSA chief. Winds black energy attack on US power grid a matter of when not if also if you read the Ted Koppel book lights out also talks about the fact of how. Susceptible. And vulnerable. Our electrical grid is to attack and failure. Let things yet to think about too is the grid goes down or in this case when the greatest down. A supply lines are gonna be hampered if not stopped there's going to be shortages. Those shortages will cousin economic melt down. Chaos account and then martial law. And after that suspension of the constitution and you may think well again I got a generator how much gas to half of that generator or is it propane David Stern natural gas could sniff so. How long until that check statement suffice it to say that as the electable grid goes down. The United States goes back to the eighteen hundreds simplest that. To get you coal oil lamps and candles ready because your flashlight. All that stuffs can become useless unless they be and hand crank one. The benefits Indian peoples that might take out the electronics on that that you might have a shot there if it's some sort of hand crank generated electricity. We should actually go watch mad Max beyond the thunder dome. And some of those other movies. Just to be able to kind of figure out how we can. Engineer a primitive but effective way to generate electricity also I recommend the book of Eli and watched that. That is an amazing movie they're really gives you an idea of what happens when that you know what hits the fan and the great goes down okay. Here we go. Do you know who David I just IC TE. We'll keep Jones I recommend that you head over to YouTube and subscribe to his channel. David I. I CT. It's got a great video out called believe in conspiracies. You have a mind of your own it. And we do little bit of research on him. You'll find out he's extremely well spoken and has been the champion for the truth is the truth and his perspective. For decades. They do you have a drone well let me tell you this the Pentagon is taking a drone technology TD swarm level. They're actually working on micro drums that will be dropped from military jets. And will naturally. Swarm together and take out targets on the secure team ten web site two million year old. Figurines found in Idaho. Looks like it's about the size of a dying. And scientists are now saying that this could potentially rewrite the history books about men. Keeping along the lines of the two million Euro figuring. Mr. neat thing YouTube has an eighteen screwed it dates older than the dinosaurs. Could be alien technology. Apparently after astronaut Scott Kelly came back to earth from a spending a year in the space station he's admitting. That the existence of aliens is true. You find that story yet conspiracy buzz dot info and also watched the video a one year mission retrospective. On YouTube. Good about the twenty minute mark and you can here he has to say. If you remember reading about the bitcoin a couple of years ago well apparently this it Torre kind is now out it's a physical bitcoin. Now being introduced in Japan as legal tender to that beacon to the United States are to save the find out at the Corbett report on YouTube. Apparently word is leaking out from my waiter who was working a bohemian grove now if you don't know what that is it's a place in the woods. And California probably close to San Francisco area in which the movers and shakers of America and some from around the globe come to. Get together did drunk talked about conspiracies or what conspiracies they would like to actually execute. And a lot of other stuff. Here's entertainment performances talks that are given and here's the thing that's amazing about it no phones no pictures no cameras no nothing. Is allowed in there all electronics have to be left behind in fact. I want to say about ten years ago Alex jumps Nike and AM videotaped recording devices that. And action recorded one of the ceremonies. At night. Credit this big Al. So apparently this waiter is saying that there's a possibility of DM people's coming our way of world war three teetering on the edge. Economic collapse this all stuff that we've all been chatting about you know when the big people the people that are the players in this game are talking about it. Maybe got to get seriously being kept your own conclusion though by going to YouTube and put in this new Intel from inside bohemian grove the end days. And watched that video and give you an idea of what this insider saying. On the team world news website. Former White House official Larry Lindsey. Talks about Frank Zappa is terrifying warning so in the interview Eric Jean said. I have a quote from Frank Zappa at like three for the illusion of freedom will continue. As long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain the take down the scenery. They'll pull back the curtains on the tables and chairs out of the way and you'll see the brick wall at the back to the theater. Their team and continued to set your thoughts on that too which Larry Lindsey remember this guy is the former White House official said wow wow. Well we're still in the Aleutian time. And I think we still have a little bit more than illusion I mean there are illusions of freedom. What are they doing now in your story is they are building the brick wall behind the curtain. And we have to knock down that brick wall before it's complete and we have to do it before they simply say it's all over and I think we're getting close to that moment. He worried more about that interview. Head over to news. King world. For the presidential election. And given on that theme Dave Hodges from the common sense show host a story up saying how would Americans respond to Trump's assassination. An excellent read. Gives you great idea about corporations and their involvement in politics in the United States. Also talks a little bit about John F. Kennedy. And the reasons why he was assassinated before he became president and even puts in the 1975. Genes con movie roller ball. Into the mix but the ball it was a movie about how the globe was bankrupt. And it was being run by. Six corporations. The cell situated in get this to when he eighteen just two years from now. And roller ball was invented to placate the people. Excellent read highly recommend you go check it out gonna put your own conclusions I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner. Remember always have your but they'll pay equity and more on Alex.