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Wednesday, June 20th

Amazon now wants to partner with Hilton to do research on the people who stay in hotels. Some people are saying this is a way for Amazon to spy on you.    

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Vijay and Jamie. Alice 1059 DT Jimmy Moore shows I saw one yesterday on social media I guess I guess people are upset about this Amazon has cut a deal. Would the Mary I'd change. To put Alexa in a hotel room proves that people are say no Lexus conspire in your vacation now. Yeah Amazon. You exhibit some wants to collect the data of people that stay in hotels because those people travel and they spend money. So would you need an Alexa swore in the hotel with. I'm trying to let that's the point. If it's a one sided thing it's for Amazon to collect information on news so Alexa can live as soon descend do you. Because the only thing I could think of ice time in our hotel and asking Alexa is obviously however far possesses fun well you know that's always just a ride parts of I. I Superfund right and the other one is the weather may need to know whether. But think about it. Ari so bomb you could SL IX at the closest rental car companies you could ask what the closest restaurant let's say you're looking pursue literally I'm out on your phone. But but but but that's the point of blacks say is that you ask you have to look it up you happy because say OK Google. But don't say if anything did I thought OK I'll just open up but I can say OK Google and did on your phone and Google didn't write their story as well and and you have your phone with you so you have directions which you did to dry you know. Well obviously they see a reason for. Or they wouldn't have cut a deal with a very much Kate well people are saying hey wait a bit it would gone too far here. We don't want a listening device in our room we check into a Marriott hotel threat and I can't ask the hole that I just can't figure out what outside it is it's only tell them I people. Yeah it would be a one sided thing is both a part of it. A lot of people that that have Alexa that have kind of abandoned looking things up on the phone because it can simply ask it's a few had Umenyiora who would use it. I think it's I don't know what channels doing it but it's pretty cool I'll have to figure out who it is what are the chances in the okay I elect that gives me the latest news from channel whatever it is and then I'll give you the highlights of the day it was a Smart move move I would think. Do we have something is listened to BJ Jamie now we don't know you can't go OK okay. I don't listen to stuff all over the country and it's a lot of people doing that we should do that they there are a lot of people do it and gotten done we should dude yeah well what tried that. It's just not registered outlook yet he goes home with. Dry right now and all except play BJ and JB. Group. We get I bring echoed die and here tomorrow yes I bring an end here and yeah and the Clinton I try to several top heavy but I'm exercise I will send us. I'm employed bullets. And you do India are narrator on you to he's gone on he's done it by how much should he have had it was like really yeah I have I don't know I am a parent north. I really haven't I think she's listening to me. And I doubt I don't like you could no I don't get this. What I don't feel like there's anything exciting going on in your home another I don't know exactly into the horse races on the golf tournament I don't leader with. I don't beat her she is a way. I know I played I would go ahead and leave it plugged in because listen. No on hole number zone. I don't feel like to find out any government secrets that your house they Molly. I'll think they get anything good for name they might need and and I need their help and number 82 I think they're Collette he's used against war on Jamie OK so dialogue and in my computer what is he trying to do the try to sell me a 600 dollar driver. Maria so there are listening. Really but I don't like the ultimate hand because your surgeon. No I think she's hearing that golf to the background. Outlook ignite the usually say I do I think OK with it and I applaud. Because I'm done well let me sell what do you tell ya on the some fairly and what am I want to say what he feels like no she's buyers here I like crazy well. I don't know I don't know I'm just paranoid I I don't know I mean I can be doing anything and I'm afraid to she's hearing but a great kid when you fart or some what I did the it could mean that could be anything. Could be dogs barking nodes. Knows how to get dog from the Soviet dog food don't you never know say I can bet that of unplug your arm elects a free and feel better. Well he could do that Mary tip if they're gonna put those in the area. Idea and it. Big fast to those. You know isn't playing a print your mag. Like when you grow the ticket I had to give have a GPS and I'd. Did he contracted flickered I don't with the round they always say they'll charge and they never they'll. I have lots of it to grow Billy and activate every yard yeah are you kidding here's an idea I've never take your row offensively they're gonna charge about 500 dollar. I have so many foresees robes all over the country bravely wore pipes are neither good. Good I even have a Nickelodeon like bring video role would you play he's gotten like we have Monroe it's their I want a fourth season I've never speak to you. A line no I've never didn't foresee. Uniform that you know I've never stayed in a four seasons TV even when you're like fed chief who hot now. Oh do they put me in Holiday Inn babies. No I know and they didn't have robes he kind of slippery here and there. That's so weird because they used to put everybody in that that accompanied that you used to work for not there was no fourth season and I've never stayed bring your robe with. Believe this but left elbow and we see more on Alex I.