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Wednesday, May 23rd


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Vijay and Jamie. Stuart Amazon's being accused of now. And at facial recognition Boone yes that and something else want to. If you're one of those people that order from Amazon and you over order because you know you can send it back if you send back to many items they shut you down. It's meant. That's that's a story that circulated starting yesterday afternoon. FaceBook starting to shut down people that Amazon or Amazon she shutting down people that have to when he returns for me yeah. I don't people who actually order from Amazon in order like 45 different sizes knowing they can sit back the with the doesn't fit. Really seat I'm sad to bad personally that I'm so lazy. That I can't send anything back up until however I yet you're you're that you're lightly I have so much stuff that's never rather tags Dana guzzling and yeah. I'll just give it to a friend. A lot of people don't do that a lot of people deuce and at that they take you to put them. Well no you got that returned. Yeah you tell me that comes in so all you deal is just repackage it put their return label on it it's free to sit back. And evidently had to go somewhere and had to drop nostalgia. Com yeah or you can put your mailbox until at the canyon and I don't think you know nothing about these things. Shoppers claim that they have been banned from Amazon for making too many returns. They say Amazon says now. And we're not doing wouldn't do that. But other shoppers are saying yes say for some reason my account. As gone away because I've returned to many items. Mean wouldn't that mean that count got egg because like my son has his own account I have my and a campaign just go to your husband now and are you kidding there through any AM in and our. Yemenite. Think that if fuel are hard you know if you're addicted to Amazon and you want to own account. That is that right and it actually steal good he's got I only had part of the power of body. Yes so then they just pack it up and send him back after it I mean even after they Wear X. That some people didn't. Yeah I'm sure they go to prom all of that's what I wouldn't I should about it really expensive prom dress gone prominent senate back. That's what's at big screen TV scam that the use for the Super Bowl remember. Remember that when innocent or whatever went on for years really would go around by big screen television the Super Bowl and return it the Monday after yeah I remember that much assume that's when between first came out. And needless. When did to jump on and then people would like you go to their thoughts. And you watch the big screen like hmmm I got this show us and I get kids a seven New Hampshire cookbook book and then you come back next week and then they aren't they have bunny here's a little bitty. TV I like. Listen what happened it was well planned and I don't. The bigs and they are really our business but art before we get to spears at that that story that Jamie just inform me about we'll get to that in a few minutes short of giving you audio force. Vs let's go to this rattlesnakes story. Did you see with a rattle sleep fell out of three and ice so you posted it barrel in early hole by god. This is like I hate snakes. I made up. People that have room for pets Lulu. I don't get it I just don't get it. Here's a snake that fell out of the tree into a kayak where people are just you know just that little stroll. Downstream NS eight balls in a guy tries to grab the state can throw it out of the kayak because ballots attack and that's been pretty close these thirty yes. And he gets bitten three times. Lot of venom is he dead. You know he's in the hospital. And I mean does usually can't survive for more than two to two nights I would think so yeah. But I guess you guys intensive care. Wait I have a story for you I think that you're wrong about a rattle snake a Movielink did you think that you heard it rattle snake right. You know what I know it did you know you'd okay yeah. Did you know that. Other kind of hey what's that other one that looks like rattle snake that lives in Colorado help me help me help me through it and it just it looks just like it but it's not Ben Harper it. Man. Remember there's another Penn State it looks just like a rattlesnake. Did you know what to rattle but BK and yes and it's not even harmful. But yeah it's bull snake. Yeah yeah. No in the anchor. Nagano rattlesnake. Did you can rattle of but yet they do Dominican rattlesnake they'll cola that act like because they look like rattle snake that's trying to scare you in trail is scary that what can tell you the island fine yeah. But the other one will buy EIT. You know a little bit and yeah. Mean I know what I saw. Would you see able rattle snake for sure is rather it was a rattlesnake and or rattled synchronicity of you do I Rel sing country Manhattan took a whole lot on you lion rattle sinks just like that just like football. Check this out. Calling in Calumet is in critical condition tonight after he was bitten twice by a rattlesnake that fell on to him who was paddling on a river. 28 year old was with some friends kayaking on the edits though when the snake drop from a tree apologies to snake then bit him on the hand twice. Spoof she sat scare that's a rotten luck yeah I think about it because this. Does it noted jumped from the tree here comes about a minute jumping into a guy a break like that I don't think name I don't think this I think the state just the hell out of jury. Accidentally and it just so happened he is borrowed 200. You know he's shot. I like he's not like I'm John but what I saw this yesterday and saw some of the comments people were baking it was like oh I can't believe that that sleep jump in that boat. That eat well this dancer yeah it's. I believe and I believe he jumped it's about going needs all the agony is like you know let you in my territory and I'm going to eat you. I think kids and kids know I just I felt as they just falls off a thing. Yeah I think this based. Well. This mini note I'd jump yes he did he didn't jump into the boat to lessen besides I just fall that's Great Falls to get on a limb on a tree Jamie Kennedy against weakness in the tree branch will give way and I didn't say anything about a tree branch may become like yeah. Yeah all right our peers are based in my portable but I would not go with me text NATO plywood on the bus. I love beyond unacceptable what did the snake jumps. Or fall. Out of the tree. This shooter Nelson miss the people need to open this day did it seems a little becoming a sale ordinary. Yes and he was sitting on a jump its territory if our but it sure won't ever see is that does that I'm so I don't follow up some. I can't say it hasn't been easy and I didn't. Note this big jump or did the state fall out really simple art let's by the output well plumbers I can. That should not. Statements I don't jump my god I have. No joke and it LIV but it's 68 and number yeah well don't our Helm and from oh by the way the snake. Is named Sammy. Joke here. Sammy. But that they don't jump ahead. Yeah. Anymore.