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Monday, April 23rd


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Vijay and Jamie solich. This is the music of DJ a BT. Died at 28. Yeah I I looked him up and down. And they were just right now as accomplishment to know that eighty million dollars is what he's worth I saw them. He amassed. Amass a fortune of eighty million dollars now I think it PGA. How do that it. I. How are you a DJ you make eighty billion. Holler let and I began expect excuse me a lot of collaborations with Blake out of what's at dad can outlook not Simon count what's it not. You know the Q well and was with god Taylor Swift. Nude. It was with cal over an area identity did some things redemptive. I didn't realize that that was his big Z is I knew that we had a couple songs that we played in the VT. But I had no idea worldwide globally via. He was such a big I guess he's part of that music scene the day and so electronic music JB MDC and so he made eighty million dollars in at 28 years old duke. He had a fortune. And and dice of alcohol is without caught yet I didn't read that apology yet had alcohol struggle from the time he was like eighteen years old. Birds are now this guy this guy's head like is dangerous to get out. You about forty years ago or so he was and adding he could live with dire Bankrate sign it well it was something maybe it was a deliberate maybe it was his goals that you can't let my delivery Butler he had he had a surgery about four fort A half years ago and the doctors told him at that time. That didn't eat data back all the boats and at one of the last. Pictures easy to picture him on the ya know. He's out with some friends he was he died when he was on vacation is on a yacht. I don't know if he died on the yacht that he was on vacation anyway with some friends and maintenance. In one hand they know cocktails. Beer and that was like the day before his death. But the doctors thought in California for years ago did you got to knock it off your body can handle this. Yeah and they took out his patriotism his liver and it was diamonds are only took somebody's got I swear colonel Crowley is gallbladder. And his spleen and those I think you can get rid of in the died of pancreatic cancer was something of an athlete and you console I think those are your removable parts the. Lobes it hello to nick and things of that yeah that's sad day to have surgery a while back and import Vern Troy your. If you'd told me a couple stories of fur and you'd renamed to a new Los Angeles when you were down enough. I had and I never I never have thought you should I saw that I watch TV show. Crude oil has so I said he'd visited your show when you were on wood yeah we'll see knowing. I never met him OK and that it I watch that show that real and surreal life for whatever it was called and he was just it was so sad to watch and because he was always drunk on that show and they have they made fun of and they'd like like to lick Paramount and they do you know. He just remembers suddenly and decides where it may capitalize my. This drug you later on concrete and make that always just follow over it was sad it was Stan there's really affluent. And yeah I agree she. It was really sad they said he and it I was reading a little bit about it and they said that he was born on a farm in Michigan and that. He had a great childhood and it his parents never try to see him any different soundly than his other siblings. They grew up to its winning anti Hollywood economic stuff yeah yeah I saw a picture whose dad is danced like. He's like 650. Really he didn't. The house. To Seton eight inches an ounce on the shortest people in the world via. So that was sad than ever a bush is few problems. My gaff. Those funerals or uninteresting though because I watched part of it because you've got all the former presidents there at the dignitaries that show up for those things that I find it quite interest. Because there'll dissent there well we're just you know to have everybody assembled in one place like that Houston beat part of American history. Did you see Bush's Sox. So we're both socks they were books. Book me because she started some book foundation or something mesh and let her book talks I think there are books shocked I saw the picture couldn't make it out I got to know exactly what to us. Yeah and kids says they are Sox here it is to says to honor his wife of 73 years finding three years. It's too long that I. Took start that's too long and always on time I'm sorry but that the new law. And their commitment and her commitment to family literacy for which she raised over a 110 million dollars over the course of thirty years. George H. W. Bush wore a pair of socks with books on him. And on so sweet. Q I didn't watch the funeral a YS sat there and watched the funeral I have no idea but I did it. It hit upon how lucky outlet I thought it was easier just. Demi and everybody that we're the interesting parts anymore I. And the assembly of people lights. Well I know this symbol of the people there parents American history to see all those people gathered. At these occasions like that I find quite interest wedge it was interesting I guess jab he'd kind of cry I didn't he did the eulogy India and he teared up just a bit knew that he saw George W. Bush he said a few words and stuff I'll. But it was interest in two but done aides did move right. George needs to and every now he this year up on I wouldn't dare watch that he teared up in those. It was a love of his life 73. Weird. God. Each inch we see more on Alex I.