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Tuesday, September 11th

BJ/ jamie  recounts where they were on 09/11/2001.      BJ & Jamie worried about the hurricane hitting them before they leave Cayman Islands. Jamie told her son, just in case, she loves him.  Jamie will be there with her bestie, Christie & BJ will be kicking it with his baby.

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Vijay and Jeanne. Freedom itself was attacked this morning by faceless coward. And freedom will be defended. Not eleven. It's not 11 September 11 2001. Is when the world trade Super Bowl team down that horrible day and innocent seniors seventeen and it was a long term to me. It doesn't seem like seven. And so all. So I mean it's dean doesn't like me lies in the World Trade Center no longer there the new buildings are there they have the memorial that's been built in its welcome change. Yeah I want some documentaries and stuff that you probably didn't even know Kazaa you think about is the two world that trade centers. But what you don't think about is that there's also a hotel that was next door to it and Alexis hold documentary about gun. That two women that were in the hotel next to it was just it's crazy. And the Pentagon remember when it down there than you had that plane went down in the field didn't Pennsylvania I think it was right yeah let's roll yeah and does so there are a lot of different side stories to that event that happened. As most closely crazy though sorry minaret mostly of New York City. It is all the people that feel like her government that makes me crazy. My friend came only know what Danny's like Vermont did you know that. Government did 9/11 unlike. He's like a kid at school sent. Said it's a conspiracy in the and that the guy I'm like what could the government have to gain by this body and I think it's amazing and it's great it's amazing but it's a sink. Think with everything and you don't go back to you know the people who believe the moon walk Deborah that's you know everything out of those rumors had been star I am now president and start that the government the US government was behind the the plane that. At the world even documentaries. Like created TV shows based on this. Yeah that like they have footage from well I think on knows more about that. I got that documentary where they're the parking lot showed some of. We're gas there's a lot of conspiracy documentaries out there that show. Why was a building you know a block and a half away why it's fallen. Well I the theories on buildings that failed were actually not hit by the planes are destroyed by the towers so. Yeah I was crazy it is and seeing specs and have a little kid that liked. In the ring. And if you're you you have relative or somebody that I didn't have the academy Q absolutely does he still has actually been like that. The aperture and yet. He's kids still there's a conspiracy to bat Italy I'd be furious I would civil. I mean of all the most children dollar you know victims there. Forget it unbelievable I don't know her happens immediately Brit did happen with the. Remember the chaos of 9/11 though yeah once powerful all the country all play well rounded that day nobody could even fly and in the world came to a standstill it was unbelievable. Let us what was Johnson when he was there. Hum our big bosses John in the he was in Newark city LA Nina he said he was in New York City under the day it happened I can't even imagine being that I would the World Trade Center. After the collapse of the towers to help. With the on some of the work that was being done. About a week after the world Trace of licking their wounds and it was just an eerie eerie place. Yeah everywhere. And then there is if you're in broadcasting which we are there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff that happened it was chaos. Tear gas and when you're on the air like that you know the news anchors and and radio people. And you don't know let's go on iron. And is now. My dad I remember I was in Cincinnati Ohio winning. And I was at a radio station but we were inside a television station building channel twelve building. And I was coming up the stairs I was leaving the studio upstairs I was coming down the stairs and walk through break room. In an engineer. Was looking at a television monitor just staring it. And I walked over to Obama what do much to worry OT he owes you just that the I don't know and I'm a book that it in from there it just the second plane hit it that it just completely went nuts. Well we was the carrier AM in Los Angeles so we carried our AM I shouldn't be able to let them live. I am and the cool and crazy as they'll handle it going crazy talk about talent I've known bill. Oh yeah. Like he's going to talk about talent so we catamounts I made the decision because and carry that crap we don't know anything. And so we kept him up an image and you have to carry it doesn't in our entire. Business is the skin ailments like the legal line you know go to news saloon and that was our news sources are. Now. So we just went whoever was on TV it would discourage that ABC life he has no right to ABC's live carried that because we you know we're in new. And then he got added right. He's like. I know thy god the other apps isn't gonna premier now. He had a TV show Alia we Dick Clark and Mario Lopez and somebody else doctor do and so that it was the other half it was mostly like the view. And it was premiering that week. On TV she nannies that. And the other half they get hit the tick then that in this destroyed history. After that it was over its. I'm like Jan eleven wrecked Danny good bond until his career but well no they ended up going to live later about a month later and that's what we think he he he's got big as they can't Howard loved I. As crazy unbelievable or not. Read today is today of those seventy it was on a Tuesday today being deuce it was on a Tuesday when that occurred as Sean can you also have into. Get together all the different kind of memorial services that are going on Georgia because they're having all of the color. Yeah and I got the one from my red rocks for you guys are that changing the big time today that starts at 7 AM this morning so dollar. Our climate and good plenty of man that's a big climb. It is the net so it's and tenth annual event at red rats in the theater it's today. It starts at wet 7 AM like intelligent and now I guess still walked up bit don't keep walking. She moved commemorate all the stares. How under intense stories in. That's going to be my. I don't have to walk up that things are now I mean probably. And it's last year men women children firefighters Oscar did it until gears of their pride to be some people in full gear. That is really are I. He did. Hundreds that a thousand people at their last yeah. Good luck to you guys and thanks for an American music are quick break it's a Vijay and Jim morning Joseph you're on this Tuesday not eleven. In the immortal.