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Monday, April 17th


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Vijay and Jamie so last item put into the channels and John. From our conversation I assume he were kind of doing the same thing and I saw this whole BT's tribute thing on my list yet. I don't think it I didn't know what it was far because it's a big sign that said BG is. You know those big and those those are. English letters. You don't talk about the thought those yeah BJ's yes yes it's a little big letters are up their BAG's. And but there was nothing else atom and I wasn't really paying attention was on in the background. But I am being informed this morning that it's a fortieth anniversary. Of Saturday night fever and that's why John Travolta was a hosted everybody knows that you know the beach he's picking big you know bid that foul ball much that you became the number one soundtrack ever right. Missing sold millions of gallons got these are some watching this saying and it was it was like you would go from being like really. Terrible. Act like Celine Dion for example there are double what. It did Demi Lovato was out there as she can now and they do and it but then would go to a group. It would just knock it out of the park yet it was like wow this is cool every song. That that somebody got a they're saying so like this it be awesome wracked this should be an awesome tricky because you sold any yet. It's they had a lot of hits but unfortunately some songs that people were performing I didn't recognize and so I wasn't able artists such an amazing version of the song. And some other might feel like they gave kind of she named him a little bit. Yeah the artists sometimes took into their own twist on an OK I guess some find a better what everybody. It went from being good sometimes to being just terrible sometimes a guy and very Guillen is the only PG left alive yet there were four guys three in the group but one brother that was antique. And but very easy only one alive now here's the mystery at this point okay. Saga a total shock and I sit KP could grab a so a couple bites from last night a couple of accident really liked was hotly a couple of here. We look differently. The audio. From the beach he's tribute is not available. He replied yes which is very rare folks you most of the time anything that airs on television anything they're around the world. Is available on YouTube you'll find. If not on YouTube you're gonna find it and some obscure website somewhere in the world they're too many web sites out there for it not to be right. But it's not. We have searched everywhere. You cannot find it now I have a theory about us. I think they've blocked it out for a tribute album that's gonna come out somewhere down the road with all these acts on there that are gonna obviously sell on iTunes. So they float the audio out there right now people are gonna steal it and the whole hold onto it. And bitter. Fighting on you know releasing this thing later here's what I think it's gonna go out. They're waiting on berries that are well. And then it'll be like this the giant tree Butte no problem at all. And make much money into this happens Suze the last of the Brothers Kia the when he dye eggs. That's when the album becomes available now I may be completely all the heat seeker Ivy League dugout about you know what but I he and technology. It's too big of a mystery widest of Smith's. Ears is that called. Had a tonics. Yes and painted on the tadic. X via contexts. I hear they are in and their farming now the audit your about a year is not very. Because again we're having to take this from people that recorded when they are Smart phone holding it up to a TV speaker right. But does give me an idea of what sounded like last. Yeah. They were awesome. Okay. Awesome that group is unbelievable really seen them. But it tonics big dinner. Videos that are on YouTube they are amazing. Perhaps but that lead singer's voice. Suits me meal and. I then I have a piece here this is way out. This is true and fair view that they did where they were talking about developed up on stage. Having the the chance even sing the song in front of Barry Gibb. Machine too much haven't. Time to be to sleep. Like to be used to always has always been about the tight harmonies and yeah he's. And it's an iconic songs silently and honor and we were so nervous I think we're really yeah really because you're very right there yeah. We are not in Damascus on I welcome. Barry Gibb. He looked like he had our time getting up on stage I think he does look a little frail. That up there and me in the voices not you know how I voice he has. It it it's not the same is it it used to be. I mean I know the guys what seventy yeah it's got to be right at that yeah he said. It screws they Jimmy he's still their performance and play and incidentally your voice is gonna you know you lose a little bit there still. I Alitalia in I'm embarrassed by this but there's a deep dark secret among the I love the beach a lot. No Ross came out there a graduate. I should be ashamed that I should not I've heard that kind you know I know I know some younger people that actually really like him in go back and watched. And listen to their stuff. But if you look at my Smartphone admin. If you go into music your shoe on. The only thing I have in my library. Are the beaches Fiji's T. Only pays the national also did you know that I did not know that it's the only thing I have I wouldn't of guess it's a box set collection has every one of the distance I don't know I times on their flights in Somalia but I rarely listen to music off to a phone anyway. But but that's only to them off of. To go to. He's the only thing you know what I did like about watching it last night was was he would sing along with these artists as they were singing to him basically made his songs. I think he's trying to correct you think cell and it does it. Those at least once or twice I saw he was Tutsi and tell he was really touched by it was canyon I don't know is it here and I was facing in which you could see. That it was really special to him. Out watching these artists play his music and his his brother to these lost yet. The Mayan. Yes but I was number one moment last night watching this BG tribute which I had no plans to watch I didn't even though it was coming on to be honest. And I'm flipping through and see the sake. DN CD. Did the other group that does it take by the ocean yeah very hip very cool it's one of the Jonas guys right yes it is. Un believable it's Jill GO. Killed way to go joke I was shocked by his voice key. Was by far the best we saw the the guy here would this that the party circuit comics are. This guy was discovered really. Joseph Jonas other noose at track and Joseph does. GAAP we don't know enough about him. And we have not seeing his ability again we we could've gone all audio but this is from somebody Smartphone. Holding it up consortia television. But this is DNC. Joseph Jonas by friends. Kill lit. He released by far the best he was grand it was. It was good I would upload all day and then he came back and get another would get me yes. Andy when he gives and a member of the name the weird part is this one you can find the audio anyway. It's it's not available unless she DVR dissing him you're gonna watch it back later on or something I did DVR. But you may be going in steel audio that way you know take it off of you know one of audio lines. But that's yet again and again I think it's because of waiting on Barry did die and just says we don't even CBS says these videos not available not available anymore they've taken down all over the world that's bizarre. It's crazy I think that's bizarre it's scary that there are able to do each inch and more on Alex.