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Friday, April 14th


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Speed and yeah. Do know. Okay. All we're not on fire brand this. Alarm out enough for all time we didn't hear actually I guess it was a test and we just didn't get the heads up on it but the Bellagio on the strip last night caught on fire. Around 1030 last night you sure. I didn't even now all the spectators are out to eat over the fountains are. In front of the apply your right. I don't know that walkway and right. All the people are standing their video taping so there's a lot of video this morning Jamie flames from the blue Bellagio the roof the roof is old fire. This saying was shooting thirty feet into the air I don't know how much damage is that again it only happened hours ago. Shut down the entire strip. You're kidding me that's what they said. For many many blocks I mean it started. The united you know did yours and you know I don't say that the high end and clean floors Warburg we don't know him. Literally multi currency just don't have heat is anything really sticky eighty don't want to keep you pull up some of the video there's a Jimmy can see when talking about. Think again the Bellagio was on fire last night if you just search that real quick but to sing I they have no idea what caused it. If any was which is kind of rare because when most golden catch on fire. They're the it's inside the building where he set and enforce right right because it started in Rome somebody that there may be smoke in math or something. She could well maybe got a DiMaggio put on sale to K okay yeah publicity. So from looking at it doesn't look like it's it's looks like it's the shops yeah I was and a Lazio. I I don't know I I can't tell I don't get stabilized shooter but with so I don't know like how does that happen. The last time I get C is are those mountains from the street of her condition that would mean I don't you get to stay inside the Bellagio but not me obviously down at circus circus that. Now you relaxed looking back yeah. This is all gang bang he is crazy. And as we know it's Easter weekend and not only that but we have a lot of people in Denver Colorado they head out to Vegas for the weekend just like you know people in Los Angeles it's a weekend trip for a lot of people if you're booked at the Bellagio you might wanna check this morning. Firm if you are hotels even though concerts and don't know that's the that's. That's a billion dollar industry that finish like Kumble but if that's the small place. Kind of I think it's likely that sounds like the right time and again I don't DiLeo in but he had the Bellagio hotel on fire blew last night was late last night. Like 11 o'clock at night. And. It's an eagle the entire access made it difficult but it finally was knocked out after an out work. Now I know that does is that like a long time. But it tighter world a longtime neighbor and a big fired because this is not elect Kim fired it's out of control now that this is a beat fire on the building doesn't let gonna have done and now might be close after. Oh with a. Into the importance on Alex I.